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White Models Get In Formation And Exclude Black Women

Australian label Misha Collection played Beyoncé‘s “Formation” during its finale at Fashion Week Australia, while white models strutted down the runway. Despite the song’s messages of Black female empowerment, no Black models were utilized in the show. Can white people “get in formation” on their own?

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2 thoughts on “White Models Get In Formation And Exclude Black Women

  1. Carla Knight says:

    Uhm, really? This is NEW?? This is always how it has been anyway LOL next time you try to be a copycat, make sure it's not something like this, that makes you look stupid lol

    White women want to pretend they are the most beautiful in the world, with this illusion that the industry tries to put everyone under. If white is all you ever were presented with on TV, on the Big Screen, as a teacher in front of you in class for 6-8 hours a day, more than in front of your own mother, as your nurse/doctor, or Nun, or any other high female visible position, (since they monopolize most of these positions, even in other people's communities), this fals illusion will follow you through life of thinking they are the best, but they are holding it hostage and really forcing their image on everyone else.

    I for instance would not want to be white to save my lifie. I love my timeless, ageless skin. If they let any other race of women side, by side with them, be they African Amrican women, African women, South American women, Asian, Indian women, all whom have higher levells of melannin than them, they would see how much faster they age against their competition and they don't want that illusion shattered. That's white women's insecurity has them dominating 99% of the industry. When women with little color, or to the max, are just as beautiful Real Story.

    Before you get in formation, they have to claim something to form, when in reality, they have no creativity of their own, which is why the emulate everything Black women, in particular, are and do.

    This attempt is a FAIL lol

  2. theyve always excluded black women.when was this new? when Beyonce excluded them? BTW it wasnt exlusion. They were not considered as it was not appropriate

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