Rapper Eve Teams Up With a Black International Model to Serve as Goodwill Ambassador for Congolese Girls School

Image via Twitter

Image via Twitter

Grammy award winning rapper and actress, Eve, was announced as a goodwill ambassador for a free and accredited non-profit girls school in Kalebuka, Democratic Republic of Congo this Thursday.

The Malaika School was founded in 2007 by international model and entrepreneur Noella Coursaris Musunka as a way to help young Congolese girls learn and prepare for the future.

The founder named the school Malaika after the Swahili word for “angel.”

Musuunka has used her platform as a model to provide education and health programs in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The school has made headlines for its work. It is also one of the few solar powered schools—equipped with solar panels to provide adequate and reliable energy for the Malaika School.

According to the latest figures from the official website, the school serves 230 girls in Kalebuka. It provides free services that the young girls would not receive otherwise.

As an ambassador for the school, Eve will advocate for the non-profit and endorse the mission of the grassroots organization.

On a visit in March, the rapper met with the students and the founder to unveil their new library. This new e-library has print books as well as e-books on Android tablets, reports the U.K’s Voice Online.

On that visit, Eve performed for the students on International Women’s Day also.

“My trip to the DRC to visit Malaika’s projects exceeded my expectations. I knew it would be a great environment for the girls, but Malaika goes above and beyond,” Eve said about her voyage to Kalebuka. “You can feel the excitement from the girls when they take their seats in class. The library will be an incredible addition to the Malaika School and to their curriculum.”


The girls learn a variety of things including English and French, math, science, health and civic education, as well as art, music and theater. The school give students two nutritious meals a day and participate in sports activities twice a week.

Malaika covers the price of tuition, school supplies, and uniforms for their 230 students.

“I am delighted to announce that Eve has become an official Goodwill Ambassador for Malaika,” said Musunka. “It is wonderful to have the support of an amazing, successful woman who is also a great role model for our girls. I look forward to our continued work with Eve and know that together we can raise more awareness of our mission.”

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