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Azealia Banks Drags Wale, Accuses Black Men of Selling Black Women into Slavery

The Boom Box

The Boom Box

Controversial rapper Azealia Banks tore into fellow hip-hop artist Wale Wednesday after he took aim at Banks’ comments on Black men and Black media. The 24-year-old said on Twitter that she doesn’t feel protected by her male counterparts in the industry. Wale decided to reply to Banks’ tweet.

It was downhill after that. Banks angrily ripped Wale in now-deleted tweets, according to Inquisitor. Banks asserted Wale should fear her. She went on to blame Black men for enslaving Africans and said Black women were never good enough for Black men.

“As you should be! With that said, I am a VERY generous woman. I share with everyone I come into contact with. Maybe the fear comes from realizing that there is something stronger than the almighty black man.

“When white men showed up on our shores [in Africa] with guns and technology you black men SOLD US OUT for guns and Christianity. The only prosperity Africa ever saw was under female rule. We birthed, [nurtured], and educated you all and you turned around and sold us OUT. And you lot continue to sell us out and throw shadows on us as you all continue to compete with white men”

“Black women are never good enough for the black man. And I’ve spent more than enough time being belittled and disregarded by black men…so until a black man comes along who is willing to hoist me up on the pedestal I belong on, I’ll settle for the confusing, contradictory, counter-productive pedestal that white men put me on. At least there I can be a WOMAN, and enjoy being desired…”

Wale replied, saying some Black men appreciate Black women.

Banks wasn’t having it, though. She continued to tweet the rapper as she stuck to her idea that Black men don’t value Black women.

“Again, a black man making reason for why his woman Isn’t good enough. This hurts me so much. Once you lot [of men] realize that we are the ONLY true friends you have on this planet, the black race will succeed. Until then I’ll be looking for the whitest man I can find. In spite of you.”

“Black women will lead the revolution. And you black men will not reap any of the benefits. You will pay for this. I promise. I’m honestly in tears right now. F––––you wale. And f–––– you forever. If I could put all the n––––––– who think like you in jail, I would. Because n–––––– like YOU are IN MY M––––––––––––WAY…”

The 31-year-old rapper shot back saying he stands up for Black men as Banks blew past all of his points.

Banks then attacked Black male thought patterns.

“For every black female accomplishment, blck male ideology takes four steps backwards.”

The Boom Box managed to get some screenshots of Banks’ next few tweets where she urged the rapper to vote for Hillary Clinton and head to jail. Her language is NSFW.


Wale tried to rise above Banks’ comments.

But the rapper seemed angrier than ever by the end of the battle.



The D.C. rapper ultimately got the final say in the feud. He described the lack of understanding Black men deal with.

Then, Wale accused Banks of being a white supremacist.

According to Inquisitor, “Clayton Bigsby” refers to a fictional character on the “Dave Chappelle Show.” The character was a blind Black man who grew up thinking he was white. He wound up becoming a white supremacist.

The feud ended with Wale’s name-calling.

This is the second Twitter beef Banks has engaged in this week. The rapper ended her long-standing feud with Erykah Badu with an apology encouraged by a fan on Twitter. Badu said Banks is an advocate for Black people. Banks thanked the singer for helping her mother through heartbreak.

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4 thoughts on “Azealia Banks Drags Wale, Accuses Black Men of Selling Black Women into Slavery

  1. PEACE. Caught in a TRAP. Elvis Presley.

  2. Well, I have as of yet, to come across any "black" male that doesn't cast blame, and wil accept fault ….for ANYTHING. But I learned early hence, I have accepted that. There is an ultimate truth, and the Creator will reveal it to the world as already to some of us.

  3. I have yet to come across ANY black male that does not cast blame? From all I have just read, it appears that we are STILL trapped in a perpetual cycle of blame and counter blame. We didn't create the paradigm by which there is racism, constant negative sterotypes and propoganda aimed at both black men and women? The situation where black women AND men live in these capitalistic patriarchal predominantly white dominated societies and have to compete on a completely unlevel playing field with all the confusion and 'self hatred'/low self esteem that this climate of struggle can breed.
    Do I need to remind my brothers and sisters of the Willy Lynch letter about how to make a slave? The systematic psychological warfare,where it even mentions "turning man against women,the lighter ones against the darker ones" and so on and so forth.All the time emphasising the 'grace' and superiority of white popele.
    It seems the Banks V Wale twitter garabage was reflecting this FALSE reality, as was predicted, the psychological scars of thi spiritual warfare will last for generations. Like Brother Malcom X (the visionary,ahead of his time) asked you….
    "Who was it who taught you to hate yourself? Who was who taught you to hate your hair and your lips, and the colour of your skin?2 and taught you to love HIM/HER?
    Arguing amongst yourselves, with fictional beleifs about who "sold out who" into slavery? That's what you are doing?
    Do you see white people having the same internal struggle amongst themselves, where white women don't QUITE trust their own kind and white men don't QUITE trust their own women?
    Basically,stop being hypnotised and trapped in a hatred our own people never even fucking created in the first place. I love my black sister,ALL of them.The dark ones the lighter ones. I love Black women,the mothers of mankind.I respect my Brothers,the Fathers of mankind.END in fighting,love one another…move forward.

  4. Gustavez Chavez Thanks for your reply. As you've mentioned "reminder" meaning, stating what we already know. Fortunately, I am not brainwashed or as you say "hypnotized"; I don't speak from what I heard, I speak from what I (as well as many that I know) have experienced, dating, friends, family, etc. Now, let me remind you of what you quoted, 'I have yet to come across…" Comprende? Oh, and FYI: I'm cut from a different cloth; I am my hair, my skin, my lips, and my nose…no complexes here.

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