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Black Confederate Flag Supporter Gets Shock of His Life When Confronted by KKK Members

During a Monday morning protest in Jacksonville, Florida, a Black Confederate flag supporter was harassed by members of the KKK as the man paid respect to a confederate monument.

H.K. Edgerton is a 68-year-old Black man from Asheville, North Carolina. As he paid his respects at the Hemming Park Confederate Monument, he was confronted by members of the KKK.

Edgerton, the former president of the NAACP chapter in Asheville and current member of the Southern Legal Resource Center, told them he did not know why they confronted him in the first place.

First Coast News reported that Edgerton does not believe the flag represents racism in the south or the country.

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14 thoughts on “Black Confederate Flag Supporter Gets Shock of His Life When Confronted by KKK Members

  1. They can argue about racism all they want, the bottom line is that the Confederate flag is a symbol of theocratic dictatorship, and an enemy of civil and human liberty. It stands for your right to only do what the fundamentalist Christian government says you can. The South has still not given up these hopes of fascism, because they are still trying to create Christian law to this day and force it down the throats of the population, regardless of their 1st amendment rights. The Confederate flag hates American principles of liberty and is an anti-United States symbol. It shouldn't be flying on state grounds.

  2. No better for his dumb behind.

  3. rolling / truth!!!

  4. Then they are pretty stupid for wearing or flying a symbol they know nothing about.

  5. Disproved his dumbass theory!!!!

  6. Stephen Bellinger exactly….People are always making an excuse for ignorance…it doesn't take long to find out the TRUE origin & meaning about the meaning

  7. Stephen Bellinger dear sir if you are not from the south you do not know what the. Confederate flag stands for it is a symbol of southern culture and history the confederate was a battle flag it did not wave over any plantation in the south and only 13 percent of all southerns were slave owners 87 percent were not so please get your facts straight before you broad
    Brush all southerns as biggots and supporting theThe major reason for the civil war was the goverment taking the rights of states also remember the United States went along and condoned slavery from 1776 to 1860' why did the federal goverment take 86 years to speak against it and silent on the issue it took John brown and other abolishment group to bring the issue out for the 1860 presidential election

  8. Joseph R Godleski are you telling me that you have to be from the south to read what you just typed or know that information. LMAO The south has different law for reality as seen in this article.

  9. Redd Drake says:

    Joseph R Godleski I don't need to study the origin of the flags history when I see at KKK rallies the flag as their symbol shouting kill n:ggers… If you decided to hold your pride in the same flage that they use don't get mad at everyone else for being confused. I don't see y'all out there protesting them saying don't use the flag for racism!!! I'm not even going to mention all of the convenient history you left out about the flag…I will just ask you if the KKK uses it for racism, and Nlack people sees it as racist, how are you the only fools that says it's not?

  10. Frank Ross says:

    that's what he gets for being dumb enough to support a symbol that degrades and enslaved his ancestors.

  11. I don't get the KKK..and could care less about their misguided sense of racial superiority. How can they claim to be superior and every human being has the spirit of Allah (swt) dwelling within their bosom. The same behavior is indicative that they have chosen to serve Satan. Jesus was colored and a Jew . .so go figure. White people have their unique contributions…and ethnic pride is a good thing to celebrate. However, superiority is born out of ignorance. I mean if one wanted to indulge their ignorance then biologically white skin is indicative of a genetic dead end. 2/3 of the world are colored and have the powerful melanin in our skin. Melanin makes are skin smell sweet and protects us from the harmful rays of the Sun. I am blessed to have both white and good African blood running through my veins. But, we are all connected through the spirit of our creator. Allah breathed his spirit into man and that is what one should work on strengthening not skin color.

  12. A symbol that some of his ancestors actually served under in point of fact.

  13. Carl W. Roden The flag was created as a battle flag of Virginia during the civil war. The effectiveness of General Lee's troops turned the flag into a rallying cry for "southern beliefs and culture," as it was used to direct troops on the battle field to kill American soldiers. The designer of the flag, William Thompson, said the flag was: "As a national emblem, it is significant of our higher cause, the cause of a superior race, and a higher civilization contending against ignorance, infidelity, and barbarism." The southern news papers at the time said: "As a people, we are fighting to maintain the heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored races."

    After the war it was used by the KKK as a symbol of "southern heritage," which swept the south. During the reconstruction period, that heritage was literally the ability for black's to be considered less than whites. It is even from writing during that period that this is the only thing the culture was about. It's use as a rallying cry for segregation continuing well into the 1920's. This was due to the creation of the "Lost Cause" argument, which falsely believes that the Civil War started of state's rights and not just slavery. Which is true because the only right that the state's actually fought for was slavery. In 1890, South. Kansas Sen. John J. Ingalls, particularly disturbed by the return of the confederate flag said: “Millions of human beings were held in slavery, cruel, monstrous, inconceivable in its conditions of humiliation, dishonor and degradation; … Eleven states seceded, or attempted to secede from the Union, to make this system of slavery, the corner-stone of another social and political fabric, and carnage reigned on a thousand battle fields.”

    By 1902, the state of Virginia would enact laws that would effectively disenfranchise African American's, setting Jim Crow firmly into place. Thanks to the "sourther heritage" sweeping the nation, other southern states quickly followed suit to ensure these laws were passed throughout the south. In 1948 the flag was revived again with the segregationalist "Dixiecrats." Strom Thurman, the party leader, said: “all the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, into our schools, our churches and our places of recreation and amusement.”

    In the 1960's protests against the passing of the Civil Rights act and the defense of Jim Crow, the flag was flown. From its first inception to its last incarnation, the flag has only been used as a rallying cry for racial segregation. It is only now being called something else, the same way it was called "state's rights" instead of "state's rights to deny human rights for slavery." Learn your history or you will be doomed to repeat it.

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