9 Strange Phobias that Frighten These Top Black Celebrities


Oprah Winfrey and Gum

America’s favorite talk show host, who is known for captivating the hearts of women and making men cry, may have a tearjerker of her own. Winfrey’s fear of gum is so extreme that she forbid the substance from even entering the building during former tapings at Harpo Studios. She’s gone as far as to throw out a dinner plate upon which a guest had left a chewed piece of gum.
Nikki Minaj and Unlocked Doors 
The singer has revealed how she developed a paranoia of “unlocked doors” after she witnessed as a child her allegedly abusive father drag her mother from the seat of a car. Her father’s alleged abusive nature caused her to prefer locked doors as a defense mechanism. “After that I had a phobia about unlocked doors. Anywhere my mother and I were, I made sure the door was locked, because that was my only way to protect her,” Minaj said, according to the Daily Telegraph. 


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