‘Where’s the Cavalry?’ Chuck Todd, Michael Moore Fiercely Critique What Could Have Been with President Obama’s Visit to Flint

Filmmaker and Flint, Michigan native Michael Moore spoke to NBC‘s Chuck Todd about President Obama’s visit to Flint yesterday on Meet The Press.

Moore has been an outspoken critic of the president’s lack of urgency in responding to the ongoing environmental crisis.

“Obama today came in and had his sleeves rolled up. He took the coat off and the blue collar on and but [that’s not enough]. We needed hundreds of Army Corps of Engineers digging up 75,000 pipes. Who are providing housing for the people that no longer want their children poisoned by this water.

Every scientist involved has said the water is still not safe. There’s still poison in it and it’s not fixed…Obama coming in and saying ‘I’ve got your back’  that’s just not good enough.”

The documentary filmmaker then digs into Gov. Rick Snyder and his alleged corruption:

“[Flint is a] Black city. The governor remove the mayors of the Black cities of Michigan and installed his own cronies. [He] gave the rich a billion dollar tax cut. Then had to cut back on services because there wasn’t enough money in the state and [that’s] one of the services they cut back on was clean drinking water to the people.”

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