New ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer Highlights Black Panther’s Badassery; Twitter Loses Its Collective Mind

All art by Brian Stelfreeze

All art by Brian Stelfreeze

Marvel has released a new Captain America: Civil War trailer that showcases the Black Panther’s prowess as a fighter in war between heroes.

With only two months out from its release, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War will be the first introduction of the African king of Wakanda–Black Panther– to the Marvel cinematic universe. The Wakandan king will take on Captain America and his cohorts as the Avengers are splintering off over Bucky Barnes also known as The Winter Soldier.

In the trailer (available to watch at the bottom), Black Panther out-runs Captain America, tracks down Bucky, and takes machine gun fire while fighting the Winter Soldier.

Marvel has been making it a priority to diversify their cinematic properties with more people of color and women. The first major addition is Black Panther —who will have his own film in 2018 directed by Creed‘s Ryan Coogler.

Fans on Twitter were blown away from just the few scenes he was in. Many would say that Black Panther stole the thunder from the first appearance of Spider-Man.

Yesterday, Black Panther fans also got a first look at the new Marvel comic of the character that will center around Geo-political issues. The book has an all-star creative team including The Atlantic‘s National Correspondent and novelist Ta-Nehisi Coates and veteran comic book artist Brian Stelfreeze.

According to the Washington Post, “Hate towards the Black Panther is spreading, for an unnamed reason. He’s called a tyrant. By the fourth page of the preview, vibranium (the industructable metal Wakanda is known for) miners, who the Black Panther considers the “heart” of his country, are trying to take him down. Not everyone wants to be ruled, it seems.”

Black Panther’s country is in strife and his duties as an Avenger and hero must take a back seat to his duties as a king.

Take a look at some of the incredible pages:


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The comic is due out in April.

Captain America: Civil War will hit theaters May 6, 2016

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