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Iggy Azalea Assumes ‘We Can All Agree’ with Her Reasoning About Why ’Becky’ is Racist

Iggy Azalea Becky Racist

Iggy Azalea

After Iggy Azalea went on an ill-advised rant about how ‘Becky’ is a derogatory and racist term, she has now clarified her statements.

Her Twitter-spree references “Becky with the good hair,” a phrase that caught on after being used in Beyoncé’s song, “Sorry.”

Azalea hopped back on Twitter Wednesday after deleting her old tweets that said using ‘Becky’ to describe white women is “not cool.” The rapper seemed to imply that generalizing white women this way is racist.

In her newest tweets, she says she doesn’t think Beyoncé is racist and that she likes the “Sandcastles” singer and her new album.

The rapper says she takes exception to the use of stereotypical names for all races.

And she goes on to detail what she believes is a typical association of the name and says, “you will all deal” with her statements.

Azalea’s rant promotes the perpetual narrative of so-called reverse racism, which The Huffington Post says is a myth because of the true definition of racism — a system where one race with power benefits from other races’ oppression. Black people face housing discriminationhigher incarceration rates and numerous other ills as a result of racism, while white people don’t.

It seems to be something Azalea doesn’t recognize, and Twitter is not content with her views.

One user demanded answers about why the Australian rapper thought it was OK to refer to herself as a slave master and then be upset about ‘Becky.’

The tweet refers to lyrics in her 2012 song “D.R.U.G.S,” according to Hip-Hop DX. In it, she raps, “tire marks, tire marks / Finish line with the fire marks / When the relay starts, I’m a runaway slave / Master.” She later apologized for the lyrics, claiming she was inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s “Look Out for Detox.”

Another user summed up their thoughts more simply.

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