‘I Always Bet on Black:’ Roland Martin Promises to Shine Bill O’Reilly’s Shoes if This Challenge Falls Through



On his morning news program, “News One Now,” journalist Roland Martin responded to racist remarks made by Bill O’Reilly concerning “ill-educated” Black youth and unemployment.

Martin criticized O’Reilly for constantly talking down about Black youth and the issues they face rather than making an effort to help them. His solution: to have O’Reilly open the “Bill O’Reilly Black Youth Summer Jobs Program,” thus creating more opportunities for Black youth.

“If you really care about Black youth, put your money where your mouth is,” he said.

The journalist also challenged O’Reilly’s viewers to create at least 100,000 summer jobs across America. He suggested O’Reilly team up with Marc Morial of the National Urban League to make the program happen. Martin even offered to shine O’Reilly’s shoes if he employed Black youth and they performed poorly.

“I’m willing to bet on Black youth,” he said. “I’m willing to bet they’re ready.”

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