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Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Responds to Disturbing Video of Volunteer Verbally Attacking Black Family


After a disturbing video that captured the misconduct of a Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center volunteer, the hospital offered an apology to the two families affected by the workers indecent behavior.

“Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is shocked and appalled at the behavior demonstrated by our volunteer in this video,” the hospital noted in a statement released to FOX8. ” This behavior does not reflect our identity or our values.”

Isaiah Baskins represents one of the two families who were ordered by the outraged woman volunteer to leave the hospital premises in Winston-Salem, NC., Thursday evening.

Baskins says prior to the incident the volunteer asked the families to calm their children down. The kids were playing while waiting for their appointments.

Baskins briefly captured the incident on his cellphone while the worker screamed at him and another family by the name of Thomas. He later uploaded the footage to YouTube Friday, receiving more than 20,ooo views.

In the video the volunteer pushes a baby stroller out of the family resource center and tells Baskins  “you’re getting out.”

Baskins told her he was recording the encounter. She responded, “I don’t have to put up with you,” and that she didn’t have to look at his gray underwear and baggy pants.

She proceeded to shout on the phone for security to remove Baskins and his children. She appeared to reach toward the children, then shouted “get out, get out” and “get your d### underwear out of here … I don’t want to see it” and “dirty old tramp.”

After both families filed complaints about the occurrence the hospital has now declared that the individual is no longer a volunteer with their organization.

“If they haven’t already, one of our senior executives should be reaching out to you shortly. Again, we apologize for this appalling incident,” Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center said in a statement.

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