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Two Employers Fire Workers for Racist Social Media Comments

John Pisone was fired for making racist comments about an anti-fracking protester. His comments were later posted on YouTube.

John Pisone was fired for making racist comments about an anti-fracking protester. His comments were later posted on YouTube.

If anyone still believes that racism is dead, they just need to go online to see how people really feel. Some employees have taken to social media to express racist comments about Black people. According to several media reports this has come back to bite them.

The Minneapolis City Pages reported that Mankato, Minn. resident Brad Schutz lost his job at Archer Daniel Midland after he posted racist comments on Black Lives Matter Minneapolis’ Facebook page. Schultz was irate at a recent BLM protest near the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport.

Schultz wrote, “You dumb fucking n****rs. Get out of town with your bull**** protesting. The loser life (Jamar Clark) deserved to get shot for not cooperating with police. You make yourselves look worse. Get off your ass, get a job, do something … Just leave, white people don’t like you.”

He later apologized and deleted the post, but it was saved and reposted by Daily Haze, a counter culture community website. The threat was also posted on a Facebook page called Threatwatch, which holds online hate accountable. The page urged Facebook users to contact ADM Mankato, Schultz’ employer. Three days later ADM Mankato announced Schultz was no longer an employee of the firm. Schultz has since made his Facebook page private.

Raw Story reported that a Pennsylvania man was recently captured on video making racist comments about an anti-fracking protester who was demonstrating against Rex Energy’s drilling operation in the Mars Area School District. A man identified as John Pisone by The Butler News walked up to anti-fracking protesters and started berating them for staging a demonstration. However, he directed shockingly racist comments at a Black protester.

“Yeah, chimp,” Pisone said. “A f*cking n****r right here with a mop on his head. I don’t give a f*ck. He’s milking my f*cking tax dollars.”

The anti-fracking protesters responded by saying they had a right to hold a peaceful demonstration. Pisone’s comments were later posted to YouTube by photojournalist Tom Jefferson. On Tuesday, Pisone’s employer, MMC Land Management, posted a swift apology on Facebook and announced they had terminated his employment.

“We are sorry that this incident occurred. Whether at work or not, we do not condone hate speech – EVER. MMC has terminated this employee and will never do business with him again in the future,” said MMC Land Management.

Minneapolis NAACP President Nekima Levy-Pounds said people should be aware employers can hold them accountable for what they post on social media.

“[H]opefully, individuals will learn from Brad Schultz’s mistake and think twice before making racist statements on social media,” Levy-Pounds said in a Facebook post.

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15 thoughts on “Two Employers Fire Workers for Racist Social Media Comments

  1. Yeah, more "REAL" consequences for racist idiots and bigots is a step in the right direction!! Lose your human decency in the public sphere; lose your job and livelihood. It's one of the only consequence that low-level thinkers understand that will make them self-regulate.

  2. Shawn Mc says:

    a special ed case who now has the exposure he wanted , unemployed and now at home. good

  3. Peter Pork says:

    I'd rather take have these honest morons who will say it to my face then the ones who are smart enough to smile when you're around.

  4. John Prewett says:

    " If anyone still believes that racism is dead, they just need to go online to see how people really feel. " …/….

    Darn right racism is not dead. Interracial violent crime rate proves that.

  5. Eric Kamov says:

    Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!!! – Karma cameleon: You reap as you sow . . . . . . . . . .

  6. This piece of stinking trash!! I'm glad the brother caught him on video! If it would of been me I wouldn't of been able to video him because I would have been kicking his racist ass up and down that field!!!…… Who…. What… Whup that ass!!! That's all a racist respect…you gotta beat they ass!!

  7. I am grateful these two bigots were put in their place. Daily Kos has a good article about how a man named Thomas Jefferson, the target of Pisone's bigotry, did Pisone in. Mr. Jefferson was there filming important work.

  8. Jon Kiteley says:

    Donald Trump will give this pathetic racist a job a job. Trump loves hate.

  9. "I've only seen 10 of you in my life"… Then why the fuck are you saying what black people are like if you don't fucking know any? Seriously, this moron is basically outright stating he's getting stupid and aggressive over shit he has no familiarity with, which is ALWAYS blisteringly stupid even before adding the nasty racism on top of it.

  10. Ronald D'Armous I think I get his point. Yeah.. it's freaking disgusting and infuriating to have someone come at you like Pisone… but ultimately it's the racists that keep it quiet that often do the most damage. Racists that keep their racism on the downlow tend to do the most damage to people's rep behind their backs.. (I've been a victim of gaslighting and tend to notice when people are doing it to others, and I see people doing it over race all the time) It's also the people who keep their racism quiet that tend to be more likely to hold jobs as hiring managers or human resource people…… and holding people back from opportunities to advance themselves or to shine is even more damaging than calling them ugly names.

    I mean, I'm sure he'd prefer NO racism.. just as I would prefer there is no sexism…. but you know what… I feel safer around sexist guys that are outright pigs, than sexist guys that pretend to have my back and respect me. The latter have definitely cost me more in life than the ones that are blatant assholes.

  11. The irony is, he may have advanced Mr. Jeffersons career while ruining his own. When someone is a freelance journalist, having a vid go viral tends to help you to sell your future work, much more easily. Good for Mr. Jefferson. Not many people have potential good come out of having to put up with shit like that.

  12. Peter Pork says:

    Jodi Hillhouse Yeah this guy is a harmless easy target. Guy works a job where you don't even need to speak english (land management). Oil field work pays with no education because your life is disposable. At least he had the hutzpah to say it out loud in public. The people who feel this way but are smart enough to stay quiet are the ones who can harm you. Nurses, teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges. Leeroy here is not your enemy, just another dumb pawn.

  13. The irony is.. not only did Pisone ruin his own job with his rant about other people not having jobs, he probably got Mr. Jefferson a ton of extra jobs. Viral stories tend to be good for the careers of freelance journalists. LOL Karma may be a bitch, but she's a glorious bitch with a delightful sense of humor sometimes. I sure hope that this pans out as well as I suspect it might, for Mr. Jefferson. His business can be rough without a foot in the door like this can provide.

    On a side note, I love how captain racism called out an old man past retirement age asking if he ever worked. That dude was probably working and paying the taxes that benefitted that moron AND his parents during their childhood. Racist guy is about my daughters age.. and retired guy is the age of people whose tax dollars payed for my generation's schooling. (maybe Pisone shouldn't have wasted the tax dollars of the people paying for his education)

  14. Michel Le says:

    Yeah now he can't brag about having a "real job". I don't have any words decent enough to share here about how I feel towards this piece of human shit and all the ones like him.

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