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Watch: Elderly White North Carolina Hospital Volunteer Goes Completely Berserk on Unsuspecting Black Family

An elderly white North Carolina hospital volunteer verbally attacked a visiting Black family last Friday.

Visitor Isaiah Baskins was taking his daughter to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center for an appointment Friday when the volunteer began to attack him with racial epithets and physical violence.

In the video, Baskins states that he was called the n-word more than once and that the woman told him to “get your Black kids out of here.” Also, the white volunteer began to push Baskins’ young child’s stroller out of the waiting area.

The volunteer gets into Baskins’ face, yelling and screaming commands.  At one point she kicks the man even though he is leaving with his kids. At about 3 minutes in, another visitor comes in to try to diffuse the situation, but the woman is still behaving violently.

At the midpoint of the 7-minute video, the hospital security finally arrives. Baskins then tells the security guard what happened.

Since the incident Friday, the video has gone viral and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has released an apology.

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, Wake Forest Baptist officials posted an apology to Baskins in the comment section of the video post on YouTube.

“We deeply regret and apologize for this behavior demonstrated by our volunteer in this video,” the post read. “We are dedicated to providing an inclusive environment for all, with respect, dignity and compassion. We are taking action, and this individual is no longer a volunteer with our organization.

“If they haven’t already, one of our senior executives should be reaching out to you shortly. Again, we apologize for this appalling incident.”

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5 thoughts on “Watch: Elderly White North Carolina Hospital Volunteer Goes Completely Berserk on Unsuspecting Black Family

  1. P.a. Long says:


  2. Joyce King says:

    He was crazy for staying there and keep pushing her button – you could see he wasn't watching his kids and you could see the one kid running around without his supervision. She was wrong, but I feel he knew what he was doing trying to get her to say the word black or the N word. If you are truly innocent you would just walk away and not keep taunting her. The video speaks for itself. Both sides have issues.

  3. May have been a set up but he will get paid and she walked right into it…

  4. We don't know what lead up to the video….but…..she has a major problem…that is in no way to act to another human…..teeth clenched, yelling…..very sad all the way around!

  5. Roane Beard says:

    If someone did something like that to me I'd want to get evidence, too. Sure, the higher road is to walk away, but ensuring that person is removed from her position is a public service.

    It's not always best to turn the other cheek.

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