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Chicago-Area Twins Get into Nearly 60 Universities, Receive $1.3 M in Scholarships


Shaprice Hunt

Chicago-area twins have been accepted into nearly 60 universities and have earned an estimated $1.3 million in scholarships.

Deprice and Shaprice Hunt are two teens with high ambitions. The success of these brilliant youngsters was brought to national attention by Facebook user Kemitashi Austin, who documented their achievements on her page.

According to Deprice, the two have earned acceptance into 56 different colleges and universities, 48 academic awards in high school and have never been absent.


Shaprice has been accepted into 35 colleges, with two of them offering her a full-ride. Five of those schools are also courting her to play basketball for their universities.

Over the past weekend, Deprice and Austin reached out to the Chicago Tribune to get their story out and change the narrative about Chicago’s youth. While the media focuses on Black-on-Black crime and police brutality, the Hunt twins want to be the counter examples to the bad. deprice__001

Deprice is leaning toward his two top choices: Clark Atlanta University or Morehouse College. Clark Atlanta has offered the young man a full scholarship.

The Hunt twins join a host of other Black and excellent students who have graduated with high marks this year. Atlanta Black Star reported on two New York teens who were both excepted at all eight Ivy League schools.

Seventeen-year-old Kelly Hyles immigrated from Guyana when she was 10 and has been accepted into 21 universities total. She currently lives in Queens, New York.

Long Island, New York teen Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna was also accepted in to all eight Ivy Leagues. In total, the young woman has been accepted into 13 different colleges and universities.

The Hunt twins have not made an official announcement on where they will attend college.

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