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Watch What Happens as White Racist Verbally Attacks a Black Man Inside a Slavery Museum 


A pair of actors representing the YouTube channel Trollstation conducted a social experiment in Liverpool, England over a week ago to prove that locals stand up to racism.

The two actors conducted their experiment at Liverpool’s International Slavery Museum as an Irish actor launches his attack.

Liverpool’s International Slavery Museum opened in 2007 and has had over a million visitors since then. The museum showcases the unfortunate history of slavery in the United Kingdom and around the world. There are a variety of exhibits that focus on the transatlantic slave trade and modern-day slavery as well.

Both actors are well aware of the place and the gravity of the situation. The white actor begins harassing the Black actor by pointing at the craftsmanship of an artifact and then criticizing the workmanship.

“Do your kind of people make these?” the white actor begins by asking the Black actor and pointing to an exhibit piece.

The man then says: “It would have been better white people being slaves than the Black because we work that bit better.”

The actor could be alluding to the idea that the Irish were slaves, but historians have debunked that in recent years.

At this point people — mostly white people — begin to gather. One bystander asks the Black actor if he is listening to this nonsense.

The Black actor tries to avoid confrontation. He says that he does not want any trouble. The white actor insists. By this time a white woman tries to diffuse the situation and she ends up calling the man a racist.

“I’m not being racist!’ the white man insists, asking why the Black man is getting so aggressive. “Black workmanship just wasn’t up to the white standard,” he says. “Everyone else is looking at the Black slaves,” the white man continues.

Then he makes a personal attack on the Black actor: “Your pants is hanging around your a***, probably because you’ve robbed half the artifacts in here.”

One of the last things the white actor says in the nearly four-minute video is that “Black people were better at being slaves because they had that natural build, that work build.”

During the skit, three white visitors come to the Black actor’s defense. A second woman calls the white actor a bigot and a white man came up to the Black actor shaking his hand and saying that slavery is wrong period.

The group revealed that the whole event was a social experiment. Trollstation told the Daily Mail that the idea for the experiment came as a response to an earlier racial incident:

“The reason for filming this was that a few of our actors had experienced some racism in Liverpool on the same day earlier on. As we were on our way to visit the museum we thought we’d play out the social experiment, and we were delighted with the results to see people stand up for each other.”

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