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Prince to Write Memoir, Fans Eager to Get a Glimpse Inside the Intensely Private Superstar’s Life

Prince in a promo photo for his 2014 album.

Prince in a promo photo for his 2014 album.

Living legend is a phrase that gets tossed around loosely, but when it comes to R&B/pop crooner Prince, it’s necessary.

Perhaps that is why there’s so much buzz surrounding the notoriously private performer’s upcoming memoir. According to The Wall Street Journal, the singer revealed during a pop-up show in New York City that he’ll be writing one. The book’s working title is “The Beautiful Ones,” and it is due out next spring from Spiegel & Grau, according to Forbes.

The book is named after his 1984 song of the same name, which is from his hit film and album, Purple Rain.

The enthusiasm from fans and the general public over this revelation opens eyes to why Prince is so revered. Like Rihanna after him, this is a performer who does things his own way. The statements he makes are bold, and he has never been one to shy away from explaining the truth about his own heritage and culture. He unapologetically uses his wide platform to give those around him a sample of his thoughts.

Though Madonna is probably the only pop singer who could be compared to him with her brashness, the Queen of Pop comes off as trying too hard. She recently made headlines for revealing the breast of a 17-year-old on stage, according to Spin. All that for … nothing.

Would Prince ever be caught pulling such a lousy stunt with fans? It would be surprising to see that. When he’s on stage, it’s all about him and his uncommon ways. From his newest music being a funk/R&B mash totally unlike what contemporary singers are releasing, to his bold reveal of a memoir, it’s no wonder fans are eager to read this reportedly “unconventional” book.


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