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4 thoughts on “Daily Show Comedian Spectacularly Takes Down Rudy Giuliani and Every Other Beyonce Super Bowl Performance Critic

  1. Numa Yurbiz says:

    This woman's opinions are null and void as she is in a relationship with a whtie man. It's not about female black empowerment; it's about black empowerment period. If she was so concerned about the black community, she would have stayed in it.

  2. Marvin Brown says:

    Kendrick lamar need to sing to Rudy Giuliani "man down for what you said N****"

  3. This has got to be the dumbest thing I have seen all week ^^^

  4. Numa Yorbiz Jessica Williams being in a relationship with a white person is irrelevant. And it doesn't mean that she has abandoned the black community.

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