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Trevor Noah Pokes Fun at South Africans Complaining About Landmark Ruling: ‘Just Don’t be Racist’ 

“The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah didn’t hold back in his comedic commentary on the recent sentencing of a South African woman who hurled racial slurs at Black police officers.

Estate agent Vicky Momberg, who is white, was sentenced to three years in prison with one year removed for her racist tirade, marking the first prison term ever imposed for verbalized racial abuse.

Noah, a native South African himself, poked fun at Momberg’s meltdown, during which she called the officer a “kaffir,” an apartheid-era slur for Black people, an astonishing 48 times. The officer was there to help after vandals broke into Momberg’s car, but she demanded to be helped by a white or Indian cop instead.

“Imagine someone saying that to a cop here [in a America] 48 times, saying the n-word,” Noah said. “Which is insane.”

Noah explained the severity of the slur, noting that after the end of apartheid, the only thing white South Africans were stripped of was their ability to use that slur. Yet, many racist South Africans still can’t help but spew it from time to time.

“The government was like, ‘Hey, let’s move forward. A clean slate … The only thing we’re going to take away is this racist word.’ And then some white people would be like, ‘…okay but I just want one thing — can I have the racist word back?’ ” he joked.

“What I find funny is, people who are online are like, ‘This is a tyranny. This is oppression. Like what am I supposed to do?’ It’s like, just don’t be racist,” Noah continued, drawing a laugh from the crowd. “I love it how people make it like it’s the hardest thing ever.”

Watch more of his commentary above.

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