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36 thoughts on “Conservative TV Anchor Completely Loses It; Blames Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Performance For Preventing Racial Harmony in America

  1. What is wrong with this idiot, the Black Panthers Party was set up to protect our communities from white supremacy ass holes.

  2. Kelly Taylor says:

    She really needs to sit down and educate herself before she speaks publicly!

  3. Jose Garcia says:

    Damn this lady ignorant. She went after somebody husband. Over superbowl halftime dance routine.

  4. Fake Blonde , spoke of white supremecy and coming together as 1. Another Real face of Racism.

  5. White America sound scared man Beyonce better watch your back


  7. Rell D. Lowe says:

    This bihh went after J, he use to be (past) many many years ago if that… watch out lil bihh

  8. And you are? Nobody. Must be trying to get a job at fox. Bitter as fresh lemons.

  9. America will never heal until African Americans, are made whole. Address that issue then we will talk. The last known slave died in 1971.

  10. This idiot is trying to make a place for herself in television, this is self promotion, plain and simple. She was seen on a show today (TMZ) and didn't know what the true story of the Black Panthers was/is. She hoping to be called by FOX, she is trying to make a name for herself and has done a really good job doing just that.

  11. Michael Moss says:

    If I was black I would join the Black Panthers immediatly! Who ever said Black Lives Matter… More??? Racist little girl afraid that the sins of our fathers that are perpetuated by our inaction will come back to haunt us. America is as racist as it ever was and it will not change by pretending it doesn't exsist. I don't like Beyounce's music at all but I completely applaud her for taking this grand stage and making a meanigful statement out of it. It is actually very heroic of her for she has opened herself up as a target for all the racist hate mongers in America. Rock on Beyounce!!!

  12. Awww. She's in her feelings. poor you.

  13. All these salty ass black people lol.

  14. this was the best thing I've heard all year. Loving this chick right now!!!

  15. This woman is an idiot.

  16. More like all these salty ass white people!!

  17. Rachel Smith says:

    SHE has a good point.

  18. Is that anchor for real? Did she see that policeman in Charleston, SC demonically shoot to DEATH that fleeing black man who just owed child support in the back?! Does she know that Sandra Bland wound up DEAD in prison just for allegedly failing to put on a lane change signal in extremely low traffic?! I have beloved white relatives who understand. But just Who ARE these crazy white people like this anchor, whining about LEGITIMATE protest. Kudos, Beyonce! Keep up the good work!

  19. Jeremy Hants says:

    She's hot. I agree with what she's saying.

  20. Manson Woods says:

    I don't have much to say about this little girls ignorant and uninfromed information on racism. But, I would like to make a small comment on her attack on Jay Z. He would not have been able to distribute drugs to his community if the so called war on drugs wasn't a political cover up to spread drugs in black communities all across this country. And we won't pretend that many large corporations and rich white people haven't started off this same way and still funneling drugs masked by legit companies.

  21. She also said we're trying to destroy white domination. Who the hell, other than a racist, wants one race to be dominating?

  22. This woman needs to get………….never mind. But when did anyone say, #blacklivesmattermore?

  23. Reagen and Oliver north gave the crack to a Nicaraguian to give to Rick Ross to disturb all across the ghettos of the USA, that's how jay z and countless off other brothers got their hands on the shit, lil white girl.

  24. Media whore just flapping her privileged tong up and down…this is they type that sneek and have sexual intercourse with black man on the down low..shut up tramp…

  25. Tom Keevers says:

    Love her! She speaks truth!

  26. Manson, I wonder how she feels about the Apostle Paul who MURDERED people –Christians– before having his conversion experience. She might sit quietly in church and listen to the minister quote Paul's words from Scripture.

    JayZ's not selling drugs anymore, either.

  27. ?! Either she misspoke or she actually apparently thinks that "white domination" is "good." As Bugs Bunny says, "What a maroon." lol Shaking my head.

  28. ?!? You "agree" with her that black people should not want to end white "DOMINATION?!" That's HER word, not mine. Shaking my head.

  29. ?!? A "good point" about what? She either misspoke or she crazily thinks "White DOMINATION" is allegedly a "good" thing?!

  30. ?! She's just a couple of rungs above the stupid "The Iraq and the Iran such as" beauty contestant. Did you actually HEAR her? Either she misspoke or she actually thinks blacks should be happy with "white DOMINATION." Actually the third option may well be the correct one: She accidentally said exactly how she felt and wants whites to keep "dominating" and Beyonce should just be quiet and accept it! Shaking my head.

  31. Manson Woods says:

    Adele Binghamton, I believe she took on more than what she's actually ready for.

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