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9 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin Flawlessly Check Stacey Dash and White Co-Host’s Ignorant Comments

  1. whoopi is always real

  2. Smeek Meek says:

    Dash is a straight A$$ Hole!! who gives a damn what she says anyway.

  3. William Kane says:

    in america you have ann coulter in the UK we have katie hopkins (seperated at birth) we should put them both in a rocket and shoot them as far into space as we can

  4. you taking donations?

  5. James Cates says:

    What we need to do is get some lawyers off their butts and get rid of the racism. If you have an organization that is public (i.e. schools or tv channels or whatever your organization is) and you refuse to admit anyone of a color other than yours, sue the pants off of them for discrimination. It is time to get past the racism, folks. Let's put some punishment in the air for those who refuse to get past this issue.

  6. Campus Kings says:

    I truly think people are miscommunicating what Stacey Dash said. She said if you are going to push for integration for the Oscars then push for integration for BET Awards and the Image Awards etc. She said that you don't see white people boycotting BET or the Image Awards so don't boycott white award shows. Blacks have their own and whites have their own. Even though you don't have to be Black to win or be nominated for a BET or Image Award it is predominantly Black winners and nominees. And honestly, white people don't care because they have their own award shows. So what Stacey Dash was saying is: Don't be boycotting the predominantly white award shows because white people don't boycott Black award shows. You either have your own or we as a human being race get rid of all segregated award shows and create an award show where it is solely integrated and no racism is involved and you win based on your talents alone…THIS IS WHAT STACEY DASH IS SAYING!!! And it makes sense…

  7. Anwar Brooks says:

    The reason we have BET, NAACP, JET etc… is because there was no represntation in mainstream. Therefore, you have to create a space where none exists. When equal space is opens up for non-whites, then there wont be a need. Until then……….

  8. Hannah Sands says:

    the oscars are not a white award show though……. it's an award show and the BET and Image Awards have more non-black people being nominated and winning awards than the 0 number of POC nominated at the oscars the past two years

  9. Who dug Stacey Dash up from nowhereland in the first place??

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