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7 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg Goes Toe to Toe with Sunny Hostin on Hollywood’s Rampant Lack of Diversity

  1. Coooooonism… she knows more about your history them you. Your not one of us.

  2. whpoopi really pisses me off!

  3. Please get your ImnotAfricanImamericanass off my screen…I dont appreciate you.

  4. See how that bigot waved off "Ride Along"? "Its not going to get nominated anytime soon…" She thinks it's funny that Black productions don't get nominations – and she also mentions two white writers getting nominations for Straight Outta Compton" as if its funny. Its that type of bigotry that keeps the Oscars and other non-racial specific awards shows.

  5. Soleil Aluyi says:

    Sunny took Whoopi to the shed and rightfully so! There is NO denying that the Oscar winners are always "lilly white", and has been like, forever! Make the necessary changes and keep it moving. This cognitive dissonance is working my nerves!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Marion Lynn says:

    Candace needs to get off the show she is so damn annoying

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