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Fans Can’t Decide Between Janet Hubert and Jada Pinkett on Proposed Oscar Boycott

Janet-Hubert-Actress Janet Hubert took to her personal Facebook page to express her opinion about Jada Pinkett Smith’s proposed Oscars boycott. Hubert portrayed the original and fan favorite Aunt Vivian in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air from 1990-93.

Hubert had a rocky history with Will Smith after he failed to support a conjoined effort to renegotiate salaries/wages, she said.

In a video post, she believes a boycott is not feasible for actors who are not as wealthy as the Smiths. She points out that the Smiths are part of the Hollywood elite and that they benefit from the system as-is. Social media erupted in both positive support and negative condemnation, but Hubert has a point. The Oscars is all about money, exposure and the opportunity for greater work in Hollywood.

Twitter users showed that they still love the character that defined her career. While many Facebook commenters supported her bold stance on the matter:

Signa Siggy JordanBravo….those who are not apart of the industry don’t see the bigger picture…Reality after the camera stops rolling and no one gets work then to boycott something that really don’t define some don’t matter…Let’s boycott things that’s harming our people…etc Kudos Well spoken some don’t agree because they lack understanding….Onelove

Monique ThomasMama Janet Hubert, YOU are as real as it gets!! Thanks for making my head spin in a good way. I understood what Jada meant and she meant well. HOWEVER, because you KNOW them, it takes on a whole different meaning. Thank you for the clarity of the entire situation. And yes, Idris Elba got ROBBED this year. He is a BEAST in his acting.


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8 thoughts on “Fans Can’t Decide Between Janet Hubert and Jada Pinkett on Proposed Oscar Boycott

  1. Will was a kid. He had a team of people who I'm sure looked out for him. Maybe she should have fired her manager to get better roles. She sounds bitter and at her age she should let that stuff go. This is what's wrong with "us". If she had personal beef with them she should have addressed them. Now white folk looking and laughing because we don't know how to put our differences aside and work together for a common cause. She's mad at Will and came for Jada. Girl bye Ms Hubert.

  2. Is this a white organization?

  3. Freddy Alvin says:

    Marla Mitchell No, it's a Black American Organization

  4. Freddy Alvin says:

    Marla Mitchell What make you think it's a White organization, I'm curious?

  5. Candy Leasor says:

    Crabs in a bucket!

  6. i couldt agreee more..she sounds very bitter..maybe her sickness has made her that way..she should let the past be the past and move on and let god be her guild…..

  7. in the end an injustice is an injustice maybe Jada is taken up for her man hell who else is supposed to do that if not her and Janet Hubert is only speakingoff the diss like of him but none the less ask yourself why should black people always take a back seat when they just as hard and do just as many roles if not more then their white counter parts this is the reason why so many black and white do not take part of the Oscars because they do over look black actors and about every 20-50 years they throw us a token it is time someone says something and do something about it do knock the fight because you mad you have not done anything bigger than the fresh prince of bel air that says alot about you not them to fight for our rights to exist in a world that do not want us too should be everybody mind

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