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89 thoughts on “Watch: Aunt Viv from ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ Shuts Down Jada Pinkett’s Call to Boycott Oscars

  1. I don't agree with her, but she has the right to say what she wants. If she felt that way, why did she not call Jada or Will and tell them. We should learn to lovingly disagree. We always have to just open our mouth and talk. I agree We should nnot be apart of the oscars, we have enough wealth to do our own movies, and keep it to ourselves. This nation would crumble if we stop being consumers. I don't go to the movies, or watch tv or anything that has to do with that industry. Wake up folks.

  2. Robin Hughes says:

    Well alright then.

  3. Breeze Breeze You don't watch tv but you use facebook. Ok…………

  4. Brian Hill says:

    She has a very interesting point of view. I cant think of any other careers the Smith family have launched other than their family. They do have a production that their partnered up with Jay Z. I see her point if thats the reason why she was let go off of the show. She has her on view of the matter but it made perfect sense.

  5. Will is just one of their tools. He's a lousy actor.

  6. What does Facebook have to do with watching TV? I'll wait…

  7. The solution stares at us in the mirror everyday. Black Unity is the solution, is the plan.

  8. Terry Moore says:

    She enjoyed that just a little bit too much, lol!

  9. Wow. She's still salty with how things went down on the Fresh Prince show? Yes, that did hurt her pockets long term as well as her standing in Hollywood. Was it Jada's fault, not sure, but responding like this is not the way to go. Just another talking point for others to say that there is NO unity in the Black community.

  10. Greg A Terry says:

    I did not hear anything from Will Smith, why she ranting about him? Jada merely expressed a point that African-Americans can build something bigger and better instead of running to those who are supposed to be superior. Bottom-line, I'm down with Jade. Build something for yourself instead of fighting for crumbs and handouts.

  11. Darryl Canty says:

    Yeah that's what they said about you b**** when you got kicked off the show stop hatin move on it's over years ago bich

  12. Heather Oka says:

    why can't you just accept it is what it is…. quit basing your answers on black and white….. that's the whole problem…. did you even listen to her message?

  13. Heather Oka says:

    they don't get the recognition because they don't deserve it… not because they're black…. quit making it about color… that's the whole problem…. you just don't want to end the bullshit… keep bringing it up… there's black tv shows, college funds,television stations… do I care… no and you know why… it's not my business…. not everything in life is fair… is it fair that will and jada smiths children like other children in hollywood get advantages above your or my children…. absolutley not… but it's life…. will and jada have so many perks being who they are…. how dare anyone like that complain about one thing in their life… support the right fight… not the color !!!

  14. Heather Oka says:

    I don't agree with Jada and her opinion but I think that will is a great actor.. I have enjoyed many of his movies…

  15. Brian Hill says:

    She has a very interesting point of view. I cant think of any other careers the Smith family have launched other than their family. They do have a production that their partnered up with Jay Z. I see her point if thats the reason why she was let go off of the show. She has her on view of the matter but it made perfect sense.

  16. Aunty vi! I had so much respect for you till this post.
    She not doing it because of herself or her husband didn't get get it.
    You being small minded and selfish! It about the bigger pic. That black actors and actress
    Don't get the recognition. And they shouldn't beg to get it. And you out of most people should get seem you have some issues with will from back in fresh days. It should have be dealt back then

  17. Tommy Gaines says:

    the problem is that we did, its called BET. and when a movie comes out, if its being televised on a non black network, then BET awards arent recognized. here in lies the problem for people(actors) with pride


  19. Heather Oka says:

    Ron Bear Lawson absolutely not… Friends cast are overpaid as well…. and of course you will keep bringing color into it…. you don't know how to live any other way…. and if you didn't… who else could you blame for all your problems !!

  20. Heather Oka says:

    and it's funny Ron Bear Lawson that your comment talks about "minorities" not getting what they deserve but i don't see you mentioning any other than yours .!!!!

  21. Jada Pinkett can kiss my rosy white honky ass. There are young black men being killed by police and she's crying because her old man didn't get nominated. She needs to get real and step out of her fucking bubble.

  22. Shon Burt says:

    Lmao…. Boy, that truth hurts… It's funny how they never look out for black people but now they need help from black people….. Nope, F8ck U

  23. Billy Tuggle says:

    "Auntie Viv" is not a real person. You could include the woman's real name in your article. #Disrespectful

  24. Crazy as HELL!!!!!!

  25. She is still mad at Will. Wow!

  26. Heather Oka says:

    I don't think she's still mad at will… I think she is proving a point…. people only complain about something when it affects them negatively…. but when it was lining his pockets he had no problem with it and was only lookng out for himself….. the smiths certainly have NO reason to ever complain about their lives……

  27. Heather Oka ….if u don't shut the fuck up!!!…u don't know what the fuck you're talking about…especially with black issues…bitch mind ya business!!

  28. She sounds so bitter! Poor thing!

  29. Vick McLean says:

    I am not with Jada or Will and here's why I almost never see will or Jada speak out
    for black folk never do i hear their voices for the young men in the criminal justice system while Jada make some good points the fact is they seem completely indifferent to black suffering. I suspect if will was nominated that she would not have said anything even if he was the only black to be nominated.

  30. Heather Oka Will looks like he's about to bust out laughing whenever he tries to act serious. It's like, "I can't believe these people are paying me to act instead of rap". Eddie Murphy too. There are ARE far greater actors on the scene with little hype that are literally strugglling out there. Morgan, Samuel, & a few other Black actors are a part of the HOLLYWOOD machine. Morgan plays the reassuring New Millinnium Ni??a Mammy making whites feel good in their skin. Samuel was trash before he reassured jews by saying [email protected]@a one thousand times, then he was their BOY. That's not acting, that's acting out. The Black problem is that after all this time we want to, or even care about being included in their system. Black colleges are running around with a tin cup llooking for financing while our athletes are blowing out their kneecaps for colleges that don't even allow Black enrollment, or deter it. Money back to the jew. Not one of those athletes retire with any REAL money unless they're part of the machine. I only see Will's flicks on bootleg.

  31. Heather Oka Really? They don't deserve it? WOW. "Dumbest statement of the year."

  32. Vic Melecio says:

    Man it sounds like this has been eating away at viv for decades. Agree with Jada or not, she had some thoughts and eloquently expressed them. Viv comes off like the mean girl from high school riddled with envy and insecurities. The whole "there are worse things happening in the world" arguement doesn't mean no one can have opinions or ideas until the worst of problems are first solved is a bit juvenile for a 60 year old women. Hell it's juvenile for a 16 year old girl.

  33. Vic Melecio says:

    Man it sounds like this has been eating away at viv for decades. Agree with Jada or not, she had some thoughts and eloquently expressed them. Viv comes off like the mean girl from high school riddled with envy and insecurities. The whole arguement that "there are worse things happening in the world" doesn't mean no one can have opinions or ideas until the worst of problems are first solved. It's a bit juvenile for a 60 year old women to even reach for it. Hell it's juvenile for a 16 year old girl.


  35. Heather Oka so did that dumb ass Friends show deserve it? It was brought up because we have seen too many minority movies get passed over for awards because those choosing the awardee, make that choice based on whom they like and not for the quality of work they did. So yes we will keep bringing color into this fight because if we don't one day will will look us and there will be no one on TV or Movies that look like US. how can we support something like that?

  36. stay away from Khazars and quit trying to fit in.

  37. This is some ish for the tabloids.

  38. Heather Oka says:

    Cliff Postell ty so much for your intelligent and intellectual input to our converstation…. so tell me why you think them or any other actors deserve an award of any kind….. isn't the millions of dollars enough??? the only reason you give a shit about this is because they're black…. I don't agree with ANY actors getting awards…. not just the "black" ones for your information…. I'm not making this about race…. you are…. but that doesn't surprise me….

  39. RIGHT ON! You go girl!!!

  40. after watching the first minute or so, i regret even giving this bullshit a "click". #sadclown

  41. Oya Qhoze says:

    why is she so damn light?
    did not even know it was her!?… also why she cooning?

  42. Carey Stone says:

    Lol she thinks if she sucks up to them somebody will soon pick up her tired dusty resume an make use it the fresh prince is over aunt viv

  43. i think she smokin crack

  44. If it is true he didnt back them when they were trying to get a raise, it is karma

  45. Scott Pallor says:



  47. Heather maybe you need to read my post again. Not one time did I point out just blacks. I did say minority. The reason race has to be brought up is because of the unfairness. Trust me i know how to live with any and everyone, while treating them as i would like to be treated. You see i served 21 years in the United States Military and was treated fairly and treated other fairly based on their merits alone. I have seem and dealt with mistreatment while serving this country, but refuse to let that change how I treated other.

  48. What the heck is she talking about!! She is addressing Jada for something she didn't do. Also she is talking like she on that stuff! Rambling, saying it wasn't a cause and then saying Idris deserved a nod!? Say what you mean Janet! Call Will Smith out for not supporting your call for a raise some 20+ years ago, but don't say that there is not issue to be addressed here because there definitely is one. She may never get another sitcom or any other acting jobs rambling like she did on here. I loved her on the Fresh Prince but after hearing this, hmmmmmmm…….?

  49. Lanaya Love says:

    Tommy Gaines BET is NOT Blacked owned Nor is it Blacked operated. It just has an appealing name that creates a great marketing tool to reach unknowing black people

  50. Hollywood is the blacks mine of diamond ,all of them are millionaires as a miners in Hollywood…none of them apply for job at any charcoal factory……..

  51. Heather Oka says:

    Ron Bear Lawson what makes you think that minority actors/actresses are overlooked based on "likeness" and not their performances, the fact that you could defend this is exactly the point I was making, why is color or race of any kind have to be the basis for who gets nominated for what….. I treat each and everyone I meet the same way I want to be treated, I base my judgement on people on one thing, how they treat me as well as others….. I happen to be married to a man whose religion is not looked upon very highly right now but I refuse to give in to the media exposing untruths about peoples views toward him and our children, life is not always fair… but each of us have our own struggles …. and yours are no more important than mine and vice versa, there is always going to be conflict over race and religion but it's what we choose to do with it and how we react to it that makes the difference

  52. Black people need to stop with this. When they are making millions from the same institutions how come they are mum about the so called injusticies. Why make it seem white folk owes you any Oscar? If black actors feell under charged build your own institutions that will recognise your work. From now on any black actor winning an Oscar some of us will never buy it cause it could be one of those extra statuettes the academy orders for the black folk to shut them up. We now know who calls the shots in Will's household. Jada is upset cause her husband missed out. Come on people this is stupid and childish. If you dont like the treatment create your own. I can not believe that black people still require validation and approvement to feel accomplished.

  53. Heather Oka says:

    Ron Bear Lawson and even though I'm from Canada I thank you for your service sir !!

  54. Eva Ev says:

    Damn she is a bitter black woman. Dont even get why you attacking Will. RegaIned ya 15 seconds of fame….hurrraaaaayyyyy

  55. Heather Oka says:

    tell me one movie/actor/actress that you feel should have been nominated…. I am curious

  56. Gary Blake says:

    Even if they do build something it's still gonna be considered 2nd class

  57. She didn't shut down anything just made herself look crazy and bitter.

  58. MzSassy Sabr says:

    Well people always been straving and yes you do so bitter and not I'm not a bitch because I think so. Wow. Amazing.. people have been straving for years and will continue to strave what are you doing for that Mrs. Blackist? Smh

  59. I'm not mad at cha. U R RITE

  60. Malia Simone says:

    All I know is actors dont dream of winning a BET award for their talent. They want the real deal. They want an Oscar. When african americans wanted equality here in America, they didn't run off and build their own version of america so they could feel accepted. They wanted to stay right where they are and be accepted as equals.

  61. She still hating soooooooo sad

  62. Heather Oka you don't understand

  63. Heather Oka the reason this is an issue is because there are actors and actresses that give a hell of an performance but get looked over for actors and actresses that have lack luster performance but win award because those that pick the nominees are out of touch with reality. here is a list of the Oscar nominations. Take a look and let me know what you think

  64. Mona Novotny says:

    Well said! They aren't that rich because someone is keeping them down!!!

  65. Lanaya Love you do know it was originally owned and named by a black person? I believe his name was Bob Johnson, but he sold it to current owners.

  66. Heather Oka says:

    Ron Bear Lawson okay ron…. are they only actors and actresses that aren't of color other than white that get overlooked…. a lot of actors and actresses get overlooked of all different colors…. not just one…. there are white actors that have been overlooked for nominations as well, is it because they were white… or fat…. or not popular enough that year… or could it be based on the fact they didn't get the vote…. how many times have you witnessed nominations and wins that you felt didn't deserve it… I have many times… but I never based it on the color of the actor/actresss or the color or the producer/director,,, why can't it just be what it is…. they didn't deserve it…. there have been many oscar upsets over the years, and they weren't over black actors/actresses/producers/directors etc…… it doesn't always have to be about color….. sometimes it's just what it is…. plain and simple facts…. if there are no black nominations this year it's simply because there were none deserved this year….. just out of curiousity… which movies and actors that represent black people do you feel should have been nominated?

  67. Heather Oka says:

    Patricia Mcneal so explain it to me patricia please

  68. This woman sick my stomach , edge my teeth n spoil my appetite. Why is she involving Will n her momma

  69. Mari Uccia says:

    She is spot on about ALL of it. To the Smith's: you are too prideful. Be greatful for what you have and do some good for others with less. Can you really be focusing on award shows and their superficial glory? Get over it. Rise above it Smith's! Too many real world issues going on. Wake up, grow up.

  70. I could care less about begging the white man for a seat at the table in this day & age. That is a thing we should be done with. FK the Oscars or any other award show like that. I don't necessarily agree with Jada, but I most definetely can not agree with a Bitter JADED has been who messed up her own chance trying to own a show that wasn't about HER. To come out now just makes her look silly. Annnd for the troll I see in these comments trying hard to teach us, STOP. What are you trying to do, teach us po black folks how to get along in this world??? GTFOH. I could argue that Creed deserved a nod other than Sylvester Stalone, considering it was a GREAT surprize performance by Michael B Jordan, Or maybe argue that Straight Out of Compton was a stellar performance which drews larger crowds than ANY OTHER movie about musicians in the history of film, or maybe argue the little known film Beasts of No Nation was Idris Alba's Training Day moment that went clearly unnoticed. BUT I won't cause it's pointless. I think its a good thing that stars like Jada, Will, or any other high paid actors get taken down a peg or two to reality. It does not matter who you are, cause to those currently in control, your still just a N###ER to them. And stop trying to tell us it's not about race, cause contrary to your world view, IT is always about race. Telling us racism does not exist in its current form. Tell that to the many people who have died for NO other reason than being black by the hands of the very same people we are supposed to turn to in our time of need? Tell the people of Flint Michigan how it's not about RACE, & how about you go down there & have a nice drink of their equal water??? So honestly I could give a flying FK about some awards show argument, when our focus should be on people who are dying by this modern day genecide by the hands of the white people.

  71. Tommy Gaines says:

    Lanaya Love if BET isnt for black people then i have been misguided my whole life since BET came out in 90s on the west coast. i dont care if a purple people eating alien owns BET, the bottom line is it isnt WET lol

  72. Heather Oka SidneyPoiter(To Sir With Love) Whoppi Goldberg(The color purple) Denzel Washington (Malcom X) Cicley Tyson( Underground Railroad) Angela Basset(TheTina Turner Story) the list goes on.

  73. Yawn!. STOP IT! Who cares about the Oscars anyway? When will black people stop seeking white approval and recognition? We need to recognize and support our own in all aspects of life. Have we not yet learned that what the white man giveth he can taketh away?

  74. Mint Icing says:

    Should I get pissy when an all-star team is only black, or if in hip hop or R&B, no white people are nominated for a Grammy? Kanye blasting Beck because his pal Beyonce got beat out…come now. There are so many recognized black people who are beyond talented. The ONLY people that are making it a race issue, are people who have so much money, all they need now is attention. Attention, because they've fallen or are inferior to. This woman is right. There are bigger fish to fry than making this a topic of conversation.

  75. Heather Oka I think you're not getting the point. I hear what you're saying-that minorities weren't nominated because they didn't deserve it. That's too simplistic. My first reaction was that this is a vote and no one can control it. Suck it up. Deal with it. Did all of the members get together and decide to shut out African Americans? No.

    But…a lot of the people who cast ballots ARE old and White and not even active anymore. There's talk about non-active members not being allowed to vote on the awards. This would make room for a more diverse and younger academy. You know, being voted on by your peers. I guess what I'm trying to say is you can't ignore subtle racism, it's out there.

    The fear is that this will happen time and again if it is allowed to continue. Sometimes people have to be made aware. The Academy is 93% White. Do you know what the requirements for membership are? Are they trying to make it diverse?

    I don't watch the show because I don't usually see the movies by then so I don't even care what is going on. It would be nice to get to the point where race doesn't matter. but we are definitely not there yet! You absolutely cannot be certain that race was not a factor.

    And can I just say who cares what Jada thinks? I'm getting a little tired of her lectures. And don't get me started on Spike!

  76. Dear Janet Huber, how much respect and regard I have for you. Even when we have disagreements amongst ourselves, can we consider not doing it in the open. People do grow up and get better, perhaps she has. We are not better persons for critizing them but instead be glad that an understanding has come. I think Pinkette has a point, and you, that is intelligent and experienced in age made a good point as well and together, you both can work as a team to help us be better as a community in making films that will teach us and reflect who we truly are and choose to be.
    Uhmm! Also, please dear Janet Huber, can you kindly communicate wth us in a more respectable and mature way next time, please. The video you made potray us in a stereotypical way that does not do us any good as a people. I am a lady, not a bitch for I am no dog. And I know that you arr serious with you having to shake you neck. You are an elder figure (even though you look 28 right now – very proud of that) and you owe it to us to be talk respectably and address us or those like us respectably. I love you and wish you all the best. Cheers!

  77. A bitter woman with issues is Viv. see what she said about Wendy Williams./

  78. JoAn Evans says:

    I see why they got rid of her off the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She is obviously still bitter about it after all these years – she has said Will Smith got her kicked off the show. What does Jada have to do with it? They weren't even married back then. Wow – crabs in a bucket. She is crazy and has no class with the way she is talking. Retard

  79. JoAn Evans says:

    Tommy Gaines – BET was originally Black owned – but it was sold to a white.

  80. JoAn Evans says:

    It makes no sense – why air all this dirty laundry now? This is not the time brother. The issue is racism. Black folk cannot work together to save their own lives/futures …. geesh

  81. JoAn Evans says:

    Lanaya Love – It was first Black owned, thus the name. But it was since sold to white folk. They kept the name Black Entertainment Television.

  82. JoAn Evans says:

    She just did speak out and yall still throwing shade – Black people wake up!!!!! Stop finding fault when someone makes a stand and try supporting them. If you have other side issues that you didn't talk about before, why bring them up now – and do it on another platform. Try working together to get something for our people … work out the kinks later.

  83. JoAn Evans says:

    Heather Oka -Why don't you take your white butt somewhere and work on the KKK and Skin-heads? There are many shows on with lead roles played by Blacks that are DAMN good and they DO deserve recognition – so stop with the LIES. Your statements are not taking root here chick – so fix your own people, they need it. Go find out how to fix what's wrong with white people …other than just evil.

  84. JoAn Evans says:

    She said years ago that Will Smith got her kicked off the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air show. Will was the star of the show and she says he didn't like her. But now we can see why – she is awful, and still bitter about it.

  85. She can't stand Will Smith since the Fresh Prince. She is bitter. This rant loses power because it's personal. funny but personal.

  86. So Heather Oka, the Academy voted on changes last night. Remember, the initial complaint was that promises were made last year that weren't followed up on. This is the point. If there's an issue important to you, how long would you wait to voice your opinion? If women were consistently ignored at your job or your college or church, how long would you stand by and do nothing? The vote was unanimous, so obviously they knew something was wrong.

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