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16 thoughts on “War of Words: Tavis Smiley Fires Back with Flawless Response After Donald Trump Calls Him a Racist

  1. Tommy Deas says:

    I've always respected Tavis Smiley for his honesty and open mind conversations!

  2. Donald Trump Empty vessels make the most noise. — People who have a little knowledge usually talk the most and make the greatest fuss (rhetoric, decption, lies).

  3. Chaz Evans says:

    Never cease to amaze wny black folk use a term like dark side. dark time in their life just because it's term whitepeople use ? More bad happens in the light then it does in the dark ! Wake Up and stop using that term when it's really a code word

  4. Greg Morgan says:

    To hell with Travis Smiley the uncle Tom bastard. For the last 7 years all he has done is make money by bashing the President every chance he got. He's an opportunistic ass. Duck him and Trump

  5. "Suddenly" a bad thing? Loll…you are completely clueless. Black panthers try to fight fire with fire. In other words,…there id a long,ugly history of this country not allowing minorities the opportunity to vote. It hasn't historically been a "both sides" issue. Its been a whites vs whoever else issue that we're still trying to get right. It is pretty clear who's been responsible for the fire.

  6. Did some Black Panther groups support Obama? Aren't they racist? Isn't there footage of them harrassing white people supporting Republicans by not letting them enter the poll booths?

    Extremists exist on both sides, the problem is that in this case, they support a Republican, so now suddenly it's a bad thing. Racism is bad no matter what party you beong to.

    Stop bundling up all immigrants with illegal aliens, just like black people hate being bundled up with thugs…those of us who came here legally do not appreciate it when liberals use legal immigrants for their illegal immigrant agendas.

  7. Romeeo Junior: Two wrongs do not make a right! Now, if you are referring to not "allowing minorities the opportunity to vote", which I presume you are referring to asking people to present their ID when going to vote as "racism"… as a Naturalized US Citizen, I am proud to present my ID, because I don't take this right that I have gotten for granted. In order to drive, get money out of the bank, get on a plane, visit Obama at the White House, etc…you need an ID. If we don't know who is voting, then that is voter fraud, because it would mean that just anybody can come and place their vote…and this is a country of laws. Please move to any other country in the world and they will ask you for your ID. So that is not racism, it's the law and it's our right as citizens!

    You can't preach to me how difficult it is to be a minority in this country, because I am also a minority. I can't understand the struggles and terror that black people went through in the past with slavery and Jim Crow, but neither can you, because we are not living in those times. So don't come to me telling me that I'm clueless, because you don't know who I am, nor my own struggles. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and be the difference, you look like a young kid and you should focus on making minorities, like ourselves, into something to be proud of, instead of isolating us with political rhetoric and crying about problems of the past. That's how you put out those fires, not by crying or fighting.

    Now, does racism still exist, of course it does, but not as bad as you think. From my own experience, I have experienced politically correct racism in more liberal states than I have in the South, as a matter of fact, I have never experienced racism living in the South.

  8. Lynn Peeples says:

    What a lame waste of media power. Mr. Smiley and Mr. Lemon, with all due respect, are talking heads, pontificating and posturing on issues that should be dead. They both know there is no truth in their words, because the media is owned by individuals – think Rupert Murdoch, who ensures his rags are read. These owners have a hand in what is being said by setting the tone that condones this their daily dread. Their is nothing revolutionary in what is being said – therefore, the revolution is all in their heads.

    Media should be owned by people who want the truth. Most of the media available to us is filled with poseurs, ranting and raving and shouting still. Don't listen, to what seems like progress in your eyes, but see it for what it is, a bunch of lies. Their rhetoric follows tradition, centuries old, and clearly they are using the same mold. Conjecture is their end game, money their claims to fame, shock and derision on this they rely, drilled into there psyche until the day they die.

    Where is the justice, you've heard many cry? It is lying in the dust by the by. There's much we can do if we choose, listen folks you've nothing to lose. Stop appropriating foreign culture that is not your own, and start looking to yourself and see you are not alone. Our culture and heritage is rich with many heroes that I could pitch, but let's not waste time, we are already in a ditch.

    Can we follow the lead of Frederick Douglas and create another "North Star"? Look around people and see where you are. Donald Trump"s message will not destroy us on this day, it is the loss of our originality that is making us pay. There are 1k's of Trumps, for this is the way, that America finds itself in a very long decay. Don't bother, or mind the slaps to the face, if we put together our heads and our resources we will win this race.

    Do you buy their products rather than create and sell your own, if so, then you must see you have no place to call home? You give your money freely, and that is a disgrace, when you could use those funds repeatedly to improve your case.

    Now think, what must you do to take a stand, first, keep your money in your pocket and not let it change hands with those who have stripped you of your lands. Spread the word to all that racism will soon be dead. You will cease to sell yourself out, like so much chattel, but stand tall and proud, and know that your life matters. Your culture, though misappropriated, it is true, continues to dwell inside of you. Swear to accept you are the original man, and let it be your first lesson, as you begin to understand. READ the books that hold your truth and share it amongst yourselves, I promise it will release you all from this HELL. Knowledge is power, lies and untruths wither by the hour while their rhetoric is evidence of a relationship gone sour.

    Finally, do not seek to integrate into what you can not relate and with people and places filled with hate. Don't whiten your skin to fit in – be who you are brother – it's a win win. Don't hate, or be too late; it will not get you through the gate. Don't bother to whine, know who you are and you will no longer be behind. Don't become a martyr just learn to work smarter. Truth.

    To recap, stop buying their wares, it is a crime ,when your brothers are cold, and hungry, yet, you won't give a dime. Keep your good grace, even if they laugh in your face, and remember you are a member of the human race. Peace.

  9. Mauricio Berdugo Showing IDs? Lol,…like I said,…no disrespect but you are clueless on the things going on here today to deny people the opportunity to vote. Google some info. Research.

  10. Mauricio Berdugo – Romeeo Junior can perhaps teach you something. No disrespect intended but you are able to spout all that rhetoric because you are here on the back of the struggle of black people in this country. Make no mistake – their struggle has allowed you to feel proud to show your ID. There is almost ZERO voter fraud in the US and the history that Mr. Romeeo Junior is trying to share ( although you seem quite dismissive) is that their is a history associated with the call for ID. It is part of a STRATEGY to disenfranchise certain groups of people who voted typically Democratic. Voter ID is about SUPPRESSION of voting -nothing else because only certain groups will lose. I will guarantee you that illegal aliens NEVER EVER go near voting booths to commit fraud. It is a straw man argument. Here is some reading on this issue just to improve your factual knowledge of the history.

  11. Actually the Black Panther Party is not and was not a racist organization, At its inception on October 15, 1966, the Black Panther Party's core practice was its armed citizens' patrols to monitor the behavior of police officers and challenge police brutality in Oakland, California. In 1969, community social programs became a core activity of party members.The Black Panther Party instituted a variety of community social programs, most extensively the Free Breakfast for Children Programs, and community health clinics. The footage you are referring to is of 2 members of the new Black Panther Party in Philadelphia in 2008, The group not only disagreed publicly with what they had done but also closed their Philadelphia chapter after the incident. At the time it was discussed at length about their support for Barrack Obama and what that meant. Barrack Obama never said or did anything that would be considred support for or adresing the issues of the New Black Panther Party. Mind you it was the only incident of voter intimidation involving members of the New Black Panther Party. Which showed it was not an organized effort. Trump on the other hand has been touted as the only candidates which adresses the concerns of white nationalist groups and have said obviously racist comments. White nationalist have an organized effort to get him elected. Now as far as ID as a requireemnt to vote, most of these laws are popping up in majority black and democratic precincts, they are also actively closing down and limiting the voting hours of polling places in black and democractic precincts while increasing the number of polling places in white and replubican majority precincts and extending voting hours. While they are making a federal or State ID a requirement to vote they are also accepting NRA ID's and rejecting college and student ID's. They have also closed and limited the hours of DMV's in black majority and democratic precincts.

  12. Too bad for Tavis. He has burned so many bridges in the black community that nobody is going to have his back.

  13. To hell with you racist white people, YOU ARE THE PROBLEMS IN THIS COUNTRY>ALWAYS HAVE BEEN>

  14. Where the hell have you ever seen Black Panthers harassing White people? ….really! The Black Panthers only came into existence to defend the Black Community against Police Racism. Stop listen to your White friends and their fear propaganda – educate yourself with facts! *Fuknclueless

  15. Michael Pape says:

    Getting tired of black bigots blaming everything on whites. We're not the ones burinig down their homes.

  16. Fidel Lee says:

    the media would never report that they have been bribed and payed off!!!

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