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Whoopi Goldberg Exclaims She’s ‘American’ not ‘African-American’ to Cheers From Audience, Raven-Symone

Whoopi-Goldberg-Guy-MagazineOn Tuesday, Oscar-winning actress, comedienne and host of ABC’s “The View” joins Raven-Symoné in denouncing being called an African-American.

“You know what uh uh! This is my country,” Goldberg said. “My mother, my grandmother, my great-grand folks, we busted ass to be here. I’m sorry. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American, I’m not a chick American, I’m an American!”

This event is reminiscent of Raven-Symoné’s 2014 TV interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which she stated:

“I’m tired of being labeled. I’m an American. I’m not an African-American; I’m an American.”

Apparently, Goldberg’s reasoning is that her family has been in America too long to be anything besides American. She is not wrong in saying that Black people have a stake in this country. Our enslaved ancestors built this wealthy nation, but to deny our heritage and reject Africa altogether dishonors them. Before there was an America, we were African. When America is gone we will still be African.

The debate over whether Black people are African-American or just American further divides Blacks in this country. With decades upon decades of racial oppression, this debate proves moot.

The music that dominates the charts, the foods we eat, our fashion and innovation come from the great legacy of West African cultures from which Black Americans descend. Corporate America profits from that tradition, but Black people can’t called themselves African.

It does not matter what Black people call themselves in this country; there will always be systemic racism that disenfranchises people who are descended from West Africa.

Here is Goldberg’s statement:

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31 thoughts on “Whoopi Goldberg Exclaims She’s ‘American’ not ‘African-American’ to Cheers From Audience, Raven-Symone

  1. To each their own (i guess)

  2. This African-American thing is disriminatory because pale skinned Americans originated from all over Europe & elsewhere. They shed their original country racial classification but Africans are compelled, some against their wishes like Whoopi Goldberg to retain it. For equality every American should either be labelled according to their original country like Africans or else this prefix be dropped in the case of Black Americans.

  3. Eurpean Americans haven't shed anything. Which is why traveling to Western Europe is very comfortable for Americans. Same cultural values, shared history, shared religion. I don't give a damn about labels, I care about agendas, but agendas require identifcation.

  4. Elisha Govan says:

    Frankly, I’ve been saying for many years, that black Americans have been trying to convince whitey that we all are just Americans. Yes, it’s nothing new, and the fact that Whoopi and Raven are jumping on the bandwagon, is no surprise.

    In fact, black females, in large numbers, have been abandoning their black identity for decades, especially when they come into fame (Real or imagined), education, and/or white lovers. Remember, even the CNN legal analyst, Sunny Hostin, worked for Bill O’Reilly. “What’s the use of Prohibition, when you produce the same conditions”?

    So, if we black Americans fought for civil rights, and fair and equal representation in the media, and as soon as black females, and males too, get into such positions, they no longer wish to be African American, them what have we accomplished. Also, remember the actress Victoria Rowell, who costarred in the series Diagnosis Murder? Well during the latter years of the series, she commented, that she wanted to come on the show with her hair-dyed platinum blonde, and even the white producer objected. Again, what’s the use in featuring black female actresses, and/or blacks in media positions, if the will quickly want to become white actresses, race neutral, and/or white women?

    Finally, if the Republicans capture the white house, and it’s certainly within the realm of possibilities, and also retain the both houses of congress, this maybe all academic.

  5. Jeff Tew says:

    She's right. If you hate racism & segregation, don't segregate yourselves. Equality means just that: EQUALITY.

  6. Yes Whoopi we are Americans but the fact remains that our origins are African (and also Caribbean) and should not be ignored for the sake of political/social correctness. Asian Americans with deep routed Chinese heritage are also contibutors to this country, but I believe that many would not totally disengage themselves from their Chinese heritage. Don't forget your roots my sister and fall into the trap of complacency because your professional success (although a challenge at times over the years) has afforded you a more comfortable standard of living. I'm an American but an African American man (with Caribbean roots) and you or I are still subject to unwarranted arrests and or unfair victimization by those in power. Just remember that fact and reconsider your current thinking on this matter.

  7. Ray Jackson says:

    I am an Amercan but my nationationality is African. Whoopie Gold is not African she reports and her real name is not Whoopi Goldberg!

  8. I believe Jesse Jackson was responsible for segregating the Black populice from America by mainstreaming the term African-American. Black people were here before Christopher Columbus and of course the statue of Liberty. Most of us have as much native American blood in us than African blood. Whoopi is right in her comments. Black Americans built this country from the ground up. I AM AN AMERICAN.

  9. Mack Clifton says:

    Seems like life is full of labels. I feel that no one should label YOU something that you do not consider yourself to be. NO ONE else on this earth should define who YOU are.

    I have mixed heritage, so I cannot afford to discriminate against anyone or to label anyone. I define who I am. Don't give anyone else the power to tell you who you are, based on anything other than what YOU decide. No scientist, doctor, law, vital statistics bureau, or anyone or anything that is NOT you should not tell YOU who you are!

  10. Jeff Tew says:

    And the fact remains that ALL Americans are have roots in other places. Your point is moot.

  11. This racist self-denial typical of bamboozled Black celebries not only dishonors our ancestors and fellow African people in the Diaspora, but perpetuates the white supremacist lies about how this country was created. Neither Whoopi nor any of us are "Americans," because America is a lie perpetuated by European colonizers who massacred Indigenous people and stole this land. Yes Whoopi—our ancestors were forced at gunpoint to build the wealth for this colonial nation. That doesn't mean we should celebrate this violence by denying our African ancestry. And we sure as hell shouldn't be throwing Native people under the bus by kissing the asses of the white settlers who occupy Native land.

  12. Once we nolonger claim any connection to Africa we loose all investment in the continent and it is completely disinfranchised by colonizers, just like this country has been. Who are the Africans? And what does it mean to be "American"? What are we actually saying when we say we are Americans? Being American historically has meant excessive inhumanities, destruction, defiling of life and love of money and material wealth over life, false democracy and worldwide distruction for the sake of selfish gain. Being African historically has meant holding a foundation of humanity and a commitment to peace, true democracy, and the upholding of life for all over material wealth for self. I AM AFRICAN! because of who I am as a human, not because of where I am on the planet. You see, my location or where abouts in the world change, where as who I am is consistent with my ancestors. African is a title I wear proudly because it speaks volumes about me as a person. American as a title? Well???????????????

  13. Black people have been segragating themselves. Shucks who knew that's all we had to not do to end ' racism & segregation'? An illness that was invented by whites for whites is now up to us to cure in you. Huh who knew?

  14. Jeff Tew I would expect such a comment from someone who has not been disciminated against (as a race that is). Walk a mile in my shoes before considering that my point is moot.

  15. Joh Ekollo says:

    Are Blacks in America more segragated now than they were in the 60s and 70s when they just called Blacks and not African-Americans? That is not my impression, but I could be wrong.. I'm an African born (and lives) in Europe, as my children and grandchildren. My take on this is using African as a prefix must be worn with pride, pride over one's ancestry. You don't feel that pride, then do not use African as a prefix. If Ms Goldberg says she is not African-American, then she is not and that should be fine. She should be free to define who she is. And as I can gather Africa (or Africans) does not need or require people who are not proud of her to bear Her name.

  16. Real Boaz says:

    LOL who even cares what these two embeciles think, if they think America has accepted them great take your black ass to certain parts of Texas and you we see just how much of an American you are.

  17. Are there European American? If the answer is no, then there are no African Americans. Apart from the Indigenoius People of that land that I hate to call Amerigo and we know who they are, all others are immigrants. As for America, everyone is American; the Lincolns, the Kings, the Jeffersons the Tubmans. the Bushes, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Jacksons, the Caribs, Hispanics …………………………………………………! Goldberg, you are absolutely right. It is either Americans or immigrants; some willing, some forced. We know the rightful and original owners of that land and Australia. As for population growth, it is good for some but not for others. Count your teeth, that is, if you have any, with your tongue.

  18. This is not an attack on interacial relationships or Europeans just an opnion based on past events.. I am being as objective as possible.
    I am African , and live in Africa so it's not my place to speak on how my relatives around the world identify themselves. That's a personal decision but no matter whaere I travel I am alway cautious of people who speak on African or black identity or rmpowerment when they are swimming with Europeans and worse married to them. Their desire to intergrate, to be considered friendly and non thretening to their Euro counterparts leads them to voluntarily accept the lie of intergration, of no colour. They actively abandon the movement to literally sleep with the Euros who continue to oppress their people. They sell out. There are many Whoopis here in Africa preaching the same type of game. Here they say "We are all African" to encompass those who colonialised us and they paint the false image of a rainbow nation. Nothing new but dangerous since she is in a position of influence. NOt all people with black skin are black inside

  19. We are Black Americans!! And we should just embrace it!! Sure we know we came from Africa 500yrs ago. We are a unique people. Being in America the last 500 yrs we have developed our own culture and traditions in America. Black American culture changed the world!! Any where you go in the world Black American people and our history is known. Black American means your not a person of color, not a minority, not a immigrant not American, not African!!….hell…. Any black person or white born in Africa and comes to the USA is African American!!! And they have taken full advantage of all the programs and resources And benefits With out realizing black Americans sacrifices!! Hell… A lot of these other people's of Color don't want to be associated with Black Americans who fought, marched, got lynched, died , went to jail, and beaten, so their kids kids kids can live a good life!

  20. Bob Johnson says:

    Jeff Tew : The only true Americans are the Original Americans. Consider this country's Native Americans.

    As for roots, we all have our roots in Africa. We're all Africans, if only scientifically so. Consider the following:

  21. Bob Johnson says:

    "I'm an American. I'm not an African-American"

    Sorry Whoopi, but you don't get say that you're "not an African-American," and still style your hair in dredlocks.

  22. N Cory Gable says:

    she is right, walking thru life feeling bitter every step because you feel owed by the larger predominant white establishment only leads to you being bitter thru your brief journey here . Assimilate and like JFK said . stop asking what your country can do for you , start contributing your labor toward this country that has given you soooo much. And if you dont like it? Take your funky ass back to Liberia.

  23. N Cory Gable says:

    Maybe wipe off that whore makeup before you kiss my ass , I dont need my pretty narrow lily ass all smeared up

  24. N Cory Gable says:

    Mark Washington get to work then

  25. Rose Quartz says:

    hun the Caribbean people are not originally from there but are from Africa, China and all over

  26. Kenneth Isaacs you act ike african americans are the only people on earth to be discriminated opon. why should whites be the only people to call themself americans and elevated themselfs from other races. yes you may be of african heritage and decendence. but she makes a point. blacks have been here for a long time. why do we still have to segregate them as african americans? they are americans just as much as these good old white american. you help build this country and are part of its history. i think this is what whoopie tried to say by this. why should we segragate eachother. when we are all in the same country. dont be offended its just a point of view.

  27. Kaliyl Crist says:

    My Great Grandparents were from Italy, we call ourselves "Italian American"

  28. Jeff Tew says:

    Bob Johnson Actually, they immigrated, too.

  29. Jeff Tew says:

    Mark Washington Wow! You REALLY need to learn some history.

  30. Jeff Tew says:

    YOU'RE the racist. Wake up.

  31. I called myself an Ameican before I heard Whoopi say she was American……My Greatparents were American. my Grandparents were american, my parents were American and I am American…..We all owned our own homes and payed taxes here in America….I am American Black…..And don't forget it! Yes, She said That! This is my Country. I can't go back to my Country because I am already here……

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