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7 thoughts on “Will Smith Completely Misses the Mark While Trying to Explain Racism

  1. Oh my gosh what a existential coon!! I loved the look on Benicio del Toro's face. It was like he was channeling Che Guevara wondering what the hell is he talking about. I'm just as annoyed by Samuel Jackson's head nodding Will's nonsence. No surprises here, many wealthy hollywierd black folks are so out of touch with the struggles of everyday poor and working-class blacks. Will Smith just provided that proof!!

  2. Rossi Love says:

    He didn't miss the mark. That was dead on. You are going to start losing support if you don't do a better job of reporting. Try to be honest at least. He is correct! Look up those words.

  3. Nahhh! you lost the mark, he was spot on.

  4. Mazi Johnson says:

    In an attempt to have a legit debate. Please, tell me what was coonish about his statment? Serious question. He gives textbook definitions on prejudice vs racism, which is accurate. Then he says everyone is prejudice, which is a scientific fact.

    Then he says racism is rare. Now if that's the statement you have a problem with, remember the question. He was asked how has it affected HIS career. So he says it's rare, but he has experienced it. And he tries to get away from it. So what mark did he miss?

  5. You have missed the point….No one is going to teach you. Dude, you have to use your "gifts and talents" to navigate the mindfields and remain true to the man in the mirror. Chinese have 5 elements, and I'd submit that water is the strongest//potent of them. You have to know your box, and then figure out …. 5th Corner!!

  6. Mazi Johnson 100% agree with you. When asked how has it affected HIS career. You must remember Quincy Jones owned the TV show he was on. That had to deflect most issues before they go started

  7. Mazi Johnson thank you for your questions. That fact that he even used a simple textbook definition at all in describing racism and or prejudice was an insulting avoidance tactic. It is the type of side stepping that has plagued our nation and caused us to avoid authentically dealing with white supremacy and institutional racism (past and present).

    The fact that I would prefer a juicy steak over a bologna sandwich qualifies me as prejudice, by Will’s definition—and mitigates the larger more salient (and important) points. It is not that we all hold preferences or pre-judgements (which is actually what prejudice is) based upon a foreknowledge or lack thereof which is problematic. It’s the racism and its applications that are problematic and his inability to properly identify it (even for himself) leaves me wanting. The fact that we don't honestly acknowledge racism or use a reductionist description of it in this country being a deadly vehicle of bigotry and prejudice keeps us on that "hamster wheel" of never seeing authentic change.

    Will’s wealth, celebrity, and the reality of his everyday environment as a movie star shields him to some degree. It allow him to simplify racism in his mind. However, let some off-kilter racist who simply doesn’t know who he is, and is not a fan of his work, stereotype him as just another black man. Than share with me the report of that encounter relative to racism. Those are the encounters that most black people who are not Will Smith experience on the daily in America in the form of hostile microagressions when taken cumulatively can sometimes result in their deaths.

    He failed to articute that truth for me in a meaningful way.

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