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4 thoughts on “NFL Tight End Uses Religion to Give One of the Most Misinformed Perspectives on Racism You’ll Ever Hear

  1. Mel Hughlett says:

    Woefully misguided. Terribly unread and unwashed missives.

  2. Fox news would find someone of this ilk.

  3. Another reason why I am still teaching African American History during my retirement

  4. James Swain says:

    I think you all are selling this guy short. Seems to me he is not denying socio-political or historical narratives but, if I read him right, he is saying that lots of people need a change of heart. At some point I think we need to recognize that laws, logic and education will not eliminate racism (despite their merits) if they are not accompanied by a change of heart. in this respect I agree with this young man..

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