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2 thoughts on “Fox News Panel Goes Off on an Ignorant Tirade About Racism on College Campuses: ‘The Real World Is Not a Safe Place’

  1. Monsante Bey says:

    So if I said to her "I'm going to rape you" she shouldn't feel the least bit threatened because I haven't committed the act, I just said I would. Or if I called her "a piece of shit no account bitch who didn't deserve to breathe the same air as me" over and over again, there's no way she should have any reaction to it, right? She should feel safe and walk to her car with me following her while still saying it with zero protection or worries that it could possibly elevate, right?

  2. Leslie Rolfe says:

    we have grown used to "Orwelian New Speak", code words for the majority to hide intent.
    this is not a "free speech" issue and journalist should refrain from playing along.
    As bro Valentine would say "break the S-p-e-l-l" and call it what it is.

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