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Bus Driver Hero Saved Man from Burning Building, but Because of His Injuries, He’s Now Being Evicted

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One thought on “Bus Driver Hero Saved Man from Burning Building, but Because of His Injuries, He’s Now Being Evicted

  1. This is the new America. It's called the trickle down economy. How's this working for us? A hardworking man misses a few weeks from injury, not by choice. We have zero assistance left for the common man. But we can hand over BILLIONS in corporate welfare? My own state, WA.. set a new National record for the same. We gave Boeing over 4BILLION dollars in tax "relief" but who do you think that money goes to help? The citizens of that state.
    In each state, as our Federal government tightens the belt, the state's are responsible for their own "communities" as far as things like this go. There are no more benefits for those regular working stiffs who through no fault of their own become injured, etc. If you cannot work, you may not receive unemployment insurance. They've pretty much figured out how to strip every possible penny from the citizens who may need and deserve it.

    If you are wealthy, then you will never know the fear of not being able to pay your rent as many of my neighbors and friends have at one time or another. One was hit by a drunk without insurance, a broken foot and leg bone and it was a lost apartment and job of 11 years. No benefits for you buddy, you can just hit the curb. He was a pedistrian and not in his car, thus no car insurance coverage, medical yes, but not unemployment or any other "emergency" relief. It was going to take a full 2 years before he was allowed to be considered for relief of any type.

    Those unpaid, forgiven taxes that YOU must pay were to pave your roads, fund your schools, provide community medical and assistance. Each state is responsible for those services, so every time your state says they are "creating jobs" by forgiving large profitable companies from paying taxes, YOU pay. You pay every day at the grocery checkout because your taxes go up to make up that lost income to the state's general funds. Your real estate taxes go up. Your gas, utility, etc fees and taxes go up. Your car tabs go up. Your roads get tolled. They will nickel and dime you to death and you will see no relief when YOU need it, just like this man. Count on it. Stop buying into the idea that forgiving rich companies and individuals their taxes is anything but a tug on your wallet.

    We've been fooled a long time. It is time to take care of Americans.

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