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Trevor Noah Delivers Strong Start as New ‘Daily Show’ Host

150330-trevor-noah-daily-show-1026a_d16a348b6861576e0766f7dbe832d691.nbcnews-fp-1200-800Trevor Noah delivered a strong start as the new host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

When the South African comedian was announced as the new host of the satirical news show earlier this year he received lukewarm reception. The announcement was mixed primarily because Noah was replacing beloved 16-year late night veteran, Jon Stewart. The other reason is that Noah was a relatively obscure comedian that was only big in South Africa. Prior to taking over The Daily Show, he was a correspondent for Stewart and host of his own talk show in South Africa.

Noah’s Daily Show is a reminder of Stewart’s. According to Daniel Fienberg for the Hollywood Reporter,  “Noah’s banter with Jordan Klepper and with “senior Mars Correspondent” Roy Wood, Jr. was effective, adding that Noah, “has an experienced base that can carry him if he needs to be carried.”

In order to boost ratings and get people interested in the show, Viacom simulcasted the premiere across its networks. Noah joins Larry Wilmore as the only two Black late night hosts on television.

The early Twitter controversy which made him appear to be anti-semitic and bigoted did not have any bearing on the first episode. Kevin Hart was a reliable guest and the news commentary was very reflective of Stewart. As an opening to a hopefully long run as host, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is a return to the status quo.

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