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Social Media in Uproar After George Zimmerman Posts Pics of Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman retweeted an image over the weekend showing the body of Trayvon Martin, the Black teenager he shot and killed without conviction three years ago.

A Zimmerman supporter tweeted the photo to him, including with the caption: “Z-Man is a one man army.”



The graphic photo shows Martin’s body lying on grass as investigators stand over him. The photo, which was used in court as evidence in Zimmerman’s trial, has since been removed from his timeline.

Zimmerman’s retweet caused an uproar around Twitter, with even celebrities commenting in disgust.

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8 thoughts on “Social Media in Uproar After George Zimmerman Posts Pics of Trayvon Martin

  1. i f it was Zimmerman lying it would be cool, thats right its only black lifes that matter, i think the THUG got what he desered

  2. Benny Bryant says:

    Gregory Johnson you heartless son of a Bitch! I pray you get what you give out you sack of shit

  3. Thank for that it just shows who are !!

  4. I guess you think orish all blacks would in up like thaYou are one of those dumb ass redneck that think life is only for dumb ass redneck time is up .have fun with it he's day is coming the Martin family should sue the hell out of Him for slander

  5. I always thought these animals kill for the thrill of it, now I know. To Zimmerman it was like the kill of wild game especially since he got away with it. Now he is displaying his trophy. And to Gregory Johnson, why is Trayvon Martin a thug? Is it because he was black and you are the Klan?

  6. You also think that if you defended yourself from someone you would respect the type of person that would repost it as if they are proud? As if it were a deer they bagged?

    That's how you think?

    "Well I think he deserved it."


    "I think he deserved it but posting someone's body as a joke isn't cool…."

    No. You didn't say that. You act as if you were present. Why is that? Why were you so sure he was at fault? Because you think anyone is at fault when they have a certain tan.


    Your cognetive dissonance is showing.

  7. May Trayvon Martin Rest in Peace. Trayvon wasn't a thug. He was a child on his way home from a convenience store, who unfortunately ran into a violent racist unstable man.

  8. April Jones says:

    I think it's obvious who the "thug" is here. How many times has Zimmerman been arrested in the past 2 years? Four? Five?

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