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YouTube Sensation Dixon D. White Answers the Question: ‘What’s Wrong with White Men?’


Members of the neo-nazi group, The Ameri


In a 2012 piece, Jamie Utt poses the following question in response to the mass shooting in Colorado: “Why is no one asking what’s wrong with White Men in the United States?”  

Utt makes the argument that if it were another group, exhibiting this pattern of violent behavior, the question would be inevitable.  However, white male privilege insulates other white men from being saddled with the behaviors of individuals as being attributed to them as a group.

Vast amounts of dollars are spent studying the behavior of “others,” with the majority of these studies being conducted by white males.  However, there are few comprehensive studies that focus specifically on psychosocial behaviors of white males.  The majority that examine white privilege and white supremacy  do so in terms of the psychosocial impact on non-whites and women.  Few look at how whiteness and maleness, when combined, not only sustain inequitable power structures, but aid in the creation of new institutions of oppression.

Dixon D. White, who has garnered a significant amount of attention for his YouTube videos about white supremacy, says that as a white male, he’s been “analyzing young white men” for a while.

“In the media, it’s always black people being stereotyped, but it’s important to recognize when you live in a white supremacist society with privileges and entitlement it creates a type of psychosis.  There’s white fear that comes into play, not wanting to lose all these resources you have as a result of white supremacy… you’re living in an illusion of elitism. Then there’s the fear of black retribution. We are always projecting the evils that we have done onto other cultures. Any lie of supremacy, when you try to live out those lies, you tend to try and make everything perfect around you and control things and there is a big cost to this… seeing people act out is a result.”

One of the outcomes of this illusion is what White calls, W.A.R.P.:  White American Racial Psychosis.

“There are certain crimes that are unique to white people,” he says.  “Serial killing, mass killings, the anger issues and it’s all symptomatic of white supremacy.”  

W.A.R.P. is part of what White says is “a grand old tradition” of  “nobody wanting to deal with this huge elephant in the room,” not of race, but of white supremacy.  

“This tradition of not addressing white supremacy has a profound impact on our culture. This thing has to be addressed, we can’t neglect, ignore it, sweep it under the rug and act like it will go away, it’s not.  As white people we don’t want to face our reality.  We are neglecting the responsibility of what we’ve done.  We never want to address other white people psychologically. But it’s very evident and very obvious. I’ve taken online surveys and there are not many white people doing anything to address white supremacy, it’s mostly people of color.  There are just a handful of us who are dressing this issue and talking to other white people about it.”  

White agrees that it is hard to dismantle white supremacy without white people willing to to admit their part in upholding the system.  This is one of the challenges he finds in talking with other white people, specifically white males, the “endless saga of white racial defensiveness.” These are the people whom he says, “just don’t want to be reached,” and will find countless excuses to expel the conditions that plague people of color—who are victimized by white supremacy as  problems they neither contribute to nor benefit from.  

“These [defense mechanisms] are the tools that support white supremacy. White people keep finding new, clever ways to be offensive and deny that racism and white supremacy exist, saying things like ‘all lives matter.’ It’s discouraging, but that’s why I continue to talk about it because we have to deal with it. This is the biggest problem in our society.”

Without serious investigation and in-group culpability, dismantling white supremacy is virtually impossible because the desire to protect it is so strong. Society at large must come to the realization that these types of behavior are pathological and deeply embedded in white male identity.  Racially charged murders like that in Charleston this past summer, and reports of chants of “white power” at Trump for President campaign rallies chanting are not isolated incidents. They are part of an unending cycle that continues to reproduce itself at the expense of people of color.

White knows there is little hope these kinds of white men will change because they know their stake in white supremacy is so deep. He knows that white men are not willing to view themselves as the root cause for the decay in our society, but more so the savior of it.  For that reason, research into the psyche of white men will always be lacking.


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4 thoughts on “YouTube Sensation Dixon D. White Answers the Question: ‘What’s Wrong with White Men?’

  1. It's deeply repressed insecurity and fear of genetic annihilation. This is why whites will never openly & actively, en masse, fight against white supremacist ideology–it's the only way they stay alive. If we lived in an egalitarian society, what would happen to the gene pool of those who call themselves white? it would disappear. We live in a worldwide zoo preserve that is set up to protect their recessive gene pool. Nothing more or less.

  2. it's not complicated, and it happens in all cultures, take for instance jocks verses freaks, geeks, and special ed students in high school, here they are the leaders of the school, which gives them the right to choose between abusing their power, or being responsible to it,, like with any political system, the most narcissistic participants rise to the top to intimidate everyone below them into following their lead, which is to bully, otherwise what is the point of being on top,, and most everyone follows their lead or sits on the sidelines watching them ply their evil craft,,

    in the case of races and nations, white American males are the top dogs,, at the top of their ranks, or ours since I am one of them, is our most narcissistic bullies, and to go against them would of course mean enduring their wrath,, but it's really more than that, because just like the bully jock in high school, if he chooses to use his powers for good, people will look up to and follow him expecting great things,, but if he uses his powers to be a dumb ass, he's off the hook, he gets the best of both worlds, he gets to be king of the senior prom at the same time nobody expects anything great from him because they know he's worthless, which not only makes him an asshole but a coward, because if he knows if he tries to do more than throw a football or catch a baseball, he might fail, also that if he doesn’t break the self esteem of the other genres of students, they might try to do something more important than sports and maybe even succeed,,

    it's like how white men praised Bush for being such a world stage fuck up, which is because he validated once again that being a fucked up white boy is the shit to be,, along comes Obama and they put on the brakes, “whoa horsey, if Obama tries to do good, the bar will be raised and party's over, if the human race actually tries to go somewhere constructive, we are the last people able to lead them there, but being narcissists, we know we were born to be on top”, meaning it's unAmerican 1) for a white man to let down other white men by taking responsibility for the power we have over the rest of the human race because “we (jocks) rightfully beat up all the white boys who would in high school”, and 2) “if anyone else takes our place, they will have the same problem with their jocks, so why not leave well enough alone”

  3. Smeek Meek says:

    I know what's wrong with them, they have some type of false reality that they're smarter and better than everyone else. Which of course as we all know is completely untrue.

  4. Malia Simone says:

    Your right they're scared of being extinct as a race because then "white privilege" as we know it would cease to exist if there is no purely white race. And it has in fact made them delsuional as well. 1) They address every other race as a "minority" when in realtiy they're the actual minorities. 2) There is an evident physchological defect in their genes that they refuse to acknowledge. I believe this too be true. Even though the article explains fear and the white supremacy for being the main reasons for their pyschological problems, But I think their genetics plays a huge part in it as well.

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