‘I’m From Here’: Black Woman Films White Man Accosting Her on City Street In Ireland, Telling Her to Go Back to Her Own Country

On Wednesday, Aug. 12, a Black woman who goes by @adejokxe on Twitter uploaded a video of a racist white man spewing hateful comments at her as she walked down the street. The encounter happened in Galway, Ireland, and the video of the incident has been viewed more than 1 million times on social media.

“Ireland isn’t racist?” the caption reads. The woman says she was just minding her business when the man began launching racial attacks at her.


The man, who remains unidentified, can be seen calling the woman the N-word repeatedly as he crosses a street.

“What? Don’t talk to me like that,” the woman replies.

“You’re a f—ing n—-r!” the man says while pointing his finger at the woman.

“Go back to your own country!” he shouts.

“What? I’m Irish, I’m from here,” she says.

The man then begins to approach her, asking where she was born and she says again that she was “born here.”

Seemingly dissatisfied with her response, the man throws his arm into the air and walks away, while calling her the N-word once again.

On Twitter, many users expressed disapproval and dismay about the man’s words and actions, and the woman tweeted her appreciation for the kind messages she’d received.

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