8 Offensive Images Used by the U.S. Government to Disparage the Black Ingenious People of the Philippines


Knocking Out the Moros

“Knocking Out the Moros”

The Moro people are an indigenous ethnic group the Philippines who, for over 400 years, fought to prevent imperialism and oppression. The Moro Wars took place between the years of 1901 and 1913. The most famous American-Moro battle took place on Mount Dajo in 1906. In this instance, roughly 600 Moro people took shelter inside of a volcanic crater. They were murdered under the order of General Leonard Wood. In spite of the fact that countless women and children were killed, President Theodore Roosevelt refused to indict General Wood for his war crimes.


Showing Filipinos To The Light

“Showing the Light to the Filipinos”

This political cartoon purposely and falsely implies that the United States went to the Philippines to help the “savage” Black indigenous population. The picture attempts to persuade the viewer that the U.S. government brought about freedom, education, justice, commerce, and ultimately civilization.


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