8 Offensive Images Used by the U.S. Government to Disparage the Black Ingenious People of the Philippines


Something Lacking

“Something Lacking”

Once again, this picture captures the white supremacy that characterized the United States’ foreign relations. Here, Uncle Sam is depicted as a stronger, domineering leader that is attempting to persuade the primitively-portrayed Filipino to become “civilized” just as the westernized, yet “inferior” Cuban and Puerto Rican in the image.


What Will He Do?

“What Will He Do?”

This image displays more depictions of “dark and uncivilized” Filipinos. An indigenous boy is shown standing at the edge of a deadly cliff which is suppose to represent Spanish control of the island chain, while President William McKinney’s hand is around the frightened boy’s neck. Just as in the many other offensive images of propaganda regarding the Philippines, this political cartoon portrays the Black indigenous Filipino population as powerless, uncouth, and inferior while the United States is portrayed as a savior.

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