8 Offensive Images Used by the U.S. Government to Disparage the Black Ingenious People of the Philippines


We've Only One Or Two Left, Aggie

“We’ve One or Two More Left, Aggie.”

This political cartoon depicts the United States, represented by Uncle Sam, glorifying genocide while depicting Emilio Aguinaldo’s resistance to American occupation. Emilio Aguinaldo was a revolutionary leader who was elected to be the first president of the Philippines after fighting America and Spain to gain independence. Despite the fact that he was an intelligent politician, this image portrays him as inferior, barbaric, and futile.


Boston Sunday Globe Filipino Ad

“Expansion, Before and After”

This particular illustration, published by The Boston Sunday Globe, was utilized to defend the United States’ involvement in the Philippines. It aimed to propel the white supremacist ideology that the native Filipinos stood to benefit from the European dominance of the islands.

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