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12 thoughts on “Shaq’s Ignorance About Black People Literally Cost Him Millions

  1. Pa Lew says:

    Just another way to suck money out of Black hands. I don't fault Shaq for that. And I'm not into drinking overpriced coffee anyway. Plus I rarely drink it and rarely see Black people in Starbucks like white people.

  2. I would have made the same error… until I went to Starbucks…

  3. we don't fuck wit starbucks when mcdonalds sell coffee for far less,, putting a starbucks in a black neighborhood would not work.. good call shaq

  4. Well i don't know were these black people are because i'm black and and many people i'm around are black and we do drink cofffee .

  5. Hank Wilson says:

    Asians people would not have made that mistake, Jewish people would not have made that mistake, white people would have not made that mistake, Immigrant Africans would not have made that mistake, Mexicans, Caribbeans would not have made that mistake, and Latinos would not have made that mistake; it's only fool Negros like Shaq and Sub-Negros commenting below, who are saying that I would have made the same mistake too. These kind of Negroes are hopping that many black people like old Shaq continue to support other ethnicities, rather than their own community, while not given a damn about their own ethnicity. If you're going to lose a little money why not do it by trying to help your own community?

  6. Mike Smith says:

    Well in all honesty…Shaq was ignorant about knowing that blacks do in fact drink coffee these days. However, I can understand why he thought what he did because I believe in the past, whites in this country at least, were the ones who drank coffee alot. We drank hot tea.

  7. Nydia Simone says:

    Yeah African Americans need to learn more about their own people.

  8. Nydia Simone says:

    LOL. Black people don't drink coffee?! How dense can you be?

  9. Hank Wilson says:

    He's 100% dense….

  10. All my black friends drink grape soda. Shaq don't need no mo' money. He real good. I hate when balack editors have to stir some sheet with a headline on a black brother who is not racist and just loves everbody. Shaq is a great human being. And he has to work very hard to stay healthy after all those years of abusing his body or his fans. Go like Shaq on FB and get his workout video clips.

  11. Shaq ain't ignorant. Everybody who talks about him is brokeazz and really ignorant.

  12. I wonder how many starbucks are in oakcliff . . . and stop six over in Ft.Worh? They damn sure aren't any in the 5th ward in Houston . . . and dont think that there are any in 3rd ward east of 288 . . . I wonder if it was more like saying what he did; but thinking and meaning "black people drink coffee, but dont drink your high ass coffee, not in those neighbor hoods, not enough for me to invest millions . . . Maybe the Starbucks guy wanted someone with money and not enough business savy (or whom he thought) to put them in predominately black neighborhoods . . . and pay for the overpriced coffee . . . Wonder why he did not ask him to put them in other neighborhoods and why still none in the 5th 3rd stop 6 or the cliff????

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