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29 thoughts on “What This Man Is Saying About What White Militia’s Were Doing to Black People During Katrina Is Absolutely Disturbing  

  1. This breks my heart

  2. A plan to destroy the hebrews in the communities and move them out..

  3. Rene Lamar says:

    $systemic pig vomit. Dare to prepare, regardless of a civil disorder or so called natural disasters always have on stand-by a bug out bag with important documents, medication, eye glasses, etc…

  4. Interesting choice to focus on the actions of a so-called "white" militia while you completely ignore all the horrific gang activity that happened by men "of color" during the Katrina tragedy. I think the national media needs to stop with this "race" narrative. It is biased and dishonest, and focuses on all the wrong things. They are destroying us and any chance for a future in this country.

  5. Rossi Love says:

    Carl Michell, what horrific gang activity are you talking about, you mean the gang that shot the kid in the park? or the gang that killed the father in walmart? the gang that shot the sleeping seven year old in the head while laying on her grandmas head? That gang?

  6. Uncle tom alert. Why do you think that they are our friends. They enslaved us raped and pillaged our homes colonised our continent lynched us. Refused to give us rights and flooded our communities with crack and weapons and killed black panther members. And now police brutality. But you still think that they are good people. Criminal activity of black communities is because of poverty poor education system few jobs and the governments involvment in the 80s crack trade. In the old days you would be a house negro

  7. Glenn Burke Exactly, just like the sad state of African American leadership, all they know how to do is avoid personal responsibility by blaming whites. This is a tragic story indeed but my point is how you excluded all the other brutal gang-related tragedies during Katrina and only focused on a "white" gang. And the hypocrisy of an Arab trying to call me "house negro". smh.

  8. carl you got a point bro, and it is well understood in simple words hes saying that the media is race baiting and you can tell by the repoter acting as if she is really intrusted in what the black man is saying. the white man looks suspect too in his intense eplanation of those events its almost as if he was paid to explain it while putting his black friend up front for validation of the subjest , in order to get a massive response, hence the term throwing fuel on the fire. brother rossi has a legitamate response too it is truth is its purist form. and for brother Mohamed Ahmed, long before the white race enslaved us the arabs imposed islam on us and with this tool they killed tens of millions of african men women and children. the same methods that the white race used to enslave us was adopted from the arab moslem nations etc. the damage is done now and it is only a few of us that practice our ancestral african heritage, if we begin to accept who we are and embrace that in its totality that is the answer to all of our problems. all other religions that are not of african ancestral origins is just plastic and fabricated with out us none of these religions would exist , its a tool of division to keep your minds unbalanced and to keep us at eacth others throat. now heres what we must do. leave your differences at the door and lets learn more and embrace our selves and family in the all of love. make sure that you keep a close eye on your children and dont expose them to the garbage of media and the radio. make sure you surround your house with african symbolism, to induced self awareness and pride and strength into the youth. black images of our people in strength and honor. if you do this others in our communties will start doing it too. raise awareness buy books that tells the truth about black history dr yosef ben and chancellor williams dr jewel pookrum, the isis pappers the metu neter expose your selves to these books. and teach your self and your children. in less than ten years if we do this you will see the strength of the black communities of the world make progress untotaled in words.

  9. playwire video player is a POS

  10. Gnila Luap says:

    Really! some of these idiots must be on some payroll, even in light of this much info, someone has the audacity to claim race baiting, race baiting on a well established fact of the racist angle the katrina tragedy took. people finding it too hard to believe the existence of a white militia and how they may act when there's no scrutiny or repercussions…just think on some of the crackpot nonsense they o'edy espouse even in ublic arenas like interviews and on telly or presidential debates or when running for office or when "protecting and serving" and then try and picture how they'd carry themselves in the shadow of something like Katrina. yeah if there's any baiting happening here to avert peoples attention, when attention is most needed its from the kind of lunacy Carl and Nomolos are trying to peddle. People are out here trying to move forward and there's characters inhibiting proper discussion education or exchange by underhandedly suggesting that reports that actually seem to corroborate the crazyness white supremacy has had us underb are either not viable or not as severe, or there's an agenda, yes you betcha there is an agenda, exposing this crap for starters and having meaningful contribution to end it. As an empathising being i'd suggest that Carl and his new found disciple, Nomolos should try keeping things in their rightful place, like whenever they want to engage in this kind of deception, they should save it for Stormfront forums where i'm pretty sure they'll find acenturies old and maintained direction that will more than suit therecurrent journey…there's talk of SHOT DEAD N PHEASANT SEASON n you still on baiting, 'FOH with that mess.

  11. Glenn Burke says:

    Your comment makes no sense Carl didn't "deny the existence of white militias" he pointed out the context – that Black and Brown drug gangs TERRORIZED our communities after Katrina and that this article – just like most national news – gives a complete pass to people of color white chastizing all things white. It's the simply truth. Just like Black Lives matter – We go out of our way to protect the streets and scream bloody murder about "white supremacy" while 95 percent of our murders happen at the hands of someone Black or Brown. The deception is yours.

  12. Mohamed Ahmed Brother, just take a quick glance at his page and your questions will be answered.

  13. Brian Chacon says:

    For as much as we know happened this is a story I had not heard.. and truly disheartening .. wow.. so sad!!!

  14. Carl Mitchell There is no basis for your accsation against Mohamed. Your apparent idea that all Muslims are terrorists makes anything else you say suspect.

  15. Yes, racist frightwingers always do the "what about the black-on-black violence" as some kind of retort or defense. This is nothing new. Their privilege blinds them to looking at these issues honestly. #WhitePrivilegeSucks

  16. Shauna Fleet says:

    One day Blacks/African Americans will wake up…….one day

  17. Glenn Burke they run your hood because you are a self hating punk.. they do not run mines or many others. stop believing Bs and look to the fact that if children are dysfunctional you must change the enviormewent that causes the dysfunction to produce a diffrent type of child. also your generalizations stem from low self esteem and self hate. the drug gangs are waning..

  18. he doesn't know if Malik remembers white militias pointing guns at him and telling him they were going to him? really?

  19. at this point, I doubt it. But may you be blessed for your faith.

  20. Tens of thousands of us has to be massacred before theses Jesus fools go wake the hell up………………..k

  21. Of all the travesty he mentioned , that's what you chose to comment on ? You suffere from whats known as PTSS & Stockholm Syndrome…….k

  22. Systeminc, INTENTIONAL CRIME and TERRORISM . Sad is when you have a car accident you could not prevent…………………ok

  23. Blacks been sleeping for hundreds of years we need another wip by the lash to wake the hell up

  24. So, If I'm walking to the store with my cousin, we're a gang.

  25. You should probably learn how to read. There is nothing BUT basis for my comment.

  26. Lester Adams says:

    Anthony Brown Well said indeed brother , there is a cause & effect for everything that's happening ( in our hoods ) but that glenn burke coon , is too busy tap dancing to his masters lies to understand the truth you stated

  27. Sorry, but your alt-shite argument is weak. Why do you think these black youth are in gangs killing and robbing people to begin with? Like all alt-shiters you simply see the effects of the rotten system you benefit from and not the causes.

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