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13 thoughts on “In an Emotional Moment, Texas Woman Recounts for Don Lemon When the Police Strip Searched Her

  1. That was rape, sodomy, etc, etc…. They did not have any legal right to treat Ms. Corley that way. I don't understand what make these officers believe they can get away with treating Black people any kind of way. This mess has got to stop. Charges are not good enough, it's time for these officers color doesn't matter, it is time for these officers to be CONVICTED for their criminal offenses. NO ONE, with or without a badge is above the law. I am so sorry for all she had endured and thank Ms. Corley for sharing her story to get the word out.

  2. And no u can't do anything u want to do!!!!!

  3. This is unbelievable n u know it will be their words against hers, I will never understand why having a badge gives u the right to be an aninimal to others as women do they have any dignity of their own . Hopefully some witnesses will come forward on her behalf

  4. People wake up…the police have a job to do…they are protected by the law. This young lady had been smoking Marijuana she was pulled over for a traffic violation I am nor saying the officers were right…but we as black has to watch our actions and be mindful of what the laws are in society. You already know rhat were are not on an equal playing field in this country and it has always been this way. So don't break the law and don't pur yourself in this type of situation. Nothing is going to come come of this situation look at the color of her attorney…that goes to show you they all work hand in hand.

  5. They've broken down black men now they know they can better target our women ! 10-10-15 #justiceorelse !

  6. Actually according to Supreme Court, the cops,"did nothing wrong."
    Watch them get away with it.
    It's not just cops, the whole system needs changing

  7. How do you know she had been smoking? Because the police said so. Sorry you're an idiot.

  8. What was the violation?

  9. The system need to change from congress, SCOTUS, down to police.

  10. Mark Calland says:

    what a brain dead comment, you're a complete fool

  11. In Texas:
    "a peace officer may not conduct a body cavity search of a person during a traffic stop unless the officer first obtains a search warrant pursuant to this chapter authorizing the body cavity search." Texas Legislation

    The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals has said a body cavity examination may be permitted as a "search incident to arrest" in settings other than a jail or police station. A manual cavity search under the Texas Constitution is considered the most intrusive and our court of criminal appeals in Texas has said that type of search should be done in a hospital — a sterile environment.", —not in public on the side of the road, a location that makes the search more humiliating and therefore less likely to be deemed "reasonable" under the Fourth Amendment.

  12. Many of you think that you all know the law but doesn't know anything… Mark Calland I am far from a fool. What you guys have to understand is that our laws doesn't protect people of color they were not intended or designed to protect us. I guarantee you those officers are not charged and nothing will become of this case. Just look at what happened with the Sandra bland case. Not one person has been charged or fired for her death. You people better wake up and smell the coffee…Its funny how blacks respond to a situation when its involving a police officer but when blacks kill each other nobody has anything to say….the police isn't our problem we are our problem. We are killing each other, raping each other, infecting each other with HIV…. wake up black people and stop blaming the white maen for our demise of the black race.

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