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61 thoughts on “Fox’s Stacey Dash Defends Donald Trump: ‘I’d Want a Guy Like That Running My Country’

  1. Joe Bailey says:

    I will still smash it/.

  2. Joe Bailey says:

    Have no problems with Mexicans making merchandise for his clothing line.

  3. She's an idiot if she thinks he feel any dofferent about her, yet she wants him to tun THIS country

  4. U stupid ass bitch go fuck yourself and I can't believe u will be talking like that

  5. Jut Bonna says:

    She's about like her career lame so when she say dumb things its begging to be noticed

  6. That wasn't as bad as I anticipated. Whew!

  7. Yo Reek says:

    Well she never made my "Top 10 Actress I Would Totally Bang" list so the hell with her. I always said she was overrated.

  8. She belonged on #clueless as dumb as her career

  9. Take her card… Now, please.

  10. Alexis Brown says:

    Stacey has officially lost it smh

  11. man, dame needs to get his sister. What the hell.

  12. Bless. She's just not very intelligent is she.

  13. Coby Koehl says:

    She's half mexican full fucktard.

  14. She said so stupid America will be treated like a 3rd world country if he win president that man is full of hate and greed

  15. Ronald Kirk says:

    Guess what Stacy its not going to happen he will never be president he won't even when the primaries

  16. Larry King says:

    This bitch got the IQ of a fucking ant …

  17. Ladi Simeon says:

    Someone please stick a dick in her mouth. Everytime she opens her mouth she pisses me off.

  18. Alyssa Rook says:

    She's Is right!

  19. Stacey you need to keep u mouth close and just act and read a scrup. I am not sure if u read the new. New flash Donald T probably don't have Black friend. So check yourself. Here in the real word white, black, Hispanic (legal or not legal) are criminal. But also Hispanic do most of the word the nobody want to do but like or not u need us in you nation to continued to move forward. Also sweety read some history Texas and few other was take by US.
    But you probably won't understand that bc u on u own box… A man without diplomacy can't run a country the need to make international agreements. If u send u email Stancy we send u a book for dummies in the mean time stay in scrip. Oh remember in almost every show or movie is a Mexican, Colombian or Cuba in stage with u they actor not criminal oh sorry u have not be in TV in a while. Please don't be afraid of Pittbull or Shakira are cri mal the singer. Thanks

  20. Steve Biko says:

    Her thoughts lack any substance. A pretty doll, but empty between the ears.

  21. Yet another third rate actress looking for attention. A bit of advice, stick to soap operas and reality tv shows. They have scripts so you don't have to this too hard. You have no idea how things run in the real world. Trump would trash this country. Please remember the man has filed for bankruptcy six times.

  22. Token Terán says:

    Dumbass is part Mexican BTW.

  23. I hate iPhones she really do sound stupid

  24. Dash loves her white men

  25. Dude really beat her ass. She's still suffering from a chronic concussion.

  26. His own companies have declared Chapter 11 four times. You want someone running this country, that can not even take care of his own houses financially.

  27. Rene Valles says:

    Right on Stacy dash!!!

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  29. stacey you DASH your ass out of here. and you are just were you belong on fox TV you are as big of and idiot as fox reporters your still very clueless.

  30. Hey, another spotlight! How often does she get the opportunity ? It's like now when there is a controversial statement……..let's look for the dumbest black person. Girl don't let them label you like that just for a moment of fame, you got to be smarter than that, you just have too.

  31. I definatly agree with her and trump. No one wants to face the truth that trump was speaking on about this country. But only people with common sense could see that. This country needs to wake up and stop living in fairy land!

  32. Val Tourchin says:

    Am I bad person because I first read this headline as "I'd Want a Guy Like That RIMMING My CUNT"… and then like, wait what? reading it again correctly… and than thinking "U have much better chance to have it as I read it first than to have it happen as headline actually says"..

  33. Stacey sit your dumbass down and shut the f**k up

  34. Brian Thomas says:

    Our borders DO NEED TO BE ENFORCED!!! What the fuck is WTING WITH YOU PEOPLE? If a child can walk into this country, what's to stop someone with Ebola? Or someone with a biological weapon? Or a suitcase nuclear weapon? THATS WHAT BORDERS ARE FOR, TO PROTECT THOSE INSIDE OF THEM!! Without effectively protected borders, we are wide open to ANY AND THREATS!! Now chew on THAT!!!

  35. As the movie going consumer joins in the celebration of the revival of [CLUELESS] Ms. DASH chooses to place her self outside of her own success and ability to resurrect or elongate her career by publicly making statements that are harmful to her future success and acceptability. With Trump the misconception is that the president actually runs the country, we all know that its the congress that makes the decisions that we all have to abide by. However in a country, where every one is entitled to their own opinion; to attack Ms. Dash for expressing her's, is very unpatriotic and narrow minded, you don't agree fine…but to engage in name calling and saying she's stupid is [bulling] and a form of coercion. I don't agree with her but she has a right to speak her mind.

  36. Ted Saxton says:

    Right about what?

  37. Ronald Towns says:

    Do you noticed all fox news women wear short dresses and cross their legs so all the perverts that watch can jack off

  38. Nayr Reciffo says:

    Interesting…she said she would want a guy like that…instead of person.

  39. Brothas n sistas our version of Sara Palin. Pretty with the IQ of a grapefruit. Smdh

  40. Dumb ass boitch….

  41. Tony Boyd says:

    Movies ain't doing it for her i guess her clueless ass trying to live upa job with trump

  42. Ferde Runew says:

    Yeah, her country on her planet 🙂 🙂 🙂

  43. You ain't never lied! Sad she is to dumb and blind to see that the establishment that she adores so much, hates her very existence and blacks and minorities in general. Of course they will keep her around to spread ignorance while laughing at her behind her back.

  44. Good for Stacey! Shows there can be a lot of brains inside a pretty head.

  45. Erik Correa says:

    mira I black and I from cuba when u make comment that support him u guilty of racism. u going to put latinos in same box that white people put black in for many year, I not talk slavery I talk about bad economic situation, equality, human right, u going tear family apart u need fight for people not against. I think is easy u forget what u people went through and now u want put other through same? so how that make u better person? it make you a racist if u no like lots culture in state maybe u need go back where u family come from long ago. usa give me my freedom and if u not know what it like to be opresed by government then u not no how good us feel when u feet touch us soil I know how mexican feel when they reach good country. if uno agree go my country live on 12$ month then spend 6day in water risk die, storm, shark then tell me u no have heartbreak. but no put them through discrimination no forget was not long time before that u had fight for u rights in states.

  46. Yofiel Malachi Yacov they're cousins.

  47. When will we ever realize that actors are not experts? Having a famous person say some shit, doesn't make it true. I hate it when famous people publicly state "facts" they know nothing about. Being an actor does not make you a physician or chemic, Jim Carrey. Being an actress does not make you an expert in political science, immigration or criminology, Stacy Dash. If we stop listening or watch them, they will dry up and die. They feed on attention and ignorance.

  48. Anita Heath says:

    A lot of hateful people on here.

  49. Don Smith says:

    She's an idiot, albeit a beautiful idiot.

  50. You think we don't already have someone in there right now just keeps piling on the debt the white house and our own house is the one we need to worry about their is no way we could pay back that debt so what chapter do you call that?

  51. Whether Trump is the best man for the job is debateable. I can't find any thing wrong with her line of thinking or what she said. Trump is a buisness man and runs his life like a buisness. Thats exactly what this country needs , is to be run like a business . At least he's not a career politian working strictly for your vote to stay in office and keep that fat paycheck coming in . Fortunately he doesn't need the money and not wanting in office for personal profit . Unfiortunatly , even if he was the sharpest buisness man or diplomat ever born its probably too late to salvage the wellfare of USA . There's been too many decades of non buisness tending Lib. Dems. and disengenious fake Republicans just wanting your vote as well. Ultimately it comes down to most all U.S. politians as well as most other countries prepping for a 1 world order where all world debts are nulified and void .

  52. "he didn't have to keep talking and say those things he said about mexicans cause he likes mexicans"…. skip ahead "cause he says what he means and means what he says".


  53. An idiot! What I was 'trying to say' is she is an idiot!!!

  54. From your posting I can see your a literary giant. Never went to school did you or is English not your language. Keep posting it just shows the contrast between a smart educated successful woman and a dumb ass like you.

  55. who is this dip and why do I care what she has to say?

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