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Things Get Heated as Friend of Rev. Pinckney Rightfully Calls Out Bill O’Reilly and Fox News for Hate Rhetoric

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Video by Fox News

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113 thoughts on “Things Get Heated as Friend of Rev. Pinckney Rightfully Calls Out Bill O’Reilly and Fox News for Hate Rhetoric

  1. MrJon Lman says:

    This guy went on there and made a fool of himself. Fox is a deeply ideological, viciously anti-liberal channel that hates anything liberal whether black or white. I have watched the network numerous times just to shake my head at the crap that passes for news and commentary on there, but nothing in their commentary ever suggested to me that they believe blacks are out there raping white women, or that they deserve violence in any way. But I know it's a trope in deep pockets of the black community that Fox "hates blacks" because too many blacks still think that whitey's out there to get them and that Fox is "Whitey" personified.

  2. Linda Bly says:

    He most certainly 'DIDNOT' make a fool of himself! He spoke the damn truth! And you are part of the problem if you 'purposely' choose to defend Bill o'Reily and his cohorts! I understand that you might want to desperately believe that this is not true (because of you 'probably' personal situation) but at some point you (and those like you) will be faced with the harsh reality of the World 'you' live in.

  3. What station have you been watching MrJon Lman? I have for ten years plus have watch and listened too conservative media push some of the most racist bullshit! You hear what you want too hear but Fox is the reason why most white of the right still believe Our President is not an American.

  4. Alan Carter says:

    Look at Jon Lman facebook page it will explain his comment.

  5. Linda Bly says:

    You and people like you never notice how FAUX news always cuts people off when they began to tear them apart! They clip the 'PERTINENT' sound bit es of conversations and turn the interviews into 'ONE SIDED RHETORIC'! And to you Mr Lman…all the race interaction in the world will not erase the facts! Dylann Roof has confessed to authorities to shooting and killing nine people this week at a historically black church in Charleston, South Carolina, two law enforcement officials said Friday.
    One of the officials said that Roof, who is white, told investigators that he wanted to start a race war. So to YOU, Faux News, Lindsey Graham and every other asshole out there trying to pretend that this racist act of domestic terrorism was an attack on religion, suck on it.

  6. Alan Carter He's gotta keep up appearances for them.

  7. MrJon Lman says:

    Linda Bly lol you guys completely ignore everything else in my comment that shows that I hate Fox News. I hate it because they suck , not because of my race or political affiliation, that's why I don't say nonsensical things like 'Fox news is to blame for this' I keep my criticism to observable facts.

  8. Jae Gee says:

    O'Reilly is a total idiot.. Fox news is not fair or balanced and it shouldn't even be call a news network.

  9. I was raised not to blame "The White Man" for any of my problems that I caused or could change with hard work and perseverance. But, I was also taught that racism was real and not gone away just because progress had been made. You tell me, if you believed in racist ideology that a statement like this: "If you're a Christian or a white man in the USA, it's open season on you."—Bill O' Reilly, couldn't that motivate you to act violently?

  10. Bill OReilly never let her guest finish a sentence. He is a bully and don't belong on TV,

  11. MrJon Lman, it's hard work being a Coon don't you think?

  12. Linda Bly says:

    And your statement that Rev. Pinckney's friend made a fool of himself 'exemplified' that? Your comments only showed the opposite…. to everyone except maybe yourself.

  13. Faux New is Yellow Journalism at its best.

  14. Trina Perry says:

    Bill O'Reilly is a proven liar and anyone supporting his b.s. has some real issues and needs professional help.

  15. We are both from the same city and we share the same attitude of not blaming "The White Man" for any of the problems that we've caused or could change. And I agree 100% that the open season comment by O'Reilly is incites all the kinds of feelings and thinking that would inspire this kind of behavior from a radicalized individual such as Dylan Roof. Had the same line from Bill been turned to being open season on Black people in America, Mr. Bill would have called it inflammatory rhetoric. He's done so before when the language did not fit his ideological narrative in times past. It's the hypocrisy of the media to make such statements but rail against similar ones that do not gel with their way of thinking rather than debating the validity of such claims in a respectful manner. I think you were on point in every word you just wrote from start to finish.

  16. MrJon Lman says:

    Linda BlyThis is like talking to crazy people… I AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID ABOUT FOX NEWS! And yes of course Charleston is a terrorist attack, I've also watched the videos of fox anchors trying to paint it as someone else. I've also laughed at lindsey Graham trying to dismiss it as a kid gone wrong story. I'm as left as they come why are you preaching to the choir? The only difference I said is that I base my criticisms on facts and not lazy-minded tropes. Having scanned fox news for years I see nothing to back up the assertion that fox news is encouraging Charleston style hate crimes, it's the right wing fringe on the internet that's more to blame that's why this guy went in there and made himself look bad.

  17. Dale Preddie says:

    oreilly frames all his questions with an assumption or knowledge or pretending to take/be on your side, steering the answer toward what he wants to hear. the first time we heard a twisted assumption in the form of a question was when the serpent first talked to eve in the garden of eden.

  18. Linda Bly says:

    LOL…I DISAGREE! I SEE LOTS AND LOTS OF THE ASSERTIONS THAT FAUXX NEWS 'DOES' ENCOURAGE CHARLESTON STYLE HATE CRIMES! I ALSO BELIVE THAT FAUX NEWS IS PAR OF THE THREAD THA T FEEDS THAT FRINGE! And I base those assertions on FACTS also and 'not' on lazy-minded tropes (as you call them). And although the 'Internet' has provided a much broader spectrum during it's tenure.. this behavior has been around Centuries and Centuries longer. And I s till say the Gentleman did not look like a fool! If anything…o'reily and faux news…DID!

  19. He told the truth about Fox!

  20. MrJon Lman says:

    Ok, can you show me these facts then? Right now I just see assertions that there are facts but no actual facts presented except the one quote the other guy posted, although that was in the context of Hillary Clinton. If you can find even just three statements encouraging Charleston style hate crimes then I will admit that you might have a point and will definitely look into the matter further.

  21. Damon Zippo says:

    oreilly is the biggest race baiter since rev al sharpton even bigger now.

  22. I'Reilly is an asshole he cares nothing about the facts or the truth his ass is racist too!!!!

  23. Bill you've been caught in so many lies I don't even know you try anymore.

  24. Linda bly please disregard my comment I was reading something else and thought it was u apologies ma'am

  25. catholic charactor Orielly you are a phoney irish man and shame on YOU!

  26. Rena' Kinney says:

    Bill is an ass hole. They need to put his ass off the air.

  27. Dave Mills says:

    Black People, Black People. We need STOP what were currently doing! We urgently need to channel our energy into creating a Cyberspace On-Line wall. Anytime we see Fox CNN or large media Publication, perpetrate their Double standards, which is clearly visible, and can be proven as so, It needs to go on the wall.

    I'm tired of watching our spokespeople being put on the spot, and struggle to find an example or reference. It would be great for this gentleman to say " Bill, There are 10 references I have for you, ", he then goes to a to a page on a Tablet and lists them. This will shut them up big time. I have concluded white people will NEVER accept what you say unless you show them. There are millions of retired Black people who can assist wither gathering and placing TR.

  28. Bob Joos says:

    Lman , you just made a jackass of yourself with your post – asshole.

  29. Rocky Ingram says:

    Funny how this was supposed to be about the deaths of the 9 people and turned into Oriley defending FAUX NEWS.

  30. Palease! Fox News, creates, fosters, perpetuates and otherwise pumps up false narratives and stereotypes about black people and black culture on a regular basis. OReilly is pretty much the ring leader for that.

  31. O'Reilly is correct in his assessment of Rutherford's statement! Rutherford after noticing he opened his mouth before thinking, attempted to make O'Reilly the villain. Rutherford should have followed Pinkney's lead by taking a deep breath before he spoke!

  32. Frank Butler says:

    Damon Zippo

    Al Sharpton isn't a "race baiter". He's not perfect, but he's only acknowledged what people with common sense know – racism exists and the overwhelming victims of it are black people. You don't choose to acknowledge history, distant or recent, you don't have to. Doesn't make it any less true.

  33. Dude! Fakes Newz perpetuates hatred toward blacks on the daily. You may (MAY) not find an example of them advocating specific acts of violence against blacks per se but their racist rhetoric most certainly feeds and 'legitimizes' the racists attitudes of TERRORISTS like Dylann Roof.

    If you can't see that you are deluding yourself in a major way…

  34. Did watch news all over the world.. and can surely say Fox News is fueling hate toward black people and largely against intelligent minds. It' named propaganda. Now knowing the co- owner is from Saudi Arabia , guess what. America is their playground watching each other fighting against the other group, just clapping hands saying good job AMERICA. MAD MAX HAS STARTED

  35. Emotional demagoguery with no basis in reality. Facts? Examples? No, just emotional unsubstantiated ranting.

  36. Lala Simpson says:

    He's even condescending when he says state senator…he's such an ass!

  37. Lala Simpson says:

    Out of everything that this story contains he decides to be upset about the fix news comment! He's something else!

  38. Lets see O'rielly harassed a women Co- worker, lied about ever being under fire in a war zone ( which he called for the firing of Brian Williams) then beats his wife, and his Own daughter had to call the police on him and he had been fired from three other networks before joining faux, look at the people on faux most have been fired from other stations Yet here he is still still slinging the BS on TV. Now Faux went before the SCOTUS claiming they were a Entertainment network and not a News station , which gives them the right to lie and misinform and they won. Here's O'rielly upset that anyone would call out Faux as a racists network though this man didn't O'rielly suggested he did, Mean while long before the O'Rielly show aired the racists shooter confessed and suggested to the police that he was trying to start a race war, However even with that info right out of the shooters mouth faux has been spinning AAAALLLL day that this was a attack on Christianity all day long before O'rielly and yet O'Rielly still pushes the BS it had to do with Religion. So as long as they claim to be a Entertainment network they are not bound by Journalistic Ethic's and is why O'rielly the creep still appears on Bull Shit Mountain.

  39. All bill does is interrupt people

  40. MrJon Lman says:

    See your point I can agree with to an extent. Fox News does peddle certain stereotypes about blacks, but none that would lead to this kind of hate. Online sites like Stormfront do, a bunch of other racist websites do, and fox news has nothing to do with them. If a leftist terrorist bombed a building weather underground style, you can't blame it on MSNBC, even if his views might align with MSNBC in some respects. Usually that kind of radical actions comes from those who hang at the fringe of the political spectrum.

  41. MrJon Lman says:

    I agree but look at the people on here. O'Reilly is not hard to take down because most of his commentary is gibberish and extremely partisan, but you still have to come with your facts when you appear on his show otherwise you will look stupid. This guy just made some assertions and couldn't answer O'reilly's question, he hurt the cause.

  42. That was the fastest I have ever seen Bill O'Reilly backpedal and cut a host off. That was one of the best examples of Bill getting caught twisting someone's words and then quickly move on to the next question. He asked a question then would not allow him to answer.

  43. Tewana Dyson says:

    He only had him on there to ask him about his statement of fox new. Wow, They are bias on Fox.


  45. John Karr says:

    O'Reilly's best ally…the abrupt cutoff…

  46. Pat Dowell says:

    Bill O'Reilly is the worst thing in the world. The worst. How inappropriate and ignorant. To you conservatives out there who think that Bill O'Reilly is worth a damn, let's not forget his sexual harassment of an employee and his daughter testifying that he is a wife beater. Sick of this scumbag and his scumbag news station.

  47. I've heard so many people speaking negative of Fox News. I've never watch the network but I have read some of the reports that comes from Bill O'Reilly. My question is this, if we know the kind of foolishness coming from O'Reilly & his colleagues , why must we keep feeding into this kind of foolishness? Stop watching Fox News Network along with Bill and watch how fast the rating drop. Again, we are the ones who makes the difference when it comes to broadcast network news so therefore STOP watching the network & they will clearly understand. #PointBlank

  48. Bill-o once again tried to bully this guy, and got handed his ass.

  49. MrJon Lman Ann Coulter was the one pushing the "Brown" hordes coming into this country and raping white women narrative to sell her new book "Adios America". She is another Fox staple, along with Sean Hannity bringing his Black"actors" Pundits to make all the right wing talking points. They even went so far to say all these racial incidents and Dylann Roof's actions are the fault of "liberal media" and civil rights activists.

  50. Ann Roberts says:

    I agree with this man about Fox New .

  51. A STATE CONGRESS WOMEN……HE SAT THERE FOR 1 HOUR….that sounds like someone besides that kid was behind these murders…..If he hated blacks so much, then how is going into a SMALL black church and opening fire going to help his cause…looks like he sat there in that church debating on listening to the words of a more supreme beings words Kill etc. Then finally got the courage to do it…

  52. Tameka King says:

    This why I can't stand the site of this man and anybody that watches him had some issues who in the hell worries about what somebody says about a news channel at a time like this

  53. Fox new ought to change it's theme from "fair and balanced" to "Republican bullshit of the day".

  54. Lala Simpson says:

    Your clearly as insensitive as he is. It was not the time to attack a man over a comment about there station. Then to assume he knew what his just recently killed friends would feel about it! I'm almost certain that he was wrong abs he over stepped his boundaries

  55. Im waiting for when faux news is gonna go after Ted Cruz or Mark Rubio if they were born In America?

  56. Lala Simpson and you are just as nonsensical as Rutherford! You want to ignore the fact Rutherford stuck his foot in his mouth by making an unsubstantiated remark he could not defend! Lala I am not one of those jump on the bandwagon black folk just because I am Black/African American, I can admit and accept our people are just as bigoted and hateful as any other racial or ethnic group!

  57. biggot o reilly….doing his thing to protect his god fox news….

  58. James Smith says:

    Bill O'Reilly i never liked him or fox news.

  59. you know dear youre the kind of black kid that has taken to the new way of blending in I see that because of your page so you have to but dear this station does advocate the deaths of black people.

  60. MrJon Lman look back at anything on black people fox has done that's facts.

  61. Tim McDonald says:

    Anytime you don't embrace their point of view you will be cut off. That's what they do at Fox News. They search for people who think like they do to further their own rhetoric.

  62. Tina O'Neil says:

    Judging from your Facebook page, looks like you are raping one of their white women too.

  63. Tina O'Neil says:

    Vernon Gudger, what planet do you live on?

  64. Bob Boyer says:

    Fox "News"; "he's not one of us" (aka:Pres. Obama); Voter fraud is alive & well….no it isn't! But on Fox "News" they'd LOVE to have minority & liberal districts altered so it is harder to have such voters register to vote, James O''Keefe, Foxes' beloved fake "pimp", "Welfare Queen" originator, Ronald Reagan up on a pedestal, etc… so please cut the shit. FOX NEWS IS BIGOTED & RACIST.

  65. Bob Boyer says:

    Fox "News": Hero of the stupid.

  66. O'Reilly routinely talks over his guests when they don't agree with his rhetoric.

  67. Bill O'Reilly is something else. He brought that man on to start an argument!!!!!

  68. The same one you live on Tina! Do you know of other planets inhabited by human beings? If so fill us all in on your recently discovered planet capable of sustain life!

  69. I love how the Congressman does not back down and continues to jab OReilly in the gut. Way to go.

  70. why do people that are not evil and right wing go on that white supremacist network why?

  71. I like how they cut his mike before he could say "you don't speak for my dead friend."
    God bless the people who watch Fox News and report on it to the rest of us so we don't have to!

  72. Keith Norman says:

    He's totally right.

  73. Tom Harder says:

    Why does O'Reilly ask a question and then not allow the person time to answer it without trying to put words in the person's mouth. This is his long-established modus operandi, and if you watch him for any length of time you will notice it. He, also, asks for proof of what a person says but never offers any proof to dispute a person. The only time he offers proof he cites FoxNews which is the only medium allowed to lie. I used to like O'Reilly but he has gotten worse as he gets older.

  74. So, in all honesty Bill O'Reilly didn't really have him on the there too talk about Rev Pinckney. He really wanted to ask about the statement that was made against Fox news. Smh. Out of respect O'Reilly should've stayed focus on the important issues at hand. He could've asked the question at a later date. My question is, why would one ask a question, then not allow the person you've asked to answer? Isn't this the first thing you learn in school for broadcasting? If not I'm sure that a little common sense would've helped. In life people ask questions that they sometimes don't really want to hear the answers to. The actually simply want to make asinine statements.

  75. Everyone knows Foxs News is Bullshit it's a running Joke and I'm sure that couldn't have been the first time that asshole has heard something negative about it

  76. Jo Jo Nicole says:

    Truth hurts!!! FOX news is a joke! Period look at its ratings shameful! Anyone who justifies racism is to!!!!!

  77. Paul Pliakas says:

    O'Reilly lies, again.

  78. FOX News is raciest.

  79. Otis Thomas says:

    I wonder if anyone else notices that this "MUDERER/ TERRORIST. Is being refereed to as kid and child and young boy. And Just last week they called the 14 years old girl a "woman".
    when the cop jumped on her back and neck. "I just notice things like that".

  80. bill O'REALLY is a liar and fox news is hate speech.

  81. you people should already know that 'Silly Billy' and 'Faux' is 95% entertainment. #WhyIsDrYorkTheTargetOfConspiracy?

  82. Jay Hall says:

    He continued to cut this man off…ask him a question then talk over his answer…GTFOH…he's a pure ignorant..selfish..self centered..down low opinion

  83. In my opinion they really do try to turn blacks and whites against each other

  84. I'll answer Bill's question: Yes, Fox News has pandered to right wing ideologues and fomented race hatred, offering a platform for racists of every stripe to disinform the public in any way fathomable. Your denials of this phenomenon defies credulity, Bill, just as you defy credulity. That you have been allowed to stay in front of the American public is astonishing.

  85. You don't have to watch fox news to hear their bullshit. It's every where. I feel like Marvin Gaye White folks, Fox News and the likes Makes me Want 2 Holler. Whether most of us like it or not we are going to have to come together like the leaders of the civil rights movement. We must become comfortable being uncomfortable. Understand this Know who you are than it can never be used against you. We are black people still living in institutional racism. When you understand this you are better prepared to deal with white folks. I'm a Texan and I live with racist sons of bitches every day. I couldn't even walk in my neighborhood with a group of white boys driving by calling me a nigger. I was born in the sixties I get it we all must get it. And until we come together as a united people this shit will continue to happen and President Obama can only do so much. And I'm dam tired of us always having to suck it up why can't they suck it up.

  86. Fox isn't a news network it is opinionated propaganda, the majority or their programs are not news oriented it's auditory editorials.

  87. Fox Nonews can not stand when they are called out n there BS….

  88. Joe Mennella says:

    Fox is to news like John Stewart is to politics… Shameful, illegitimate, and a joke

  89. This is typical of Fox…not letting people who disagree with them speak. I agree with Representative Rutheford 100%!

  90. You have a lot of white people that want to say that racism does not exist.. While they call you an N behind your back. Every since Jewish media execs people took over Fox, its become an outlet for racial slurs.. towards anything positive for blacks. I remember when Fox first started, and showed In Living Color and other black shows. Once the media execs saw that blacks had a positive channel, they took over and destroyed it. Just like BET. Anything blacks have going for themselves, you will have some group of white rich people that seek to destroy it and keep our focus on killing each other. The only way to get our strength back, is to stop selling dope to each other, stop robbing each other, stop looking down on each other for trying to live a better life and applaud it.

  91. NEWS FLASH FOR BILL O'REILLY: Denial isn't a river in Africa…

  92. Leo Danger Holman so who do you think is his target audience?

  93. Amazes me how Bill O Reilly didnt really care to talk about the actual issue and horrific act that took place he wanted to skip right to deffending a network that is more Amusent than actual news!!! Way to go Bill and Fox News for continuing to show you "humanity"!!!

  94. George Warr says:

    God damn right. Call their asses out.


  96. Terry Moore says:

    How petty is this man to bring up and argue about what someone said about Fox News! 9 people have been gunned down, but he has a bone to pick about Fox News! I just can't believe this.

  97. I cannot stand Bill O'Reilly, but that being said, that Senator needs to read the manifesto that just came out regarding Dylann's transformation into the racist he was. It had zero to do with Fox News or their commentary. Every damned time one of these mass murders happens it's always the same story "they were right wing extremists that watch Fox News" and then we find out they were registered democrats and have the communist manifesto lying around their house

  98. Uhhh, that's probably the most noteworthy thing the senator said. To imply Dylann was watching inflammatory news "like fox" is presumptuous, and a biased opinion with no base in fact. In fact, if one read Dylann's manifesto you could make a much stronger argument that he was influenced more by networks like MSNBC that turn every form of violence by whites on blacks, justified or not, somehow a "racist" issue, and completely ignore black in white crime, or, if they do report it, they sure as hell don't dare say it could be a hate crime.

  99. Scott Machin says:

    The most important issue to O'Reilly is defending Faux News. Says it all. He continually tries to puts words in people's mouths, using straw man arguments and ends by cutting off the other speaker. Odious. How can America heal when people refuse to admit the problem.

  100. I know its off topic but when the family of the victims forgave him after what he did is very powerful those people are who we need to follow strong people in faith alone and theres was rocked really hard just a reminding gesture from god that hes still here living threw those people awsome to see

  101. Nicholas Drayton White usually southern older people.
    But we don't watch fox news but we always hear about the craziness somebody said on their bd news network.

  102. Trina Perry says:

    Cheryl Taylor Barnes O'Really. Bill O'Really.

  103. Fox News exists to bring comfort to the ignorant and to let them know, they are not alone. O'Reilly and Hannity are two of the worst people on television but the whole network is rotten to the core. I can't even watch a few seconds of it without feeling 'dirty" for having listened to their thinly veiled racism, arrogance and absurd denial of what is fact. Fox News has single-handedly dumbed-down much of white America, peddling fear and ignorance to the low-information electorate.

  104. Cheryl Taylor Barnes – allergic to the truth, Cheryl? Of course you are. Cowardly people are always allergic to the truth.

  105. How low can you get. To invite this man on during his time of grief to start an argument and bash him and then throw the victim's name in there at the end. This was nothing more than to get the public to turn against the victims. If Orielly intentions were good, he would not have taken that time to bring up the previous statements by his guest.

  106. While all other news outlets were covering this as breaking news, fox was airing an interview with Donald Trump.

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