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16 thoughts on “The Rev. Jesse Lee Patterson Is in Total Denial That Racism Isn’t a Problem Despite the Charleston Massacre

  1. Cary Barnes says:

    Who is this Man? Just My question, I do not want to say anything about Him. I do not know His depth of concept. Peace.

  2. why haven't Black people responded like that for all they have gone thru? this man is FOS, another coon. white people are the blame for every thing phucked up in this world. damn traitor.

  3. The Willie
    Lynch agent just dobble down.

  4. the coons are an embarrassment , they'll lick the excrement off a racist posterior before theyll defend their people..

  5. Uncle Ruckus Speaks….

  6. Lisa Bramblett who asked you about what you earn?

  7. Is this FOX NEWS? They can find a stupid black coon under any rock. And they know which ones to ask to get a answer they want. COME ASK ME NEXT TIME! If it had been a black man killing white worshippers, he wouldn't live to go to court.

  8. Allen Thomas says:

    Caleb Granger You sound like you could possibly be a malcontent. Best smoke a joint.

  9. in addition, white people need to deal with their own demons and the demons that exist amongst the tribes of their own race. they allowed a tribe, stronger, smarter and more experienced to take them over, to devalue them, to mock them, their christian religion, their morals, the education, culture and government. what happened in the 60s change movement could not have happened without white american citizens participation and wishes. their own government murdered jfk and they allowed the country to be taken. Black people got our own demons to deal with, especially with the fakes who took over the united states.

  10. Carl Estep says:

    It's always interesting to See so called Black Intellectuals Like Herman Cain , Ben Carson , Cornell West , etc go on national TV and Deny things that everyone else can see clearly for themselves in everyday Life! Its not that they are Completely Blind nor Deaf and Dumb , but rather they are simply part of the Bigger Political Schemes and Social Propaganda that Ultimately forces the Humble Masses to take matters into their Own Hands!

  11. Nixon Manuel says:

    He's a calculated idiot.

  12. This man is a fool for the white lyers devils

  13. Otis Thomas says:

    Right and who cares. She an agent bro.

  14. Otis Thomas says:

    His Tom ass should have been in the church. We don't need massa house coons like this he need to get Al Sharpton, Alan West, Clarence Thomas Don Lemon Stacy Dash Etc Etc and go sit in the front row.

  15. nobody expect Americas arch coon Jeese lee Patterson to be anything other than coon brother number one, surprise surprise.

  16. I've read a couple of this guy's books. He has nothing good to say about blacks. He has never met a black he likes or has anything good to say about even though he does some work with blacks. He states tat Travon was a thug and Zimmerman was justified in killing him. He states that women should never have been given the right to vote. He says black people are the most racist people on earth. He says married couples should not have a 50-50 relationship in decision making. He says when you hear a couple say they have a 50-50 relationship, you can bet the woman is in charge. This man is full of self hatred and bias towards his own people. And like most blacks filled with self hatred, he is a product of the ghetto, welfare, affirmative action, etc., yet he despises blacks who live in the ghetto, are on welfare and/or are beneficiaries of affirmative action. Additionally, you guessed it. Like most self hating, anti- black, black men, it is important to him to be accepted by the white establishment. One has to wonder how his white wife feels listening to him coletely disrespect and denigrate his own people.

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