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Dr. King’s Niece Dead Wrong About Racial Factor in Light of Terrorist’s Confession to Wanting to ‘Start a Race War’

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16 thoughts on “Dr. King’s Niece Dead Wrong About Racial Factor in Light of Terrorist’s Confession to Wanting to ‘Start a Race War’

  1. Damon Akins says:

    WOW…really stop all that bullsh–t….man there are some scared ignorant brainwashed sell out knee-grows out there.

  2. In my opinion she is in the same category has the preacher who set her uncle up to be assassinated and any other preacher who will blantly lie about race issues in this country. I hope the checks they cash soothes their minds cause their souls are apparently void.

  3. I personally don't care you get mama or papa was sorry, if the boy has already said why he did it why would anyone try and say different.

  4. What a sell out. Despite the murderer saying that he was trying to start a "race war", she chooses to ignore that it was about race. Yes, her grandmother was killed by a black man that was tragic, that was not about race. It was about a deranged black individual. She is another "COON" being paid by the man. Every since she has been in the public eyes she was and still is a COON. Don't expect anymore from her, you will be disappointed.

  5. Ahh. Even though a Black man killed MLK, the killer admitted that White people paid him… duh

  6. Fox News initially said, "it was a hate crime"! Now that that theory has been proven that it was a hate crime, Fox news all empathetic but only shows small clips of the incidence. I watch them to see how hannity and bill odouche bag can spend a story. lol

  7. Re-read what you just!

  8. George R. Haynes If MLK was alive, he want to slap her.

  9. Steve Marx says:

    It's sad that so many of you don't understand what she is saying.You guys can't see past the racial aspect of this.The common thread of anything like this is evil.You need to fight that is what she is saying.All the laws in the world won't change what is in a persons heart.

  10. Might have to check her bank account to see how much Fox paid her for this.

  11. It's even more sad that you don't see the majority viewpoint. Which tells me you are a european. All the laws may not change a persons heart but there would be something to punish their asses for. Laws sure changed a lot for us but the hearts of those with the advantages still never see how they are wrong. Remind you of anything that goes on in amerikka? Man when I went to school, I saw students get grades given to them and they didn't deserve it. And others too but the europeans always got an "A"! lol One instructor tried his best to keep me off the DEAN'S list by a margin of.07. I had to bring all my grades to the fore just to prove he fucked up! I could give you many instances where if there are rules or not, europeans will find a way to do what ever they want to do, While we waiting on laws, we being killed and nothing usually gets done and this is the from the ones sworn to uphold the law.

  12. Wah what a sell out her uncle is turning over in his grave

  13. A white man killed mlk

  14. Steve Marx says:

    George R. Haynes I know very few people (black and white) who haven't worked for what they have gotten..Except those who game the system and don't work at all. A majority of them are white….One more thing..The white kids didn't work for the good grades.They were just giving an A? Gotta call bullshit on that one.

  15. James Earl Ray – so now he is black Wow.

  16. George R. Haynes Absolutely – Thank you, you spoke my mind.

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