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34 thoughts on “This Is One of the Best Explanations of Why America Is Avoiding Calling the Charleston Massacre an Act of Terrorism

  1. 'A Black person is a thug, Muslim is a terrorist, and a white attacker is mentally ill' – That is about how ALL the media covers it.

  2. Well let me cover it…White folks are Devils…SIMPLE!!!!!

  3. The leaders of the free World! Really!

  4. Zen Baudoux says:

    Any one kiling another…is mentaly ill…no morel values…on the flip side if someone at that church was carrying the casualties would have been less and the scum bag would have been put in his place.

  5. Anita Dano says:

    Zen Baudoux, are you mad? What makes you think God would welcome any one bringing a gun into His house? Have you even asked His permission? People ask when entering my front door while carrying.

  6. Not all of us are, Barbara. There are those of us who care and are disgusted by the state of affairs today 🙁

  7. Mikey Barry says:

    @ Anita… that was the dumbest comment yet. Where was this so called "GOD" when the shooter walked into church with a gun. Obviously he welcomed this racist/terrorist into to his house. The fallacy of some GOD when he wasn't present to protect the very people that worship him.. GTFOH.

  8. Lisa Clark says:

    He's a psychotic racist, misguided, ignorant, afraid and violent beyond comprehension. That does not apply to all people..but it does to some people, unfortunately of all colors and nationalities. The tragedy doesn't change our sense of loss and despair but tolerance is the only way out.

  9. Craig Hill says:

    @Mikey when we don't know something we have lack of knowledge, that's called ignorance. God allows things to happen because of the free will that he gave man. However through disobedience we do things that are contrary to his desire / will for us. It is already written in that book so many people believe is false that these things WILL and must happen, the only people who are really shocks are the ones whom have not read the book or disagree with it. it is clearly written that these things will happen. it will continue to happen and even more until the time THAT GOD is DONE proving to be the truth. Then no one will be with an excuse that they didn't know…. They will not be able to say that they were ignorant. Because people like myself have told them and it's up to them to embrace it and start to seek wisdom knowledge and understanding. The one who created us gets the set up the rules you can rebelled against them but that won't change the ruler of all!

  10. THIS is about a SYSTEM that has been set up to give privilege to whites and to label others as CRIMINALS. And if you are not on the side of equality then you are part of the problem.

  11. Mikey Barry says:

    Again another dumb comment and lacking much in the way of "COMMON SENSE". What wrong did the people of the church do that they deserved to die in that manner? Also weren't they praying and even if they did wrong in their lives (we don't know that) they were there praying for a better life or betterment in some way or fashion. Did their "disobedience" require them to die like that..(I would hate to be your family member or child). Quite interesting that people like you claim violence like that had to happen while believing in this supposed "GOD" that is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and couldn't prevent a F$(#)_# shooting? If I have to die like that while praying to "GOD" who supposedly made me and everyone else around me then I'll pass on the praying or the "GOD" for that matter because it is obvious he doesn't care about me or anyone else for that matter and nothing you say from a book filled with enormous lies could convince any logical, right minded thinker to abscond the responsibility to protect and preserve self first. GTFOH with that bullshit. Next time I go to a church I will have JESUS with me.. (A Glock named Jesus).

  12. Duane Ivan says:

    Mikey Barry Are you mad,? That's like saying you yourself welcomed a terrorist in your house if someone was to walk into your home and shoot up all your family members while you weren't there. Your logis is one sided and biased.

  13. Lynnette Johnson I agree. Sitting back and being indifferent is as bad as being a perpetrator of hate and racism. I hope these people do not die in vain and the REAL conversation about race gets started. I want to leave my children an America to be proud of and this is far from it right now.

  14. Gun laws… If Americans didn't have such easy access to guns, this *may* have been avoided. Although this guy has such hate in his heart that he would've found a way to kill anyway..

  15. If Black people are thugs, Muslims are terrorists, aboriginal people are lazy savages then, yes, white people like me are devils. But black people are not thugs, Muslims are not terrorists, aboriginal people are not lazy savages and not all white people are devils. Our world is slowly changing and for all those who cannot, more of us can and do. My heart weeps for the families and friends of all the people killed. More of us stand together than stand apart and we will continue.

  16. Su Key says:

    It's true racism exist. It's also true the media create most of the problems in America Communities by mislabeled topics. Causing the viewers to take sides.

  17. You can't possibly know that. For all you know the casualty count could have been higher. Instead of 9 it could have been 15. This mindset that more guns equate to fewer lives loss is insanity. Other countries have already figured out what works to reduce gun violence. America is too arrogant to take note and follow suit.

  18. They just completed a trial where they found a young Muslim guilty of obstruction of justice for acts associated with terrorism. Three people were killed by that bomb and over 200 injured, and without hesitation it was called an act of terror. Three TIMES that number were killed in this case and we want to call it something other than terrorism? Why? How do you justify that? His motivation was racial hatred. He's made that abundantly clear in his statements.

    This thug is a terrorist. His purpose was to exact fear in the hearts and minds of Black people in America. If this had been an Al-Qaida sympathizer who was Muslim and he went into a predominately White church and killed as many people, who wants to bet it wouldn't be called an act of terror? Well it should.

    What gets me I that you have people like Jeb Bush, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum calling it everything but what it is. It was conceived in hate, and nurtured in a racist atmosphere in this country. One of the first steps towards resolving a problem is to acknowledge the problem. If we can't call this for what it is we are doomed to have this situation escalate and next time it will be by someone who wants to retaliate and take an eye for an eye.

    This happened in Charleston, but the truth is it could have happened to any one of us. Next time, it could be.

  19. I honestly believe there is more to this shooting than the media is putting out. I believe this was an orchestrated assassination of Senator Pickney. I believe the racist kid was the perfect patsy to pull this off. He sat in there church patiently and then murders 9 people. That's way too easy.

  20. Todd Gardner says:

    Tolerance means one is to tolerate. What exactly are we supposed to tolerate? I tolerate the fact that there is a fly buzzing around the room. I tolerate the fact that the person driving in front of me is going to slow. How exactly am I supposed to tolerate anything in this case?


  22. 10-10-15 Justice or else, Washington DC.

  23. Carl Estep says:

    While it is the will of God that His Sacred Word go forth and not return unto Him void , it is misleading to think that God intentionally wants the Sheep Slaughtered and that The Sheep is to be without the ability to Defend themselves against The Wolves! Biblical Teachings and History clearly demonstrates that the Sheep must be Protected from The Wolf…Sometimes God fights for Us and Sometimes God fights with Us. Don't get it twisted , The Ancient Nation of Israel had to Fight to protect themselves from their enemies! The Shepherd has the responsibility to not only Feed the Sheep and nurture them , But to also Protect Them!

  24. Carl Estep says:

    The Dominate Culture…a.k.a Founding Fathers and their most staunch supporters , has created 300 plus years of Hate a.k.a Terrorism on Indigenous people from the time of its Birth as a Nation , even down to our day and time , while instituting Racist Laws , Racist Religious dogma , Racist Political Propaganda , and other forms of Intellectual Masturbation to Kill and Destroy and Dehumanize and Annihilate people of color! While the Aristocracy divide and conquer the spoils of war , as they sip on imported tea and coffee and eat all things organic!

  25. Carl Estep says:

    The Most Dangerous Weapon and of Mass Destruction in America : Is A Mind Void Of Light! Stay TUNE FOR MORE HAIR RAISING AND BRAIN SCRATCHING COMMMON SENSE ISSUES AND COMMENTS FROM

  26. Kali Kross says:

    We've been tolerating your whips and chains for too long. The revolt starts here.

  27. Josh Udeh says:

    White privilege is crippling the black community!! This white boy in Charlotte is welcomed into a black church with open arms while I, a black male, is instantly crucified for entering a white church within the first 10mins of service!! This church (First Baptist ) testified against me on charges of resisting arrest and criminal trespass 3rd. The members of the church testified saying they called the police because they were fearful of my presence in the church! This leads me to ask "Why Are We So Comfortable Around These People?" Only if our people would practice these same methods against the beast to protect our families we can ultimately prevent our children, mothers , fathers and elders from being slaughtered in these streets!! This shows how our concepts of Church, God and Jesus differ from these Euros!! They have definitely inherited a beast like nature and we are trapped in our own divinity!!

  28. Jack Day says:

    Yes, I am angry and when I am angry I stay focused on the real reason why I am angry. When I forgive, I tend to relax and when I relax my focus becomes relaxed and I cannot afford to be caught relaxing with so much on-the-line. We are experiencing the advent of a sanctioned program of modern day lynching – now tell me how you forgive a systematic program of terror that is not even at its end? This is one reason why it will continue! We must, ourselves, eradicate the existence/presence of Mental Slavery from every corner of our conscious thought, by first realizing that it is there! That seed was planted from many years of intentional targeted harvesting. Again I ask you, how can you forgive an act that is not over?

  29. CB Terry says:

    Wait.. he killed a SENATOR and that is not all over the news? A BLACK SENATOR? WTF.

  30. CB Terry says:

    Dem Flags be False Yo.

  31. there was no overt racism or talk of racism in america from 1963-2008 while they were raping the treasury of the united states, looting, assassinating and generally bringing down this government and american culture. they feel they have accomplished their goals now and it is time to bring racism back out of their bag of tricks and deception to keep us divided.

  32. I wouldn't speak so fast in defending the president, The President has the power arrest the shooter Under the Patriot Act—- read and study the Patriot Act , you just might be shock in you will find—- and hold him indefinitely without due process. Nine 9 people gets killed ; he should have been outraged. Instead he is pushing Gun Control. Hell, Jon Stewart showed more compassion and outrage than the president— and his a white man. Don't you think that where is something wrong with the picture.

  33. Dylan Roof is a Confederate Terrorist! Period!

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