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101 thoughts on “Christian Woman Attributes Charleston Church Shooting to ‘God’s Purpose’

  1. Derek Smith I agree with you.

  2. She must mean Satans purpose.

  3. is 2015 people stop with the hate with are a. Human race.not different spicess

  4. first help us fight the system that was set against us.

  5. I love how peoples not part of the African diaspora are constantly telling us to calm down and keep taking butt kickings.

  6. Artis Bey says:

    she could mean that god allowed that to happen so that we could wake-up.

  7. Artis Bey says:

    that white woman is going to kill her next.

  8. Stop with these self-hating house slaves!

  9. Tiree Cannon says:

    They keep a brainwash fool on hand

  10. Negropeans smh……

  11. Yes the creator of the universe created this to allow something good to come out later. Lady Please!! It's up to you to find the good in all things but never associate the creator with this tragedy.

  12. Black folk in church praying to a white jew get killed by a white racist… lol and this was gods plan..

  13. satan as an evil entity was an invention of the early christian church..presumably to increase membership…but still by your assumption..your god created this devil…

  14. Of course it was God's plan. We're talking about the one who tortured a man and killed most of his family on a bet with Satan. He blew up a town, men women and children because they were lazy. Causin someone to kill people in a Christian church is his kind of irony.

  15. "if youre a black christian, you have a real short memory" Chris Rock.

  16. read your bible…your god is a murderous , genocidal sadistic duplicitous contradictory asshole.

  17. do you know how many times your god commands the murder of innocent people in the bible? Read your bible…or shut up.

  18. Laz Rodulfo says:

    Ditto Aleister!

  19. In the 1970's, many descendants of slaves converted to the Muslim religion. Today it is avoided out of fear, however it's far more sincere and righteous than the acceptance of one's "place" that Christianity endorses.

    No one should ever let a religion justify their abuse. Like many philosophy books, there are good lessons and there are bad ones. Black people are a huge chunk of our population. Protecting the black community from violence is protecting Americans from harm. Treating the whole of us as one single community of Americans is our duty as countrymen. There is no "us and them," just "us and us." Every time we blame one side, we're blaming ourselves.

  20. People like this are dangerous in their own way.

  21. in that case slavery was part of God's plan!

  22. SLy MAc says:

    Honestly Too Many have Been Tricked Religiously & Politically so that the Oppressors can Keep on Dividing.

  23. That's what wrong with them now always "turning the other cheek" "looking the other way" and claiming that "God" has a plan for allowing 9 innocent people to be murdered. God is God, I really don't believe that God, has to play, cause or in act murders to get a point across.

  24. LMAO LMAO…… SMH….

    That only applies to racist crimes "We all the same", It ain't US and US when it come to wealth, power and resources.

  25. Aleister Gates Ignore Aleister Gates: he's trolling. Don't respond and maybe block!

  26. You forgot the Field slaves as well.

  27. People like her are the most powerful part of White Supremacy. The Black people appealing to black people's emotions and spirituality to volunteer to stay oppressed.

    Like a plantation preacher, teaching his congratulation to forgive the master.

  28. These negros are slow as hell. The bad guy wins at times.

  29. Laz Rodulfo ditto what? Ditto you read the bible and understand what I am saying? Or ditto you think I have a god this statement will work with? Because if it is the latter…you failed. I don't have a god and even if I did , there is no text attributed to him/her/it that you can verify such a statement with.
    But if you need my evidence supporting my statement just asked.. I know all the pertinent verses.

  30. Clarence Middleton brilliant! You apparently don't even know the definition of troll. I have a distinct purpose with my comments. To show just how stupid some of you people are because of religion.

  31. EXACTLY! What few religious people realize, is that if the bible were still adhered to on a fundamental level..slavery would have never gone away.

  32. Where can I purchase some coon-be-gone? I can't with this, "If we stick together…" crap. I just can't.

  33. What purpose is THAT…… dumb ass slave mentality…..

  34. Jorge Zimmerman said it was gods plan for him to kill Trayvon Martin. Ok. This god you serve is a killer of blacks.

  35. I know, isn't that funny? black people and their white man's god.

  36. Ronica Faire says:

    That lady was simply saying that something good will come out of this. That's what God does IF we trust him to – work bad things out for the good of HIS people or bring good things out of something bad. She never said that God was RESPONSIBLE for this tragedy. People & the media have twisted & manipulated her words. But I understood exactly what she was saying.

  37. Margie Meeks says:

    The people that call themselves Jews today,,…. are not the real Jews. Many people have already dug and found-out they are imposters. The bible states in Revelations 2:9 , I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.
    To see what Hebrews REALLY looked like, google ( How Did Jesus And The Hebrews Become White) will find some of the earliest authentic pictures of real black Hebrews dated back to before Christ. In Genesis 15:13 God said to Abram, Know for certain that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, where they will be enslaved and oppressed four hundred years. 14"But I will also judge the nation whom they will serve. The only brutal slave trade known to human history is the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade that lasted exactly four hundred years. Can anyone say that God is a liar? And we know that God created a black man Adam the first man in Africa in the garden of Eden (Cush) Ethiopia Genesis, as so was Abraham, Jacob, the powerful Samson to David the Lion killer, also black men! Egypt is in Africa and ancient Egyptians were all black before it was invaded by Arabs some 600 years after Jesus.

  38. Time To Awaken! White Jesus Is Not Going To Save Anyone, But The Rich That Is controlling The World Threw Religion. The Catholic Church Been Know the Truth. They Help Create The The Torah, The Bible, The Quran. All Them Is Man Made. You Have To Read Them And Find the Keys Within The Scriptures, Of All Them Other Books, Too. But For All Of Those Of You That Are Asleep In the Mind. Here Disgest This:

  39. Cleo Brown says:

    This tragedy had nothing to do with God, It had everything to do with a hate filled, racist white man , who took his time to deliberately kill nine black people and destroy their families, for any one to think that it was done so God could reveal a purpose is absolutely ignorant. We had better learn to see things as they really are, and not as some want to keep you believing.Keep turning the other cheek, and waiting on some one else to fight your battles. see how far that has gotten you, as for me and my house we will do unto others as they do unto us.

  40. Gary Brown says:

    NEGROPEAN PLANTATION IDENTITY: the feminist christian cowardly cop-out. 350 years of hiding behind a White superstition = 350 years of White Supremist domination, instead of Black Responsibility. EMASCULATED BLACKMAN STAND-UP?

  41. Gary Brown says:

    If the Slave and the Slave Master were praying to the same God, whose prayers did he answer? A No Brainer for those with No brains.

  42. Debra Waters says:

    Jesus was a Hebrew not a Jew.

  43. Debra Waters says:

    You understand nothing. First off we have been brainwashed to believe in a God that is not that of our fore fathers, nor the Jew, nor any other people who salute it. This is the God of Syrians read your so called Bible and learn the truth.

  44. Ronica Faire says:

    You poor lost thing. ^^^. I feel sorry for u. YOU are the one that's brainwashed by your own ignorance & failure to see the truth. I have & do read my Bible – that's how I know the truth. Believe me, the Surians nor any other natural neon. Have anything to do with my belief system

  45. Ronica Faire says:

    But God does. SMH

  46. Ronica Faire says:

    Corrections: Syrians; entity (not neon)

  47. Rod Ben Yah says:

    No one is BLAMING god, because you can't blame what you don't believe in. We just want to know where was he from your perspective, since you're the one who believes in him so much? Didn't he said where there are 2 or 3 gathered in my name I am present. So based on your belief, where was he at? Didn't he say no weapon formed against thee shall prosper? Well obviously that's a lie because the weapon prospered 9 times, yet you still believe in God. Didn't he say God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble? But obviously that's a lie, because he wasn't very strong nor helpful for those 9 people, now was he? Doesn't it say no evil shall befall thee, nor plague come nigh thy dwelling? But obviously that's a lie because evil befell those 9 people right in their prayer service. Instead of defending a lie by characterizing peoples question as blame, you need to wake up. If the prayer of millions of people around the world do nothing, then neither will yours. You're believing in a fairytale. How many more christians have to be slaughtered before you wake up and realize you've been lied to.

  48. Debra Walters, you make no sense. Jesus was both a Hebrew and Jewish since he believed in the Old Testament. I don't know what you're saying about "the God of our forefathers" Are you talking about Oden, Zeus, Yahweh, Baal, explain yourself.

  49. Howard Smith says:

    Debra Waters Jesus is the construct of white european christianity. Prior to christianity there is no record of a person called jesus. The letter "j" is about 5oo years in use, secondly the hebrew alphabet contains no "j".

    Genesis 49:18 I have waited for your salvation/yeshua, O Yahweh!
    -Salvation, Deliverance – Yeshua or as the proper name Yahshua, Hebrew.

    1 Samuel 2:1 Hannah then prayed as follows: My heart exults in Yahweh, in my God is my strength lifted up, my mouth derides my foes, for I rejoice in your salvation/yeshua.

    Matthew 1:21 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Yahshua, because he will save his people from their sins."

    Luke 2:27 He came in the Spirit into the temple; and when the parents brought in the child Yahshua to perform the custom of the law in regard to him,

    Luke 2:28 Simeon took Him in his arms and praised Elohim, saying,

    Luke 2:29 "Master, now you are dismissing your servant in peace, according to your word;.

    Luke 2:30 for my eyes have seen your salvation/yeshua,

    The African Shemitic Canaanite Syrian, bloodline of Yahshua the Messiah contains no caucasian blood. Those caucasian jews are europeans of Turkish, Ashkenazi/German descent known as Gentiles. Read Genesis 10:1-5.

    As to who belongs to the land of Canaan, renamed Israel by the caucasian invaders, called jews:

    Genesis 10:6 Ham's sons: Cush [Ethiopia], Mizraim [Egypt], Put [Libya], CANAAN [Sidon]. Evey white theologian will identify Ham as a black man, therefore his sons have to be black, right!

    Genesis 12:5 Abram took his wife Sarai, his brother's son Lot, all the possessions that they had accumulated, and the persons they had acquired in Haran, and they set out for the land of CANAAN. When they came to the land of CANAAN.

    Genesis 10:15 Canaan [the black man] was the father of Sidon his firstborn, and of the Hittites, and the Jebusites, the Amorites, the Girgashites,

    CANAAN, the black man, fathered the HITTITES and the AMORITES:
    Ezekiel 16:2 "Son of man, confront Jerusalem with her detestable practices.
    Ezekiel 16:3 and say,`This is what the Sovereign YAHWEH says to Jerusalem: Your ancestry and birth were in the land of the CANAANITES; your father was an AMORITE and your mother a HITTITE.

  50. Maikel Bakba says:

    Keep on Praying? And do nothing? You Negroes are Really Sick What's Going On?

  51. Maikel Bakba says:

    Over 400 years you people are Praying Nothing is change yet is now 2015.

  52. Howard Smith says:

    There was a time when Websters' dictionary actually divulged the origins and usage of the term "god". God (in its' present form) was common only to the Teutonic languages of Europe.

    TEUTON'IC, adjective Pertaining to the Teutons, a people of Germany, or to their language; as a noun, the language of the Teutons, the parent of the German Dutch, and Anglo Saxon or native English.

    The English word God continues the Old English God (gu , gudis in Gothic, gud in modern Scandinavian, God in Dutch, and Gott in modern German), which is thought to derive from Proto-Germanic *gudán.

    The Proto-Germanic meaning of *gudán and its etymology is uncertain. It is generally agreed that it derives from a Proto-Indo-European neuter passive perfect participle *? u-tó-m. This form within (late) Proto-Indo-European itself was possibly ambiguous, and thought to derive from a root – "to pour, libate" (Sanskrit huta, see hotr), or from a root- "to call, to invoke" (Sanskrit huta). Sanskrit hutá = "having been sacrificed", from the verb root hu = "sacrifice", but a slight shift in translation gives the meaning "one to whom sacrifices are made."

    Depending on which possibility is preferred, the pre-Christian meaning of the Germanic term may either have been (in the "pouring" case) "libation" or "that which is libated upon, idol" — or, as Watkins opines in the light of *Greek-(gaia)- "poured earth" meaning "tumulus", "the Germanic form may have referred in the first instance to the spirit immanent in a burial mound" — or (in the "invoke" case) "invocation, prayer" (compare the meanings of Sanskrit brahman) or "that which is invoked".

    The earliest uses of the word God in Germanic writing is often cited to be in the Gothic Bible or Wulfila Bible, which is the Christian Bible as translated by Wulfila (a.k.a. Bishop Ulfilas) into the Gothic language spoken by the Eastern Germanic, or Gothic Tribes. The oldest parts of the Gothic Bible, contained in the Codex Argenteus, is estimated to be from the fourth century. During the fourth century, the Goths were converted to Christianity, largely through the efforts of Bishop Ulfilas, who translated the Bible into the Gothic language in Nicopolis ad Istrum in today's northern Bulgaria. The words guda and gu were used for God in the Gothic Bible.The pagan deity, god, was not known outside of europe and was foreign to any language on the African continent.

    It wasn't until european colonization/enslavement that god was introduced to the continent and that by way of "christianity".

    Ephesians 2:11 Therefore, remember that at one time you, Gentiles in the flesh, called the uncircumcision by those called the circumcision, which is done in the flesh by human hands,

    (12) do not forget, I say, that you were at that time separate from Mashiyach and excluded from membership of Y'srael, aliens with no part in the covenants of the Promise, limited to this world, without hope and without Elohim.

    Genesis 10:2 The sons of Yafet: GOMER (Gauls/Celts), Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech and Tiras.

    Genesis 10:3 Gomer's sons: ASHKENAZ (Germany), Riphath, Togarmah.

    Genesis 10:5 (5) By these were the isles of the Gentiles/Goyim divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations.

  53. Ronica Faire says:

    The only lies I won't defend are the one u tell Rod Ben Ya. Psalms 14:1 says "Only the fool has said in his heart that there is no God". And since u are NOT God & have no insight or wisdom as to WHY things happened the way they happened (you don't know anything about those people's personal faith, beliefs or what kinds of events/warnings took place beforehand), I won't spend too much time addressing you. LoL

  54. It's not God . His spirit may have not been In this church in the first place . God is not in the midst of everything. Prine example look at the teachin. That she received he probably wasn't on the team of this particular church if their not teaching truth

  55. Who wrote this headline? This is not what the woman said. Let's be honest in reporting folk. smh

  56. Ronica Faire says:

    Pete Peterson…….u should HOPE that I will pray for you because u truly need prayer. And I pray that God removes the scales from your & others like yours eyes. God bless!

  57. Derek Smith says:

    There was no such person called Jesus. Fictional, made up, repackaged from Heru story of Kemet. Ausar and Ausets son.

  58. God has a plan is idiocy there is no plan this is just random hate by a white supremacist want to be trying to start a race war. The devil did not make him do it no one gave him instructions in his head and those people did not deserve to die.
    God did not say "hey they need to die just because I have an idea on how to exploit it for my own designs".
    COME on sometimes you have to use your brain instead of wrapping everything in what you read in the bible.

  59. Gary Hirsh says:

    So you start your point, by quoting Revelations, a book from the new testament, writen by a white man. In the middle, you talk about the "earliest authentic pictures of real black Hebrews" that "dated back to before Christ". I have to admit, I burst out laughing (at you) when I read that. Can you tell me what cameras they used before Christ. Kodak or Polorid? Then you state that the only brutal slave trade known to man is the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, completely ignoring the book of Exodus. Here's the real truth. Every group of Chritians have remade Jesus in their own image using quotes from the Bible. The Bible is like the words of Nostradamus; written in a way that can be interpreted 100 different ways, but ultimately has no real meaning or truth in it. They are fables..

  60. If this is your god's purpose then your god must be a white supremacist. {{-_-}}

  61. If you believe in the bible, your god created "satan" and knew what he would become. Your god and this "satan" character sound like one and the same to me. {{-_-}}

  62. Rex Gonzales says:

    The BEST case against the Bible is a good reading of the Bible itself. Brutal, barbaric, and flat out ignorant.

  63. Theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen you're just as stupid as she is.

    How were Black people introduced to Christianity? {{-_-}}

  64. Susan Cares says:

    I think NOT! satan's purpose (Yes, the s lower case purposely because it doesn't merit a capital S)…… But, certainly NOT God's purpose! Smh.
    Please don't be or act like a CLUELESS Christian(s)! Don't be a Chlorine Christian, either. Just pour some bleach on it! Chlorox/Chlorine can't clean this up, but God can help us begin to heal/mend! It will take some time…no where near an overnight thing, with ALL of these racial incidents rolling like a dominoes (falling/dying) effect! And, it appears the dominoes are getting BIGGER and BIGGER! IT's sickening/painful!

    Why the black church (God's house)? The black church (God's house) is the greatest/deepest conductor/connector to our soul. They target the black church (God's house) because God is the dynamic source of our strength, character, humanity and humility to mankind/ourselves. Because he is our God, our fluorescent compass that we honor and live by. They target the black church (God's house) as a means to disgrace, denounce, destroy us in a place where we worship the most high, Our God. How hateful/evil is this?

    Not only did he take 9 beautiful lives… he rippled/impacted the families, the friends, the communities, the SC state, the United States, the entire world, as a whole. How dare he? Or, should I say, "How dare satan?"

    I leave you with this question… how often and how many black men have walked into a white church and slaughtered/murdered the parishioners? If they did, Death penalty automatically stamped/branded on his forehead. I know, some of you say, "Putting him to death won't bring the 9 beautiful black people back… but keeping him alive on death row for 10 to 20 years… won't either." He doesn't strike me as having any kind of remorse, no time soon, and even if he did… the laws of the land says, "You do the crime… you do the time… and crime doesn't pay."… So, why should he be paid/granted life on death row? At some point in life, we all reap what we sow! Outside of self defense, I just wish, death by murder, didn't exist. That we could ALL just die, NATURALLY.

  65. Ronica Faire says:

    Of course I would seem stupid to a foolish blind man.

  66. Ronica Faire Amen Sister.

  67. They use God to sound smart. lol

  68. Clarence Middleton We are all the same no matter the crime. We just need to start treating it that way. "Us and them," is why one group of people gets treated so badly. As a descendant of Irish immigrants, I know that my ancestors were happy to put all of their anger and hatred on the blacks out of fear of being on the bottom rung of society.

    Anyone who has that fear should be afraid of anyone being marginalized. There are very few 'real' slippery slopes, and this one is one of them.

  69. Rick Smith says:

    Stupid ass people! Maybe if they KILL 1000,00 Blacks they will forgive them again .

  70. Excuse my language. A pianist loves the piano, a scientist loves science a racist loves his race. You people have shit twisted. You are blind deaf and dumb. We don't know shit. Lil young dumb mutha fuckas. Excuse my language

  71. Seem to me that you fall for the trap of the reporter, please listen well to what the lady said and then read the headlines again and see if they match…. do this before you pass judgement on her.

  72. Seem to me that you fall for the trap of the reporter, please listen well to what the lady said and then read the headlines again and see if they match…. do this before you pass judgement on her.

  73. And we will keep getting killed, beat, and mistreated, by these people , we have to fight back no more turning the other cheek, we should have that "U take one of ours, we take two of yours, attitude."

  74. These people are scared to death…

  75. Jae Gee says:

    If this god existed I would never worship it. This is insane.

  76. Ronica Faire I'm sorry, and I have been raised to believe, but as I grow older, I have become more results oriented. Christians died in the lion's den and just now in their holiest of holy places in Charleston some 2000 years later extending a hand in peace! While I wish and hope for peace to fill the souls of those close to the slain, I KNOW that the EVIL believers of that man's philosophy are joyous that we are turning the other cheek AGAIN in prayer instead of seeking supreme retribution! I hope that I am proven wrong in my or your lifetime, but as I said I am results oriented today and I see no evidence of God's hand in this tragedy!

  77. This is about education, or lack thereof, and a minds poisoned by religious dogma at a young age.

  78. Medusa Brown says:

    She's stupid. She believes that all we are good for are sacrificial lambs for gods purpose. Well he had us killed on purpose if that's the case! Bitch crazy.

  79. Medusa Brown says:

    Debra Waters He still ain't comin back.

  80. Medusa Brown says:

    If you were programmed like she is, I suppose would understand!

  81. Medusa Brown says:

    You must see the symbology of this! This was a blood sacrifice!

  82. Medusa Brown says:


  83. Black people…read about stockholm syndrome..and ask yourselves..why in the fuck would you worship a god that condoned the very slavery your ancestors endured? Why would you worship the same god that instructed specifically how much a person could beat their slave? Why would you follow the religion of the slave-masters? STILL! Why would you continue to follow a religion that those same type of people followed for yrs claiming your ancestors were no better than dogs, lynching them, and/or forcing them to use separate restrooms and drink from different fountains! For those same people that enforced those restrictions went to christian churches just like you. Then, I have to add…why in the fuck would you still believe in ANY bullshit religion without ample evidence for it's veracity? You do realize that faith and delusion are, by definition, synonymous? You do realize that religiosity has been clearly demonstrated to lower intelligence levels? Well..I suppose you might not!

  84. Brian Rajogi says:

    let the negroes pray. Religion is what blacks everywhere seem to be perfect with.

  85. Brian Rajogi says:

    you bet slavery was some kind of redenmption from god as well. Truly black people may have "sinned" or fallen to deserve it……ha.

  86. Brian Rajogi that is like saying someone is good at being an is that of any value to society?

  87. Tiree Cannon says:

    Brian Rajogi are you a dam fool. So your saying that it was God's plan for us to be slaves for 400 years? Your a new stupid

  88. Robert Davis says:

    The greatest thing that could come from this…kill his ass…

  89. Ronica don't waste your precious time on these atheist, they come out in groves on threads like this.

  90. Aleister Gates -You just told everyone what you are, go back to your cult!

  91. Ronica Faire says:

    You're exactly right Katherine.

  92. Ronica Faire says:

    Joseph W. Lane……in the Bible, the Lord said, "Vengeance is mine. I will repay!" Can't nobody get him like God can! I pray that God will open your eyes to see & your heart to receive the truth about who HE is. I also pray that you will have a desire to read the Word of God for yourself so that you can understand. Be blessed!

  93. Brian Rajogi says:

    Its just my observation

  94. Brian Rajogi says:

    They are very religious

  95. Brian Rajogi I suppose you are correct..on the other hand..look at all the people across the world subjugated to the church. They are ALL faithful soldiers. Hispanic peoples all over the world… Irish…Scottish(some of the first to be subjugated by church and politics) African..native American…most of which end up joining the military in service to their conquerors..just sayin …stockholm syndrome.

  96. Katherine Sanchez a troll has no reason behind what they do or say other that to stir up anti-theist does. Calling someone a troll is what the mentally inept resort to. If you cannot see the logic and/or reason behind what i'v been saying here…then mentally…you are beyond hope anyways. You might think a barking dog or a monkey a troll.

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