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9 Disturbing Facts About Sexual Violence Against Our Women Under Jim Crow

by Melanie McCoy

Before the Montgomery bus boycott, there were issues that arose surrounding the sexual violence of Black women perpetuated by white men during the Jim Crow era. According to Danielle L. McGuire in At the Dark End of the Street, activists such as Rosa Parks and Jo Ann Robinson explored this taboo phenomena. Here are nine disturbing facts about the raping of Black women during this era.


White Men Who Get Away with Crime

White men who sexually assaulted Black women often admitted to their crimes within the trial. Despite this fact, these men were able to leave trials freely without indictments because of grand jury decisions.


Recy Taylor Raped by Seven White Men

On Sept. 3, 1944, sharecropper, wife and mother Recy Taylor was raped at gunpoint by seven white men. Taylor was offered $100 from each of her attackers. None of the assailants faced any jail time. Four years ago, almost 67 years after the brutal attack, Taylor and her family received a formal apology from Alabama state Rep. Dexter Grimsley for the state’s failure to prosecute her rapists.

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18 thoughts on “9 Disturbing Facts About Sexual Violence Against Our Women Under Jim Crow

  1. Always learning something new on Thx.

  2. And people who don't care or try to understand use the excuse, "get over it." Really, maybe you folks can get over it by the way it looks with Josh Duggar's situation, you people forgave him. I don't think so, we will never get over your men raping us.

  3. Clive Grant says:

    It's hard for anyone to get over abuse let alone what black people went through. People need therapy before they can get over anything in life and the best way is to talk about it and even that's not allowed by people in this society. Even the abuser need therapy too or it can happen again.

  4. no it will not happen again.

  5. Gloria P. Smith….. I Would love To Think So……Unfortunately The Number One Challenge Facing Man Is Eliminating The Worldwide Epidemic Of Violence And Sexual Abuse Against Women…..Especially Women Of Color.

  6. It's sad how their has never been any protection for black women and more-so today.

  7. You might want to check out the book, "Jim Crow's Legacy" we discuss this in length… Not to say that others haven't written extensively about it. However, as sociologist we add analysis and not just what occurred…

  8. Terry Moore says:

    Shame! Ringing my bell!

  9. I am pleased and beyond proud to read Rosa Parks was a part of this protest/ fight that brought about change for women in the Jim Crow South. She was fearlessly courageous!

  10. *Adding Jim Crow's Legacy to my "must read" booklist*.

  11. Janine Smith says:

    In the book "The Help". It displayed a sexual assult, but when the movie came out they changed to story to make it more suitable to viewers!! Changing the facts as to what would actually happen

  12. "Changing the facts as to what would actually happen"

    What "facts"? It was a fictional story, to begin with. Or don't you know the difference?

    Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

  13. And the sexual trauma against Black women continues until today through steady, continuous, and ever more offensive lyrics in rap music that is financed by White men. White men continue to exact sexual violence on Black women by using Black men as the tool. The NWA movie is nostalgic for most of us, but highlights a very disturbing transition in the messaging provided for our Black youth that contributes to the destruction of the Black community today.

  14. Anthony Kemp says:

    Southern heritage.

  15. Les Marie says:

    Thank you for this. The Civil Rights Movement has always been "one sided." I should've known that Black women were abused and terrorized at the same rate as Black men. When one suffers, we ALL suffer.

  16. "SCANDAL, "HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER"," ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK", Every TARIJI B HENSON movie. Beyonce, Niki Manaj and all the rest of the SHIT you forgot.

  17. Glenda Durst says:


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