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6 Reasons Why Black Cops Are Just As or More Likely To Propagate Racism in Law Enforcement

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Policing Tactics Are Inherently Racially Biased

The training for all police officers requires them to adapt a certain level of racial bias whether they are immediately aware of it or not. According to a report from Vox, policing is much heavier in predominantly poor, segregated neighborhoods with predominantly Black residents. The concentrated efforts in these particular neighborhoods leads to a disproportionate number of arrests in the Black community and drastically skews the way the entire police culture treats Black suspects.



Racial Bias Is, in a Sense, Contagious

Systemic racism plagues many branches of the justice system, but even on an individual, personal level racial bias is a problem among police officers and can spread to their colleagues — even Black ones. “Over time, police officers are effectively conditioned toward implicit bias,” Vox reports. “When cops are thrown into situations every day in which black people are viewed as criminal suspects, they begin to identify people’s race as an indicator for crime and danger.”

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6 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Black Cops Are Just As or More Likely To Propagate Racism in Law Enforcement

  1. I believe it is a simple matter of Black police following the "blue code," (team attitude) culture in law enforcement, but what damages the culture it is mixed with too many racist white male police. The racist white cop joins police departments that mostly police Black predominate populations to deliberately practice racism under the cover of the blue code and badge. Its impossible for Black police officer's to be racist in the matter of policing and arresting Black people. Oh by the way, this article is hogwash and A-1 Typical Black apologist behavior blaming the victims of racism. If you are Black here in America you are 300 million times more likely to experience racism than a white person.

  2. This is so true because if a lot of black cops spoke up they will probably lose their jobs or lives..not to long ago a black female officer was attacked by a white police officer because she tried to stop him from beating on a handcuffed (black) suspect. Something needs to be done like fast.

  3. Black law enforcement officers are doing their jobs. Get the chip off your shoulders and get to work. All people are equal at birth and after that, it's up to you to do your best to make it. I wish you well.

  4. I'm sorry but I don't give them an out so in other words they are not men but punks pick to help the white man in their racists rants and beating or their people when you can just stand their and watch your are not a real man and following the oath to protect and serve in other word watch the devil do his dirty work and plead to god it wasn't you.

  5. Gee Allen says:

    I remember that, she was also fired as well. And the white officer involved had a history of violence, he either was force to resign of was fired. The saddest part was her fellow officers (white and black) did nothing to help her. When she stop him from beating a had cuffed man, he turned and beat her. So sad!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Matt Boice says:

    I notice that the discussion of the quick-draw test mentions "black *men*" but "white *citizens*". Part of the problem with police mistreatment and right-wing support for it is that they don't really think of non-whites as Americans. And the language in this article just went along with that.

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