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Diddy at the Center of Backlash After Insisting Black People Are ‘Committing Genocide on Ourselves’

p_diddyIn recent weeks Sean “Diddy” Combs has been receiving much praise and adoration for his support of the Black Lives Matter movement, but a recent post on Instagram may have tossed him right back out of the Black community’s good graces.

Diddy has joined a list of stars that are encouraging the Black community to continue the fight for justice while simultaneously urging those in their own community to stop aiding police forces in their elimination of Black lives.

It’s the type of message that has been at the center of debates within the Black community.

The message came after New York rapper Lionel “Chinx Drugz” Pickens was fatally shot during a drive-by on Sunday. Police have not identified any suspects in the killing and some fear that they never will.

The death got the hip hop mogul thinking about the same type of instances the fueled Kendrick Lamar’s “Blacker the Berry,” a song that was at the center of both controversy and praise. Diddy’s message insisted that people in the Black community are assisting in their own “genocide” despite pushing the now international Black Lives Matter movement.

“For the last couple of months we have experienced a lot of injustice and wrongdoings to a community,” Diddy wrote on Instagram along with a video of a 9-year-old motivational speaker known as King Nahh. “But there is a flip side.”

It’s when stars start exploring that so-called “flip side” that the dialogue gets murky and intentions become unclear. Diddy, like many conservative pundits and other Black stars, insisted that nobody will “respect” the Black community if Black people don’t show the same respect for one another.

It’s a message that isn’t hurled at white people even as they continue to kill one another. Nobody scolded the white community about loving one another after biker gangs in Texas unleashed a wave of bullets on one another.

Nobody told white citizens that they needed to show respect for their communities and for each other following the countless incidents where sports fans took to the streets after a devastating loss or win following a major sports event.

Yet the Black community can never seem to escape the scolding of their very own as isolated incidents of violence are somehow continuously attached to a movement about police brutality—an act that is far from an isolated occurrence.

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 11.58.48 AMEither way, Diddy didn’t back down from his message.

“We are committing genocide on ourselves,” Diddy charged. “We are always looking for scapegoats. We as a people hurt ourselves more than anyone has ever hurt us. That makes no sense. We as a people including myself have to take accountability and do whatever we can do individually or together to stop the madness and realize that we are KINGS and QUEENS AND Must love ourselves and each other.”

Backlash online insisted that the hip hop mogul was too disconnected from the Black community to understand their plight despite the fact that he had previously acknowledged the hardships that the Black community faces.

“The black community are the forgotten ones—just like people are in poverty all over this country, but especially the black community,” he said during an interview with the Associated Press earlier this month. “So you have a lot of built-up frustration especially in the kids that see their future is bleak and they are being forgotten. People need to pay attention to that…”

So while Diddy’s comments ruffled up some feathers on social media, it’s fair to note that he also had some supporters rallying behind the comments.

A poll posted by the Huffington Post found that more than 75 percent of the publication’s readers agreed with Diddy’s Instagram post and comments on the picture included the thoughts of the mogul’s followers who felt like he certainly had a point.

But even those messages in support of the statement about loving one another tended to urge Diddy to remember that such isolated acts of violence are a completely separate issue than the ones being addressed in the Black Lives Matter movement and therefore shouldn’t be connected to one another.

The nation has seen the failure of respectability politics over and over and over again and linking the death of a rising hip hop star with the international issues at the heart of #BlackLivesMatter can, understandably, be seen as a serious undermining of the greater battle that Black people are already engaged in all across the globe.

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25 thoughts on “Diddy at the Center of Backlash After Insisting Black People Are ‘Committing Genocide on Ourselves’

  1. He knows to well how real this is.He's witnessed some of his peers deaths.I agree, we must seriously address the contiuning murder of each other by us. This can't be down played cuz its to goddam real everyday all across this insane nation.

  2. I would have to agree with Diddy. Black lives matter across the board. Though violence perpetrated by blue against black, white against black or black against black are not identical, they may share similarities worth exploring that may provide a solution to ending the proliferation of violence in our communities. We shouldn't put up blinders because there may very well be an important connection.

  3. is he asking who killed biggie smalls and tupac shakur? – nobody arrested yet for those murders. they were both CIA hits.

  4. James Swain says:

    There is no question but that we suffer too much from, and yet are too tolerant of, criminal behavior by some of the people who live in the neighborhoods where many Black people live. It is unfortunate that our legitimate gripes with police, and other segments of the society that stifle our growth and development as members of a group and as individuals, sometimes give rise to, and at the same time provide social cover for, criminals who live among us. Part of the problem is that we sometimes see these 'train wrecks' develop over time, watching children's' lives spiral downward without the ability to effectively intervene. We often know the crooks as people and we hurt for them; but they demonstrate that they have lost any respect for their victims and others living in the community when they victimize. I often want to ask the question Malcolm X used in beginning to address this problem: "Who taught you to hate yourself?" The answer does not yield as much of a solution as does the question. That is, would we permit this kind of status quo if we valued, if we cared enough about ourselves, each other and our communities?

  5. Hank Wilson says:

    I have to come clean too, yep, "he's right you know."

  6. Thank You, for asking that question , Miss Farntella Graham.First he needs to start with that segment of "The Black Community" called "Rappers" who are a least in directly contributing to this madness. Peace.

  7. Black Lives Should Matter To Blacks As Well… Because we cannot overlook the facts about how senseless killings go on in the Black Communities…. And its been going on for decades… We must be able to speak up about violence in our neighborhoods…violent conduct in schools… And even violence in our homes… Because Violence Is Violence…. Killing..Robbing..Raping…. From One Black Person…Against Another Black Person… Needs To Be Addressed… And Not Viewed As Turning Against Our Race… Thank You.

  8. He needs to lay off the Ciroc.

  9. Roy Williams says:

    he's more right than people give him credit for… my cousin was kill over a CD (yes a compact disk) by another black man..

  10. Daniel Bankz says:

    I guess all blacks need to come back in Africa since white do not need them in their countries.

  11. The writer of this article is about as dumb as they come. He immediately goes on the defensive and throw white examples up in our faces as proof… PROOF OF WHAT? Whites are not killing each other in murders at a alarming rate. We throw these deceiving facts in the discussion like the matter citing the amount of white on white killings and all that when the amount of murders are sky high in black on black crime. We need to focus on us, its one thing when you get mad when a white person says it, but when you get mad when a black person says it it starts to get completely ridiculous and idiotic.

  12. Sometimes, I think we place ourselves in a position that no matter how much sense a statement makes-if it can be perceived as being critical. "He's outta touch", "he's putting us down", and on and on. The million man march allowed Black Men of all faiths and religions to come together and discuss the responsibilities of men in our communities. We hate Bill Cosby-because he said some things that we didn't like-but yet-in my humble opinion-it came from a place of love for Black people (and backed by his commitment to his community by time and money). Right now-we have to get to a place where we can see the whole forest and not the tree. Police killing Black Men sales papers-other Black Men Killing other Black Men-seems to get a pass from mainstream media and my beloved community.

  13. I'm here in Shreveport and all I hear are young black kids saying "I'm gonna shoot that nigga". Now what did he say wrong, not one thing. The senseless thinking of how easy it is to pull the trigger without thought and such coldness, is mind blowing. The question is how do we erase years of how black people don't matter in the eyes of our youth. We need a think tank to come up with ways to reverse these perceptions that are deep seeded in the minds of so many of our people, expecially here down in the south. Mental action is needed for mental illness, after all it is why we are in the mess we are in now. What we see, hear, and do are all perceptions of the mind…. Monkey see Monkey do…and we all know that monkeys need to be trained, but humans need only but to see. By the way Farntella Graham, why would you ask if he asked who killed Biggie and Tupac, and that they were CIA hits.. On the real hearsay is one of our biggest problems, if you're not in the loop then you will never know the answer. Get in the loop and stop hearing second hand answers, and stop regurgitating unfounded facts

  14. The genocide starts in the mind. The best thing Diddy can do is to call on the music industry to stop promoting the n-word and genocide. The music industry effects the way people think and act. No way would music executives promote and mass distribute songs with words demeaning to Jews, and homosexuals. Contact Universal Music Group and Interscope and let them you know how you feel. Most of the gangsta rap crap infecting minds is distributed by those 2 companies.

  15. I know, all that sweet glory we be bringing to Black people worldwide, needs to be brought home to africa instead of being disrespected, ignored and stolen here in the west.

  16. Don Warren says:

    And this clown made money on the backbone of blacks. All the crooked stuff he got away with. The nerve of some people! Brothas/sistas, stop spending your money on these clowns. Keep your money in your pockets, and watch how quick he changes his tone. STOP SPENDING YOUR MONEY ON THEM "NOW." I don't buy now of their junk!

  17. Ed Eller says:

    BS. Something's either true or it isn't.

  18. Chill Real says:

    After researching Americas treatment towards black Americans over the last 100 years I gain understanding as to why crime is high in many black communities. The past explains the present. If a house is on fire knowing what is the cause of the fire, can help in putting out he fire.

  19. Chill Real says:

    More whites are killed by whites then all other races and groups combined. Whites are the all time number one killers. 40 million native Americans, 100+million blacks, nearly the entire aboriginal people wiped out. 7* million Jews. Dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese. Slaughtered 100's of thousand's middle eastern people, in the last 15 years. Even after is was said blacks were free whites came in and dropped fire bombs from airplanes on the defenseless wealthy black town north Tulsa Oklahoma 5k+ black American citizens killed. Sterilized tens of thousands of nonwhite females many without consent thru the eugenics program. Falsely jacket many non whites children as mentally challenged. give black and Hispanic more time for the same crimes that all races or groups commit. Target black and Hispanic at a much higher percentage then whites. This is really just scratching the surface. I have uncovered things that are truly sickening, and very disturbing.

  20. @ editor So are you mad because hes speaking the truth or what?

  21. Hes big enough and has the voice to do it he should speak on issues at key times if hes in the right..

  22. Kara Poole says:

    Normally I wouldn't even repost no ignorant stuff like this. Diddy claims we need to hold black people accountable. Well let's start with Diddy. This is the same man that gets paid MILLIONS of dollars from a white owned LIQUOR company USING HIS BLACK FACE to appeal to black people to keep us drunk….."chasing the good life". His influential genocidal music (where they are rapping about the same ole "Nigger Mess") is in more black homes being listened to by youth and encouraging the behavior. He flaunts his money as if he didn't achieve much of it by exploiting the same group of people that he now want to "hold accountable". I'm appealing to the same group of people and stating that we need to be held accountable and quit buying anything that is associated with this man. If he is not doing anything to help the REAL PROBLEM or the symptoms of the problem, then he needs to KEEP IT MOVING.

  23. I don't think diddy was wrong at all I mean seriously we all know the system is designed against us but it doesn't mean give up & place all blame on the system when does individual accountability come into play?? We create most of the storms we go through in life by making irresponsible decisions then we look for something to blame them on myself included

  24. Ron Chapman says:

    People do not realize how bad we blacks have in some of these neighborhoods, on one side you have the gangsters killing each other over turf, then you have cops who feel that we are all the same and treat us like the gangsters.

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