9 Black Female Freedom Fighters Who Deserve to be on U.S. Currency in Addition to Harriet Tubman

The New York-based advocacy group, Woman on 20’s, conducted a campaign to put an influential woman as the new face of the $20 dollar bill. A vote was taken and Harriet Tubman was the winner.  Tubman is responsible for helping many enslaved Africans escape U.S. slavery.  Here is a list of 10 influential women who would also be great replacements for Andrew Jackson on the $20 dollar bill.

Ida B. Wells

Ida B. Wells was a journalist, woman’s rights activist, and one of the earliest leaders of the civil rights movement. Wells highlighted the lynching that took place in the U.S. She once stated, “Our country’s national crime is lynching. It is not the creature of an hour, the sudden outburst of uncontrolled fury, or the unspeakable brutality of an insane mob.”

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