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10 Black Celebrities Who Fell Off So Hard You Probably Didn’t Know They Were Still Alive

tc carson 618

T.C. Carson

It’s been a while since many people have seen Living Single star T.C. Carson back in the acting world. He is best known for his role as Kyle Barker in the Fox sitcom and as a voice double for Samuel L. Jackson in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. His gigs since then, however, suggest his Hollywood star has fallen. He was spotted as a caroler in a Marshalls/T.J. Maxx commercial and has also been voicing video game characters like Kratos in the hit video game series God of War.

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24 thoughts on “10 Black Celebrities Who Fell Off So Hard You Probably Didn’t Know They Were Still Alive

  1. Fame is just like Beauty……Here today gone tomorrow!

  2. That's not Lisa Fischer..that's actress cch pounder

  3. Not only IS TC Carson fine as heck, he can sang!

  4. Sorry, but that is not C.C.H. Pounder. Check out NCIS New Orleans

  5. Jim Dortch says:

    Lisa Fischer has sang backup for the Rolling Stones for years.

  6. It's the money that matters and what you do with it!

  7. Seriously? Are we not looking at the same person? That is her. They have the name and the story correct but just the wrong picture

  8. Telma Hopkins starred in Half and Half as well as the TV version of Are We There Yet, as recently as 2013

  9. It always amazes me how some Blacks look at other Black celebrities who have had notable careers, and then try to tear them apart, under the guise of these WHERE ARE THEY NOW, articles. A better question would be WHERE ARE YOU?

  10. Aisha Bruce says:

    Jasmine guy just did a role on Tyler Perry's show "if loving you is wrong". Smh

  11. Agree with you. This article is shameful.

  12. Disgusted by the way folks who are still working at their craft are being torn down for not being the center of attention right now. These folks all seem to still be working in their chosen careers so which is probably more than most people can say. Congrats to all of the entertainers on this list for all of their accomplishments and stil reaching for more.

  13. Chill TV Carson does the voice of kratosvin God of war so yeah it's a great game which still makes him relevant

  14. Lisa Fischer has a HUGE singing career and has been touring with the Rolling Stones for decades. She is well known for her work. Many of us don't listen to it.

  15. Young Moe says:

    I was just about to say and half and half like most of the upn shows were doing pretty good until the jews hated and merged upn with wb and it got lost in the fold now I could have sworn she was just on that show Are We There Yet before I guess that got got canceled.

  16. Young Moe says:

    o my bad you did say that lol.

  17. Jasmine Guy had a recurring role on the hit tv series The Vampire Diaries. And William Allen Young played teen celebrity Zendaya Coleman's dad on the Disney Channel sitcom Shake it up from 2010- 2014.

  18. Smh. I just saw Lisa Fischer perform an amazing show at the Howard theater and she was in the the movie 20 feet from stardom. She tours with Sting and the Rolling Stones. She doesn't seem like someone who needs to be in the public eye, she is humble and amazingly talented.

  19. It amazes me how writers use titles such as for this article making it sound like these artists/entertainers became drug addicts, criminals or died some tragic death. They appear to be doing well to me. They are not in the limelight like Bey, but they are still doing well. They really need to work on more befitting titles to their articles.

  20. First of Tc was also in final destination 2 or 3!!!! He got burned up in the hospital bed!! Ok!!!

  21. Nell da Mylf says:

    This info is not accurate

  22. I'm starting to wonder who's writing these articles for Atlanta BlackStar?! I find the title of this article is disrespectful towards the named celebrities! To suggest they have "Fallen So Hard" cause they are not in the public eye is discrediting and misleading!

  23. Who is Taylor Hopkins anyway??? Telma Hopkins has been famous since the 1970s. She was on TV and a recording artist as Tony Orlando and Dawn.

    Lisa Fischer was featured in 20 Feet From Stardom one of the most significant documentaries in the last 5 years and she is always performing. I mean always!!!

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