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Jada Pinkett Smith Questions Hillary Clinton’s Bid for Presidency, Reminding Voters of What Many Have Forgotten

Jada Pinkett Smith When Hilary Clinton announced she would be running for president in 2016, she quickly garnered significant support from both Black and female voters. Jada Pinkett Smith, on the other hand, isn’t as excited about the new presidential bid.

Smith acknowledged what so few have done as Clinton hits the campaign trail—a platform touting “feminism” as one of its main pillars tends to leave Black women struggling for any real representation.

Smith resorted to her usual platform of Facebook to voice her concerns about the possibility of voters pushing Clinton into a presidential victory without taking the time to really think about what that vote would mean.

“The only question I have been asking myself is if I’m supposed to vote for Hillary because she is a woman; will she take us to the mountaintop with her or will women of color once again be left out and left behind,” she wrote.

It’s a concern that is completely justified considering how previous pushes for women’s rights have treated Black women as second-rate citizens.

“For example, during the Woman’s Suffrage Movement, black women were specifically excluded because Northern white women feared losing support of Southern white women if black women were included,” Smith explained. “What made it even more offensive is that the two women given the credit of pioneering the woman’s movement were at first abolitionists. Those were complicated times, but as time has gone on it seems as if that sentiment of separatism did not let up and permeated through the feminist movement as a place to facilitate and empower white women only.”

According to the famous actress, she has personally witnessed the wrath of the separatist nature that tends to plague the feminist movement.

“I personally suffered the racism and classism of the feminist movement and now have had to watch my daughter battle even ageism as she journeys to participate in the feminist movement,” Smith continued. “…Can Hillary, whether she becomes President or not, heal the broken political ties of the women of this nation? I know it takes far more than the idea of being the first female President of the United States to run this country, but as a woman, it sure is an exciting idea.”

As the nation prepares to see the exit of its first Black president, that sentiment is one voters should truly understand by now.

Getting a Black man in the Oval Office did not result in waves of change for the Black community and electing a female president could still fail to do much of anything for gender equality. Expecting Clinton to automatically posses the ability to combine both of these fronts seems blindly optimistic in the eyes of many.

That’s exactly why Smith isn’t making any promises about who she will be supporting in 2016.

Smith adds to a growing list of Black women who are expressing concerns that voters may be forgetting that a push for gender equality is often a solidarity push for white women only.

hillary clinton“I am waiting for evidence that she gets how we women of color are affected by issues in ways that are different from our white counterparts,” anti-violence activist Wagatwe Wanjuki said about Clinton during an interview with TIME Magazine.

Perhaps President Barack Obama’s presidency is encouraging voters to realize that a candidate’s identity is not an acknowledgment that he or she understands what needs to be done to help marginalized communities. It is no indication of what their political agenda may be and it should certainly not give them a plethora of votes based on promises they never made.

As Clinton continues to persuade voters that she has their best interest at heart and the ability to start paving a road towards actual change in policy, not just societal views, it has become even more apparent that her greatest task may be proving to Black women that she won’t be like the feminists of the past.

She won’t leave them out of her fight for gender equality.

She won’t forget the unique disparities that Black people face.

She won’t forget that even though she is not a Black woman, she is expected to wage a war that may one day bring both of those marginalized peoples to victory.

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28 thoughts on “Jada Pinkett Smith Questions Hillary Clinton’s Bid for Presidency, Reminding Voters of What Many Have Forgotten

  1. Chris Porter says:

    Wow! The only thing @BarackObama have been promoting is Homosexuality. If you are black and sick in the head and think your rectum is a sex organ, @BarackObama is your president.


  3. Luci Ryan says:

    A sick old man.

  4. Luci Ryan says:

    Well stated Jada. Black women have never been included nor have we benefited from feminism.


  6. Hank Wilson says:

    Black people, she is right! We have continued to jump on bandwagons of liberal special interest groups and that of other ethnic groups, yet soon as they have obtained their goals black people are quickly kicked under the bus while running full white-right against anything African-except its natural resources.

  7. Thank you Jada. I agree with you 100%. As a black female, my vote will not be cast on the alter of white feminism.

  8. Ossie Marie says:

    I will consider and vote for whom I believe will be the best person for the job, and I assume most will do the say. If its Hillary, then she will be the first white female president. Yaaaah

  9. Lisa Jackson says:

    I'm not voting for Hilary because she is a women and a feminist (although I like those tjongs) I am voting for her because she is a Democrat. Simply take a look at what Republicans say they want to do to this country. Look at what they say plainly and look at the coded language of dog whistle politics. As a black women and more importantly as the mom of black girls I have benefited from both the civil rights movement AND the feminist movement and I don't see it as an either or. We need both and I look at which party will advance both agendas.

  10. No disrespect for her involvement in the voting process, but she should know not to vote for Hilliary, if she has been staying abreast of her actions since she first ran, and later her position under Obama, her husband Bill and her, responsible for more black men going to prison ever in the history of the presidency, he was responsible for laws put in place to put more black men in prison. He double crossed the Haitians. He fail to change the drug law, in which he had a study done to find out if there was a disparity in the law, blacks already knew before the study, but it was disclosed the law crack cocaine, and cocaine had a disparity/racism, he did nothing about it. Under her watch four Americans were killed in Bengaza, Libya. How can she keep a country safe and could not protect 9 people under her watch in Libya. There is more, much more.

  11. Ossie Marie you cannot just consider if she is the best person for the job, you need to check her record, and see what has she done to make her qualify to be a president. Nothing. Did you see her in the debates, the woman does not know nothing about what is happening in the world, she did not know some countries exist.

  12. The only woman who qualifies to be a president of these US, Condi Lisa Rice, even though she is republican.

  13. Ossie Marie says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Did I say she is the best person for the job?

    No I didn't.

  14. Chris Porter says:

    Luci Ryan I'm not a homosexual! So that makes me a Macho 10.5 inches hard dick for women old man into the right place to reproduces…give it it to me!

  15. Joan Brown says:

    I'm switching teams if Hillary Clinton runs for office. Clinton do not represent 'women's equality' to me! I don't even know why white women are categorizing themselves as a minority or ethnic group anyways! Especially, considering how over 70% of the lynching of black people in America, especially lynching of black males, are due to their false accusations about them being rape, when in actuality, they often forced themselves on black males! So that 'women's suffrage' crap don't fly with me! Especially, since they do not acknowledge women of color as a part of their women's group, when in fact, women of color, especially black women, are a part of both group,…as women, and race!

  16. Barry Organ says:


  17. Barry Organ says:


  18. John Allen says:

    If a black president didn't do anything for his people, why would a white woman. We have to get back to the days of "Black Wall Street: and become self-sufficient. The air jordans, car rims, rap music, weed, multiple baby mama's and daddies has infected our culture. Time to stop making other people rich and take care of our own. Every other race does. We need to get serious cause its obvious we're being pushed to the bottom of the barrel until we're no longer relevant.

  19. Latoya Gayle says:

    Ok we are talking about history and aome factors of now. But i dont even think trump is better. His stance would more be a distruction for all our forefathers fought for

  20. I wouldn't believe Hillary if she paid me a personal visit and set down with me to discuss things most important to me like economic, racial, gender or sexual equality. Jill Stein has been backing reparations for some time. Can she pull it off? I doubt she wouldn't be put on someones hit list but at least she has the courage to express it.

  21. Taino De El says:

    I would not vote for that obvious untrustworthy, wanna be president if you paid me. Once again people of color will be systematically used by Democrats.

  22. Latoya Gayle and it's sad that those on this post don't see it clearly… he will destroy this country and then they will be the first to say we should've would've could've!! too late!

  23. Judy Dorfner says:

    Instead of getting on Facebook and asking, "What will you do for me?" Why not ask, "How may I join you so that I have input and can make sure that women of color see that they are represented too?"

  24. Black people should be blowing up Hillary Clinton’s rectum trying to be her friend because if it were not for her black people would have no contender in the 2016 presidency.

    As of right now the White house belong to us and black America is driving this car but for 8 years we have not groomed, mentored nor prepared one black person to carry on where Obama left off so we sit back watching and waiting for White America to take possession, take control, take back, roll back, set back and undo 8 years of greatness and blackness.

    Hillary Clinton just like Jesse Jackson Sr. and Rev. Al Sharpton can't retire because black people will not step up so this white woman that has earned her retirement must step for God, country, the democratic party and for black people to preserve the legacy and accomplishments of our historic victory albeit that Hillary Clinton is not in the best of health, resigned as Secretary of State and have head complications requiring medical intervention.

    A black person wrote referring to Hillary Clinton as…” This creature is such a liar and disingenuous.” Some black people burn my fanny perpendicular to the pavement with our childish name calling ignorance when she is doing what we should be doing considering that we have a black president with a black wife, black children and black relatives soon to be trapped and stalked behind adversary lines without extraction.

    It is a shame, dishonor and a damn disgrace that our senior citizens both black and white have to deny themselves well-earned retirement to fight the struggles and battles for this lazy, good for nothing, gutless, cowardly and ignorant black generation.

  25. To not vote is a vote also. It says you don't care who wins. You don't care enough to voice your opinion. I'm voting for Hillary because it''s a whole lot better than voting ro little hitler. I don't want to go back. I want to go forward.

  26. fully support this post and am not voting for Hillary.

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